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    Umgee Clothing USA 

    Umgee clothing is one of the leading wholesale brands in the US fashion industry. Are you looking for simplistic yet stylish apparel incorporated with rich designs and embroidery? On the lookout for feminine yet laid-back clothes that capture your identity and personality as a woman? Stress no more because you have come to the right place. 

    It’s not easy finding a brand that knows how to strike the balance of being delicate and flirty without being too prissy and most importantly being comfortable. Having that easy-going look without looking frumpy can at times be challenging. Brands so often can go either one way or the other, and it’s been a long time since women have been willing to be reduced to just one look or stereotype! The contemporary woman wants it all: comfort, ease, sophistication, and elegance. If this sounds like something you’d like, worry no more! We’ve got you covered.

    We are so proud to sell garments by Umgee Clothing Boutique, a brand that captures so much of what we love about the southern style, which might explain why everything Umgee creates becomes such a hit amongst our customers. Umgee USA clothing is not just about looking fashionable; it draws its creativity and artistry from the vast southern bohemian designs. Bohemian fashion and methods are rooted in expressiveness and culture, and this makes Umgee clothing apparel artistically and culturally expressive. Wearing trendy and sophisticated clothes should not mean having to give up your cultural history or your sense of style to look the same as everyone else! 

    Fashion today is about channeling your identity, and that includes the place you come from and its traditions. Long gone are the days of the clones. You should feel gorgeous while still feeling like you. Choose between our wide range of Umgee tops, Umgee dresses, and Umgee pants to channel the romantic and bohemian flair of the south. 

    Umgee Clothing designs present its customers with laid-back and off-the-wall women's fashion wears. This brand aims to help women choose comfortable yet lush and highly expressive wear, enhancing women's confidence. Umgee USA was launched in 2001, with a focus on delivering top-end fashion products and increasing accessibility to innovative women’s wear. The brand’s vision is to create stylish and trendy women’s apparel, ideal for the adventurous American girl.

    Their clothes have been designed to afford maximum ease and freedom of movement. Umgee products offer a unique blend of contemporary designs for women across all ages, and in several sizes. Umgee Boutique Clothing Brand knows that the contemporary southern woman is not limited by stereotypes or preconceived notions of what she can or cannot do. Their clothes are born from a desire to provide garments that will carry you effortlessly through your day, whether you’re looking for the perfect Umgee dress to wow a cute date or an Umgee shirt to give that presentation that will finally get you that well-deserved raise. 

    You are not just one type of woman! You are so much more: endless possibilities, ambitions, and dreams, aren’t you? Umgee wants to be your lucky charm every time you go chasing them. Sounds like something you’d want in your life and in your closet? We hear you, that’s why we are constantly updating our online Umgee Clothing Boutique! 

    Umgee designs cater to women of all ages and sizes. We love how Umgee Clothing not only carries different sizes but has specific plus-size garments designed for bodies that require a little bit more freedom of movement or support. We really love stocking their clothes not just because of their style and how fashionable they are, but because of the brand philosophy behind Umgee Clothing boutique. We are convinced clothes are supposed to make women look beautiful and feel their best no matter their age or size, and this is exactly what Umgee strives for. No wonder the brand is a customer favorite all around the country!

    Going to a cocktail party, and you want to look your best? Heading to a formal event, and you want to look classy yet vibrant? Hoping to look friendly and approachable to the other moms during play-date with your kids’ new friends and take your husband’s breath away with the same outfit at dinner that night? Umgee can help. The brand is inspired to create comfortable and simple designs that can be worn in your everyday life, while also creating elegant, formal clothing. Umgee clothing is fun, comfortable, and can be rocked at almost every event. Although the company is based in Los Angeles, California, we can send Umgee products to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the USA. 

    If you are a first-time buyer with us, rest assured, there’s absolutely no need to worry or be stressed! We have an online shopping system that is extremely easy to navigate, to ensure that your experience acquiring Umgee garments is as smooth as butter. There’s a reason why we have so many repeat customers! Yes, we know you all love the clothes, but we’d like to think our ultra-secure and functional site can claim at least a tiny bit of credit (or at least that’s what the I.T. guys keep telling us…). 

