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    Best Accessories for Men | Men’s Essential Accessories 

    Accessories can make or break an outfit. A well-chosen hat or the right socks can elevate everyday basics to a stylish display of personal style. Gone are the days when men would miss out on the joy of accessories: previously accessory-shy dressers are increasingly embracing the idea of expressing their personality and taste through fashion. 

    Today's men's accessories come in all shapes and colors, ensuring there is something for you, whether you are going for a dapper, old-school look or hoping to let your no-frills, outgoing personality shine through. The accessories for men at Hometown Heritage work for multiple occasions and reflect the diverse range of styles worn by men today. Browse through our selection to find the best men's accessories out there and let the world know what you're all about.  

    At Hometown Heritage we sell trucker hats, men's belts, socks, and more from some of the best-made brands out there. We know what Southern men are all about and are proud to work with brands that specifically cater to our traditions and lifestyle. Don't be afraid to experiment a little: accessories can work as stand-out pieces or part of a more all-in type of outfit. Take your pick of our men's essential accessories and get the confidence boost you've been craving. 

    Which Brands Make the Best Men’s Accessories?

    We are proud to work with some of the brands that best reflect the true spirit of the Southern man. Our selection of accessories for men has been created and designed by American entrepreneurs and families, some of them born and raised in the Southern states. We know Southern men march to the rhythm of their own drum and have selected men's fashion accessories that cater to the lifestyle that we pride ourselves in here in the South. Are you an outdoorsman? A lover of golf? An undefeated master at the barbecue grill? Whatever your jam, our men's essential accessories are sure to fit the bill. 

    All of our accessories for men are made from premium materials and were designed to withstand the passage of time. Whether you are looking to showcase your style at a garden party or going on a fishing trip with friends, our selection of men's fashion accessories has you covered. We pride ourselves in working with brands that strive for comfort and durability without sacrificing style. Read on to learn more about the brands behind some of the best men's accessories currently available.  

    Long-time favorite Bison Designs was founded in 1987 by Brian Kelleghan, who was looking to produce high-quality belts, capable of standing the test of time without dialing back on style. Made in Longmont, Colorado, all belts by Bison Designs are produced in the USA, using premium leather and resistant, durable fabrics. Their designs are contemporary, yet classic, so you'll be able to wear them over the years even as your style evolves. Bison Designs is inspired by the qualities of the majestic bison, one of the most recognizable symbols of American freedom and strength, and an animal that embodies the rugged beauty of the American outdoors. Bison Belts are known and built for durability, comfort, and style, which have turned them into a staple in men's closets all over the country. The belts come in different sizes, ensuring there will be one that is not just right for your fashion style, but for your body and daily activities. 

    Heading out on a camping trip? Spending the morning by the river waiting for your next catch? Going on a full-day hike to the mountains? Perhaps a combination of all three? Too much sun can ruin even the best laid-out plans, so you know you don’t want to leave your home without bringing a cap with you. If you are looking for hats that provide shade without being bulky or taking up space in your backpack, look no further. We've got some of the best brands in the game. Fieldstone Clothing specializes in men's clothing and accessories for the outdoors. Featuring classic scenes all hunters, fishermen, and campers will recognize, most trucker hats by Fieldstone Clothing come with a ventilation mesh in the back, which ensures you will be protected from the sun without ever losing your cool! With designs featuring sunset scenes, the loyal labrador, or migrating ducks, you are sure to find one that reflects your hobbies and passion. Another brand we love that specializes in mesh hats specifically produced for the outdoors is High Cotton Hats Co. All of their caps come with an adjustable strap in the back so you won't have to worry about finding the right size for you. Just add your favorite one to the shopping cart!  And if you are looking for a trucker hat that prioritizes comfort and durability without giving up on style, you can hardly do better than with the Retro Trucker Hat by A Southern Lifestyle Co, featuring a classic design and an embroidered scene that will withstand the elements and time. 

    While some brands have chosen to specialize and excel at a particular type of men's fashion accessories, others have shown that they can play the game of versatility without missing a beat. Beloved by customers at Hometown Heritage and all around the USA, the accessories for men by Live Oak Brand will cover your every need. From breathable mesh caps to stylish koozies that will keep your drinks cold even on the hottest summer days, and decals to personalize your boat or car, this is a brand that is truly upping the men's accessories game. Not sure what to buy? How about everything? With durable materials, classic designs, and prices that won't break the bank, Live Oak Brand accessories for men are great not just as stand-alone pieces but as a collection that works great together. If you are looking for a gift or just to treat yourself, any of their accessories or a combination of two or more are sure to do the trick. While they truly make some of the best men's accessories out there, do make sure to check out all products by Live Oak Brand Clothing. Their trucker hats and koozies are the perfect companions to their comfortable and versatile fleeces and long-sleeved t-shirts. 

    But while some people might notice what you're wearing on your head first, stylish men know socks are the ultimate fashion accessory for men. Socksmith Collection is our go-to brand for cool socks here at Hometown Heritage. Their mantra is "No boring socks" and they sure do deliver on what they promise. Founded by Ellen and Eric Gil in 2007, Socksmith was born out of a love for self-expression. For over a decade, Socksmith has been crafting socks with top-quality materials and contemporary designs that are sure to add a touch of individuality to even the most basic outfit. From classic stripes to flaming patterns, this brand truly delivers on the promise to create socks that will allow everyone to showcase their personal style. 

