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    Moisture Wicking Polo Shirts for Men - Striped Polos, Navy Polos & Much More

    Men's moisture-wicking polo shirts are a great addition to any southern gentleman’s wardrobe. They can be worn on almost any social occasion, and look great with a pair of khakis or jeans. Whether it is a golfing, wedding, graduation, gameday, college football tailgating, a night out, or anything in between, you are sure to find yourself a perfect striped polo shirt at Heritage men's clothing, where quality and customer service are our passion. The moisture-wicking navy polo shirts are a timeless classic and can be rocked on almost all occasions. We have a versatile range of polos on offer. You can find Striped Polo’s made with light and breathable fabrics for the summer, or regular cotton-poly blends to keep you warm through the winter. 

    So you want to know how to dress like a southern gentleman? You’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to help match fine southern gentlemen with high-quality garments that complement their style. Our men’s tops are a great place to start turning your wardrobe into a fine southern gentleman’s wardrobe. Grab yourself a few men’s performance polos and some mens striped polo shirts and you will be looking your best any time you step out of the house!

    Our selection of men's striped polo shirts is available in various fabrics and styles. We have a classic stripe, pinstripe, and a range of vibrant colors like adobe seaside, seafoam green, mango, royal blue, and many more! Material specifications include 92% polyester and 8% spandex. We have sizes to fit all fine southern gentlemen too, with sizes in small, medium, large, X-large, or XX-large. 

    We have a variety of brands on offer here at Hometown Heritage Clothing. Browse our selection online and you will be well on your way to dressing like a fine southern gentleman. We also provide free shipping on all orders of heritage men’s clothing! Grab yourself a men’s striped polo today and start filling your wardrobe with garments that match the southern gentleman’s dress code.

    Which Brands Make The Best Moisture Wicking Polo Shirts for Men?

    Genteal Apparel is a global apparel company, from Oxford, Mississippi that has been around since 2010. They are known for their great designs, high-quality fabrics, and functional characteristics. Genteal Apparel provides a wide range of classy, stylish, and functional men's everyday wear, including their Polo Shirt options - which are thrilled to stock in our online store. Head out for a day on the golf course, fishing, wear it to the office, or take it on your next camping adventure. These performance polo t-shirts can do it all! 

    Their polo shirt collection includes; performance Polos, moisture wicking polo, fishing polo shirts, classic striped Polos, and blue striped polo shirts. Available in dazzling colors like Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Mango, Adobe Seaside, Seafoam Green, and Sky Mist. Genteal Apparel's apparel is stylish, luxurious & exclusive. If you're looking for performance clothing that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities without any discomfort, then go for the performance Polo. It's designed with sweat-wicking fabrics that are lightweight yet still durable, allowing you to look your best while feeling comfortable and relaxed. Genteal's performance striped polos are here to boost your performance.

    Shop Genteal Apparel Polos T-Shirts for Men today! Their collection is filled with top-quality items that are fully functional and stylish and will add a little Southern flair to your wardrobe. In addition to their striped polo shirts, you can find a wide variety of different garments from Genteal at our store. Shop their fitted hats, moisture wicking polo shirts, T-shirts, and button-downs today!

    Benefits of Buying your Mens Moisture Wicking Polo Shirt From Hometown Heritage 

    Moisture wicking Polo shirts have been a key element in the men’s fashion world for more than 100 years. They've had dozens of celebrities, professional athletes, and icons wear them, which means they're pretty popular among stylish guys. While staying true to their original form, these classic garments have evolved to take advantage of new innovative technologies and materials in the modern fashion industry. So, how do you dress like a stylish and dapper southern gentleman? Find yourself a men’s polo shirt. All of the striped polos required for a fine southern gentleman's style can be found here, browse our striped polo collection and add your favorites to your cart! 

    Polo shirts are an extremely popular piece of clothing among the athletes of more refined sports like golf and tennis. All athletes eventually face the problem of sweat and its impact on their ability to perform. These striped polo shirts are designed to absorb moisture and will allow you to retain your appearance and poise throughout your game. They have a smooth feel and can remain wrinkle-free for hours, even after physical exercise. 

