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    Men’s Southern Belts

    At Hometown Heritage, one of the main ways by which we display our love for southern culture is by providing a platform where you can buy men’s fashion accessories. Our men’s belts section is filled with several belts and buckle designs that ensure comfort, style, and confidence. These belts are designed by southern brands and inspired by the active, outdoor lifestyle associated with southern culture.

    The men’s belts available at Hometown Heritage are suitable for both fashion and field wear. They also come with a variety of buckle designs and adjustable cinches. With an improved featherweight yet sturdy design, our men’s belts weigh less but sit tightly and comfortably around your waist. Whatever the occasion, casual or physically demanding, you can trust our  men’s southern belts to hold your pants in place.

    The men’s southern belts available at Hometown Heritage are handcrafted and designed by Bison. Bison belts are reliable and stylish waist holders made from aluminum and premium leather. These belts are available in various designs, such as the leather style Water Buffalo, The High Roller, The Durango, The Box Canyon, The Rawhide, and The Castaway. We also offer a range of unique Millenium belts like the Grateful Dead - Steal Your Face, Dusty Road, Netwear, Ratlan Rust, and the Dancing Robot.  The Men’s Bison belts that we stock at Hometown Heritage come in different sizes so that every southern man can wear one, sizes range from 30 inches to 42-inch waists.

    At Hometown Heritage, we offer an avenue to buy men’s fashion accessories and also deliver these iconic products to your doorstep free of charge. Our men’s bison belts are ideal for both formal, informal and relaxing activities. For the latest updates and discounts on vintage bison belts and other fashion accessories, signup for our newsletter below.