    Still new to the world of men's fashion accessories? Starting can feel slightly intimidating if you have yet to dip your toes in the pool. For the accessory-shy men out there, Burlebo has created a cool collection of stickers featuring kayaking scenes, mountains, mallard ducks, and more. Use them to decorate your car, boat, or even laptop to let everyone know you are a true Southern man and a lover of the outdoors, whether out hiking or at the office. Burlebo also sells classic trucker hats that feature a ventilation mesh in the back and a premium leather patch in the front. We love how much Burlebo celebrates and channels a contemporary expression of Americana, firmly grounded in tradition while at the same time daring in its designs and styles. It is not often that brands manage to capture the spirit of innovation that characterizes America while at the same time showing the utmost respect for the people and culture that make this such a great and unique country. 

    Men’s Casual Wear Available at Hometown Heritage

    Here at Hometown Heritage, we are convinced that life is too short to stay at home all day, wondering what if. That is why we stock on accessories specifically designed and crafted for the outdoors. We know that when you are out on a fishing trip, sitting for hours in the heat, you need comfort and reliable cold beers more than anything else. Our accessories for men prioritize wearability and durability while at the same time channeling your outgoing, proud self. Read on to learn the type of accessories we sell and why you need them in your closet today. 

    On our website, you will find some of the coolest… 

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    Trucker Hats

    Trucker hats are the ultimate accessory for men looking to combine style, adaptability, and breathability. While they have long been a staple amongst stylish men preferring a more laid-back and casual look, they are first and foremost an item designed for the active life that characterizes Southern life. Also known as mesh caps, they usually feature a plastic mesh in the bag that will keep you cool on even the worst heatwave of the year. 

    Trucker hats' origin dates back to the 1960s and they get their name from the fact that farming companies used to give them to truck drivers and farmers working for them. They eventually became one of the most popular fashion accessories for men all over the world, particularly those looking to reclaim a style that relates to the outdoors and rural life. With their one-size-fits-all design, they are also extremely versatile and take the hassle out of accessorizing. We are proud to carry trucker hats from beloved brands such as East Coast Waterfowl, Fieldstone, Old Guard Outfitters, or more. 

    Known for their foam front panel, which initially allowed brands to add their logo to the caps, our trucker hats feature everything from hunting scenes, sunsets, and maps of your hometown state. Pick your favorite and wear it proudly! 

    Men’s Belts

    Even if you're new to the accessory game, there is one classic staple you probably already have in your closet: belts. Despite their evident functionality, keep in mind that they are also the perfect accessory for conveying your unique and personal style in a way that doesn’t feel too out there or in your face. Easily covered by t-shirts or jackets, belts are great if you want to add a bit of fashion to your outfit without going overboard. 

    Choose a classic leather belt for an elegant look or go for a patterned fabric belt if you are feeling adventurous. Stop thinking brown and black are your only options: belts are the perfect accessory to have fun with. Don't believe us? Try the same outfit with different belts and watch your old, boring combo of jeans and a white t-shirt be transformed by what you choose to cinch at your waist. Trust us when we tell you that a cool belt is the ultimate fashion accessory for men and the secret sauce that your wardrobe needs. 

    Whether you are still new to the game or an established connoisseur of all things fashion, the Bison Belt Collection works for both fashion-forward men and those that like to stick to tradition. Browse through the collection to find the one that is just right for you. 

    Men’s Socks

    Everyone knows socks can completely elevate a bland outfit. They can add a touch of lighthearted humor to otherwise formal wear or up the fashion game when in casual clothing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find socks that are funky and unique while at the same time maintaining the highest quality. There is so much that can go wrong with socks: from the socks running down your ankles because of a weak elastic to, well, not the best smelling feet if the brand chooses to skimp on quality materials. Thankfully, we got the perfect antidote to all these nightmare scenarios at Hometown Heritage. As they say, the best socks are the ones you don't think about when wearing them because they fit just right and keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. 

    Here at Hometown Heritage, we are proud carriers of Socksmith, a US-made brand specializing in fun and comfy socks that you can wear no matter the occasion. From retro 90's patterns to the more discrete sailor stripes, Socksmith socks are sure to transform your daily style. Their brand motto is "no more boring socks" and they truly do live by this mantra. Life really is too short for dull, lifeless socks, so join the Sockmith's way!

    Koozies and Stickers

    Ah, the koozie. Known in Australia as "stubby holders", good-old koozies are also known as beer huggers, cozies, and coolies in America. No matter what word you use to name them, there is one thing that they must do right: keep your drink cool when you're out all day. So, how do they do this exactly? Well, there is some debate around the science but converts believe it can reduce the rate your beer will warm in the sun by up to 50%. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but there is no harm in insulating our ice-cold beer for when the time for a beer break comes. 

    Koozies are the ultimate American accessory: portable, functional, and specifically designed to keep your drinks chilled on a long day out. Usually made from foam and neoprene fabrics, our koozies are lightweight, pliable, and will keep your beer cool in warm weather. These sleeves come in different colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that suits your style.

    If you are looking to showcase your style not just in your clothing, but by decorating your car, office, or the back of your phone, then our stickers are an essential accessory. Choose your favorite scene and carry it with you wherever you go. 

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    We hope that you are now fully convinced of the power of accessories and what they can do for your outfit, no matter the occasion. We've looked all over the country and scouted endless brands to find the best men's accessories there are. Whether you are still a bit accessory-hesitant or are ready to jump straight into the pool, you are sure to find something that works for you at Hometown Heritage.

    Browse through the different brands and add your favorite accessories for men to your shopping cart. Once you check out, we take care of everything, so you'll be able to enjoy them in no time.