    We sell a variety of Men’s Polos here at Hometown Heritage. Our wide range of polo t-shirts for men includes performance polos, fishing polo shirts, blue striped polo shirts, moisture wicking polo shirts, navy polos, and many more! The whole range of polos we sell is made out of a unique blend of materials - 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This gives the shirt a lightweight, unrestrictive feel and the spandex allows the shirt to stretch and move with your body. The best part about the Genteal Polos? The materials are moisture wicking so sweat marks won’t ever be an issue, even when you’ve played 18 holes under the sun. These men’s polos are available in sizes Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large and make a great gift for your dad or partner for the upcoming holiday season. Add one to your cart today, or read below for even more benefits of shopping with us!

    • Premium Quality Outdoor Wear
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Quick, Free Shipping
    • Wide Range of Mens Moisture Wicking Polo Styles 
    • Variety of Sizes in Mens 

    Premium Quality Outdoor Wear

    A durable polo made with premium materials is something that every outdoorsman needs in his clothing arsenal. Made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex, these polos offer a breezy, lightweight touch to the skin, making them a perfect garment for outdoor activities. The striped polos will be an everyday item in your closet for years to come - don’t worry though, the durable materials mean the shirts won’t fade or change shape over time. 

    Affordable Pricing

    The collection of clothing that we sell at Hometown Heritage is priced affordably and intended to suit any budget. The polo t-shirts for men are some of the more premium products that we stock at our store. A premium quality polo is an investment into your future, add more style and class to your wardrobe with these mens polos, just $89 each!

    Quick, Free Shipping

    Every order placed in our online store is shipped that very same day. Fast shipping times take between 1-3 days while our standard shipping service estimated delivery time is 3-5 days. If you live in the continental US, we will ship you your new mens striped polo for FREE! Order now and you will have a stylish new polo at your doorstep in a maximum of 5 days. 

    Wide Range of Mens Performance Polo Styles 

    Launch your style and sophistication to a new level with our mens polos. Genteal Apparel has produced a massive collection of performance polos and fishing polo shirts to suit all Southern mens tastes. The Aerial Clubhouse Blue Striped Polo Shirt is the perfect choice for a day in the office or on the golf course. The Aragon Driver Stripe Performance Polo by GenTeal Apparel is a fantastic shirt for the tennis court or rocking to a friends BBQ, you’re sure to stand out in the bright shirt! The Luau Pinstripe Performance Polo Shirt by GenTeal Apparel offers a softer color tone for a more subtle look. Check out the other styles available on our site, including Adobe Seaside, Mango, Sky Mist, Seafoam Green, Royal Blue, Light Blue, and Navy Polos!

    Variety of Sizes in Mens Striped Polos

    We stock a huge range of different sizes in striped polos at Hometown Heritage. To guarantee you look your best every time you throw on one of these polos, you need to be sure you get the best fit. You want the polo to sit comfortably on your body, not too tight and constricting or loose and baggy. Our range of mens polo t-shirts is available in sizes ranging from medium to XX-large. If you have questions about which size polo would look best on you, reach out to us at our contact page! We strive to help you look your best every day of the week, and the right size polo does exactly that. 

    Best Items to Match with Men’s Striped Polo Shirts?

    Performance Shorts

    Burlebo has an extensive range of men’s moisture-wicking performance shorts - a perfect match with your new striped polo. With an innovative design and unique balance of stretch and comfort, their premium men's shorts are made so that you can enjoy the outdoors lifestyle to the fullest!

    It doesn’t matter if you are heading out on the farm, to a friend’s BBQ, a day at the beach, or the horse races. These Burlebo Performance shorts are the number one choice this summer. Their quick-drying materials mean that you can hang out by the lake or ocean for hours on end, and not feel weighed down by wet shorts. Burlebo moisture-wicking shorts are durable and designed with the outdoorsman in mind. Not a big outdoors person? No problem! These shorts are designed with maximum comfort and the elastic waistband means they are comfy to wear at home too. Order this outfit online at our store now!

