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What Is Preppy Clothing and What Are The Best Preppy Clothing Brands?

Even though these outfits may seem simple, everyone needs a bit of help when planning their preppy outfits, as there are a lot of things to consider to get this classic style right. Don't fret, everything you need to know about Preppy Clothing is right here, like ‘What is Preppy Clothing?’ ‘Where can you buy Preppy Clothing?’ And ‘What are the Best Preppy Brands?’

 The preppy clothing style evolved from its Ivy League origins into a fashion staple of America's East Coast elite. It's synonymous with horse racing, polo, and prestigious fishing events - hence the boat shoes. A great way to interpret the preppy style would be to combine a varsity jacket with chinos, a crisp polo, and a pair of boat shoes (loafers). The formal preppy look we see today arose from the way many students dressed at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Today's modern preppy clothing is more of a reference to the classic American everyday style.

 So, What is Preppy Clothing? Just three words are needed to sum up the Preppy Clothing style: Crisp, Clean, and Classy. Preppy clothing is the pinnacle of an outfit, it is where the wearer looks crisp and fresh from head to toe, perfectly tailoring every garment - including the accessories. A good preppy outfit always adds a touch of color or sparkle for a little individual flair. Don’t get too carried away with the colors however, keep your outfit color palette to a minimum. It is easy to over-complicate the outfit with bright, collegiate colors. Stick to neutrals if you want an adult Preppy look. This makes your preppy clothes much easier to style with everyday wear for a more casual look. Preppy looks are clean and polished and all the pieces fit together perfectly. Every loose end and unfinished edge should be tucked away or polished to ensure a crisp look.

For a foolproof preppy look, a dark navy polo, sweater, or blazers with light chinos and boat shoes, and all the additional accessories, is all you need. Cotton cable knit sweaters and warm dresses are reliable Preppy garments that can be worn day and night. So, you don’t have to stop partying to change outfits. If you want to venture out of the colorful, traditional, preppy ground, keep it quirky. The beauty of Preppy Clothing brands is that they tailor clothes to your unique personality, you can purchase vibrant shirts, knitwear, or just a simple pair of socks to spice up the outfit.

Southern gentleman & women also enjoy sporting their preppy seersucker outfit. Traditionally blue and white stirpes sewed together. The great part about Seersucker, it doesn't need to ironed! Seersucker has been worn by many famous celebrity's and politicians such as President George W Bush, Ronald Regard, Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck), Felix Leiter (Rik Van Nutter) & many more.

When it comes to Preppy Clothing, the accessories you use can make or break the outfit. Careful attention to detail is needed in planning your preppy outfits. You want to find a belt that perfectly ties in with the rest of your outfit. Every man, young or old, needs a great pair of cufflinks to be part of his Preppy wardrobe. A glamorous watch and sophisticated jewelry for the Preppy women will tie her outfit together. The best Preppy brands will have all the right accessories to match your outfit too.

If you are wondering about Preppy Clothing for women, we have you covered! The staple of preppy fashion for ladies is feminine, delicate, flowing blouses, tunics, and dresses. These come in a wide range of styles, tailored to the individual wearer. Classic styles include collared blouses, Jodifl Tunics, feminine blouses with bow ties, flowing blouses with ruffle sleeves, and much more. More contemporary styles offer more flair and a little extra sass in each outfit. You can pair the tunics and blouses with your best blue or white jeans for a summery casual look. For a day at the office in preppy clothing, combine a crisp, clean blouse with a pencil skirt. If you decide to mix and match different patterns, be bold with your style and own your look, then no one can fault you.

Preppy shoes are simple, but will make or break your outfit! They complete the look and give you the confidence that you can go anywhere. Ballet flats and boat shoes go with pretty much any preppy outfit, as do simple wedges. For a more daring look, high heels or stilettos will compliment your legs. No true preppy outfit is not complete unless you accessorize with at least one or two of your most dazzling pieces of jewelry. There is no going wrong with pearls, or a simple chain necklace and stud earrings. Spice up a basic outfit with a large statement necklace of gold or silver. A delicate and slimming wristwatch will highlight the arms, and a headband or hat is the most common accessory for women. A thin black headband will go with just about any outfit, but why not take a risk with a large jeweled or colorful headband or fascinator. And, if you really want to be a preppy woman then surely you aren’t afraid to spice it up a little?

What are the Best Preppy Clothing Brands?

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