About Us


Welcome to Hometown Heritage Clothing! We are a family owned & operated online boutique located in the small town of Prattville, Alabama. Owning a boutique was always my dream. That dream became a reality in the middle of 2020, as our quest to start Hometown Heritage began. Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic was one of the scariest and most challenging things we have ever done. What could have ended as a complete disaster, actually turned into something really great. My husband Bill and I are able to work together, doing something we are truly passionate about, without sacrificing time away from our two young children. Faith and Family are very important to us. Both have allowed us to be where we are today.               

Our number one mission at Hometown Heritage is to make our customers feel like they are a part of our Hometown family. In doing so, we strive to offer stylish, high-quality pieces at an affordable price. We want to give our customers an amazing shopping experience!