    These shorts will soon become your daily pair and you will be searching for new striped polos to match them with. They are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off at the end of the day - featuring an elastic waistband for extra stretch, plus a zipper and double rubber buttons for extra security. The Men’s Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts by Burlebo are lifeproof and waterproof, perfect for any explorer! Head into the outdoors in style with a men’s striped polo and a pair of Burlebo Shorts! One of our favorite summer outfits is the Pinstripe Navy Performance Polo Shirt by GenTeal Apparel paired with the Burlebo Cobblestone Khaki Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts with Patriot Pockets. A perfect combination for a 4th of July celebration, or any social gathering where the sun is shining! Grab them for yourself or give them to that special man in your life! 

    Men’s Trucker Hats

    No matter what your day throws at you, matching one of our striped polos for men with a Trucker Hat is sure to leave you looking stylish and prepared. Whether you are in the great outdoors on a fowl hunt, fishing the rivers, at a bar with friends, or even heading out to a business lunch with a client - a trucker hat is the perfect accessory to a polo. A good Trucker hat is a timeless piece that will last in your wardrobe for years if not decades to come. There really is no wrong time to wear one and there are infinite ways to style them. These hats are comfortable, fashionable, and will look great no matter what you are doing.

    Why not order yourself a Genteal hat to match your new Genteal striped polo shirt? The men’s trucker hat that Genteal Apparel creates is durable, high-quality, and extremely stylish. Available in a range of different comfort colors and styles - choose from the Sage Logo Hat, the Stone Patch Hat, or the Poppy Duck Hat. Fitted with an adjustable strap and buckle to ensure the hat stays in place throughout the day. These 100% cotton twill, 6-panel hats offer your head the comfort you need. Add one to your cart now! 

    Men’s Fleece

    With winter nearly here, you may want more than just a men’s polo layering your torso. A quarter-zip men’s fleece is the perfect garment to carry with you on your next hunt, hike, or overnight camping adventure. Layer your performance polo and fleece with thermals to keep out the cold wind. The men’s fleece from Live Oak Brand that we sell in our online store is designed for warmth, comfort, and versatility, even in harsh conditions. Made with 100% polyester, and available in unisex sizes of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. We stock a range of different styles and colors including Charcoal, Oatmeal, and Olive. Be sure to grab a men’s fleece to wear over your performance polo when the temperature drops! 

    Shop ​​Men’s Fishing Polo Shirts Online Today!

    Choosing a fishing polo shirt that is comfortable, stylish, and versatile enough for any activity can be tricky. But here at Hometown Heritage, we have figured out how to provide you with top-quality men’s polos that we know you will love. We have selected garments that are perfect for a life in the outdoors. We have no doubt that our men’s polo shirts will become your next wardrobe favorite, and you will start reaching to put them on every day. Their versatile design means they can be worn for any activity, indoors or out, formal or informal. The men’s polo shirts that we stock on Hometown Heritage are priced at $89. An amazing deal if you take into account the premium quality materials used in each shirt, and the amount of use you will get out of it in the future. 

    Men’s striped polos won’t just keep you sweat-free and comfortable when you wear them, but they are also an extremely trendy fashion statement paired with the right bottoms. Our polo shirts can be styled up or down - off for a drink at the bar with your pals and are unsure of what to wear? Or are you heading out for 9 holes with your father? Either way, these polo shirts are what you want to be wearing. 

    The men’s striped polo section of our online store is a fantastic place to do your holiday shopping. Grab a polo shirt for that special man in your life for him to wear on his next outdoor or sporting adventure. Feel free to browse our Women’s and Youth’s section to complete your holiday shopping! 

    These men’s polo shirts are a must for any stylish, active male. Add one to your cart today and get it shipped to you for FREE!