    Types of Umgee Clothing That We Sell

    Umgee Clothing Boutique is consistently one of the best-selling brands here at Hometown Heritage. We guarantee you will be coming back for more (or you could always seriously stock up on your next buy!). Our website stocks a selection of assorted contemporary apparel, including all of the latest style trends by Umgee. Our customers love the embroidered pieces that allow for alternative and stylish fashion expressions. Hometown Heritage features a wide range of Umgee products from dresses to sweaters and tops. Some of the Umgee USA apparel available on our website include:

    • Umgee Dresses
    • Umgee Sweaters
    • Umgee Tops
    • Umgee Shorts
    • Umgee Plus Size
    • Umgee Shirts

    Umgee Dresses

    There is an Umgee Dress for all occasions on Hometown Heritage. The dresses found on our site are loosely fitting yet flattering, elegant, casual, and comfortable. The bohemian spirit embodied by Umgee dresses is romantic, comfortable, and whimsical. Umgee dresses come in a range of different designs including animal print, baby doll, and Hi-Low variants. Our dresses are also available in plus sizes for women of all ages. 

    Don’t know what to wear for that upcoming hot date? Ok, hear us out: what you want is something that’s sultry and sexy, without looking like you’ve tried hard at all. If striking this difficult balance sounds like something you are interested in, can we suggest taking a look at this burgundy Umgee babydoll dress? Or perhaps you just want a little black dress that doesn’t feel too… well, dressy. You know, that perfectly shaped, ultra-flattering dress that you can dress up or down and wear on literally any occasion without having to think about it twice? Then this black frayed Umgee dress might be exactly what you need. Oh, did we mention it has pockets?!

    Umgee Sweaters

    Ah… sweater weather. While we certainly love the summer, we also adore those slightly cooler afternoons, when you just want to wrap up, cuddle with that special someone on the couch or by a fire, and get a cup of silky hot chocolate. But chillier days and extra layers should never have to mean looking frumpy like you’re just wearing your ex-boyfriend’s university sweater. Umgee sweaters are anything but! We honestly don’t know how this brand manages to just get it right every single time, but the sweaters by Umgee Clothing Boutique never fail to make us look our best while making sure we feel our best at the same time. 

    Umgee USA sweaters are as cozy as can be, perfect for when the weather drops in the winter and fall. You can dress up warm while retaining your style and elegance. There is a collection of different colors and styles to select from. Check out our long sleeve, cable knit sweater available in plus size.  Whether you are a woman who loves colors and expresses herself through fashion, or you’re looking for something simple and contemporary to add to your wardrobe collection, you've come looking in the right place.

    Sweaters we’ve had on repeat ourselves? The Mauve Umgee Chunky Knit Sweater is amongst the snuggliest and coziest sweaters we’ve ever worn (and being big on comfort, that’s no small praise). This pastel-colored pink sweater is the definition of what dreamy, romantic clothes are. And for the versatile gals out there, not many sweaters could beat this wonder by Umgee Clothing Boutique: a black lightweight sweater with detachable sleeves! Ok, yes, one more time and louder for the people in the back... it has detachable sleeves! This sweater is so versatile you’ll be wondering why you’ve never owned one before. That’s Umgee Clothing for you! Turning their garments into classics as soon as your package arrives. How many brands can claim to do that?

    Umgee USA Tops

    Umgee Women’s apparel also offers you affordable top designs that add life and style to your wardrobe. Some of the available top designs include ruffle sleeve tops, floral embroidery, animal print, and the mandarin collar bell ruffle. These designs come in a variety of styles like short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, and peplum tops. Whatever the occasion, our comfortable Umgee tops will have you looking stylish and feeling confident.

    Girl talk time: we actually struggled to figure out which ones to highlight! There are just so many Umgee tops we love, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Because here’s the thing… while dresses are amazing at providing a one-stop solution to all your fashion conundrums, having a variety of tops just allows you to create more outfits, express your personality more, and always look exactly how you want no matter the occasion. 

    Umgee tunic tops are a style that has become synonymous with Umgee clothing boutique thanks to their emphasis on comfort, ease, and versatility. These are so flowy and airy that we sometimes wonder whether we should just call them Umgee tunic dresses! And yes, we know! Wearing them as dresses might prove to be a bit… scandalous, but honestly, some of our favorite models just twirl exactly as an Umgee tunic dress would! Take this tunic top with animal print in plus size or this black cold shoulder one, the epitome of laid-back, easy-going sexiness if there ever was one.  

    Umgee USA Shorts

    Unsure of what to style your new collection of Umgee tops with? Umgee USA is also into the creation of female shorts that are ideal for summertime outings. With a relaxed fit and elastic waistbands, Umgee shorts can be paired with crop or tank tops for visits to the beach or a night outing.  When you shop Umgee Clothing apparel, you can expect the highest level of quality and comfort every time. Their designs are specially created to give you that elegant and classy look on all occasions. 

    These layered fringe hem shorts are not just comfy and playful, but will not go out of style any time soon. There is just one warning we should tell you about: you will not want to take these ones off under any circumstance. We think these are particularly cute during the day, say, for that cool farmer’s market you’ve been wanting to check out, but they will also look great on a garden barbeque at night or even for chilling in front of your favorite film on that homey date night. Our favorite way to style them? We love how they look with a lightweight sweater slightly tucked in (google “french tuck” now!), but some of our favorite fashionistas swear by pairing them with a more revealing crop top and some platform sneakers to nail that athleisure look. 

    And if florals sound more like your thing, these floral embroidered Umgee denim shorts might really have your fingers itching to just go straight to checkout after adding them to your shopping cart. All the coolest influencers have known for a while that denim shorts can be anything but basic and Umgee Clothing Boutique never disappoints when it comes to adding an unexpected spin to a classic garment. These are both flirty and cool, eye-catching and relaxed… What more could you want out of a pair of shorts? Pair them with a retro-inspired crochet top to nail one of this year’s hottest trends. 

    Benefits of Buying Umgee Clothing 

    Are you wondering what the perks of buying Umgee clothing are? Is it affordable? And is the quality worth it? Or perhaps you want to know if the products are comfortable and long-lasting? Below is a list of some of the benefits of purchasing Umgee USA clothing. Although let’s be honest, if you are still reading, we’re surprised! We’d be neck-deep into shopping at this point, but just in case you need an extra bit of convincing, here are some of the reasons why we are so convinced adding tops, sweaters, and dresses by Umgee Clothing Boutique will be a decision you’ll be congratulating yourself for a very long time. 


    One reason our customers go for Umgee Clothing is that they can always rely on its products' affordability. You get to add some of the most sublime southern bohemian-inspired dresses, tops, and more without having to break the bank. Buying affordable clothes should not mean giving up on durability and high-quality materials, and this is something Umgee Clothing Boutique truly delivers on. 

    Style and Comfort

    Our Umgee collection features a selection of women's clothing ranging in styles, colors, and sizes. We stock Umgee dresses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, shorts, and jeggings. They say beauty is pain, but our Umgee collection says differently because it strives to make beauty comfortable.

    Umgee products are manufactured using various materials ranging from polyester to cotton. What's not to like about clothing inspired by the southern bohemian style? Or the way Umgee creates fashion that is artistic and voguish while representing southern women and their culture? These are some of the main reasons we stock the Umgee Clothing brand at Hometown Heritage.

    There is an Outfit for Every Woman

    You will find that we carry an extensive selection of this brand. Our collection features clothing suitable for both young and old women, for moms and teenagers, and young adults alike. Umgee guarantees there’s an outfit for everyone regardless of their age, size, or identity. This mission helps them to continuously create clothing that reflects the power, courage, and beauty of the feminine body. Whether you’re a youth, in your teens, or a mom, there’s a matching design for you on our website. 


    Umgee Clothing understands that the design, fit, and comfort of an outfit depend largely on the quality of materials used. This is why their production methods are aimed towards providing you with the highest quality clothing items available on the market.

    Exceptional Service

    Our customer service is one of a kind and ever-ready to assist you with any issues that may arise from delivery hassles. Shopping Umgee Clothing on the Hometown Heritage website also qualifies you for future discount offers and promotions.

    Umgee USA is a women’s fashion brand dedicated to helping women look and feel fantastic. Their high-quality clothing line includes affordable dresses, tops, cardigans, and casual wear. We are proud to sell Umgee clothing online and are happy to help you find that perfect Umgee garment. 

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