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    Performance T-Shirts & Men’s Moisture Wicking Shirts

    Hometown Heritage offers premium southern clothing and accessories for men, including quality men’s performance tees. Perfect if you are out on the boat, heading into the great outdoors, or getting a workout in. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality Southern Wear and American-made apparel. Our men’s performance tees are functional and breathable, but also durable as well. Perfect for the southern outdoor life and braving the weather. 

    The performance shirts we stock are great for any occasion in the Southern outdoors. Our men’s performance shirt’s long-sleeve options are breathable, lightweight, but still offer warmth on a cool night. The innovative men’s long sleeve sun protection golf shirts that we offer are up to 50UPF, keeping the sun off your skin and preventing you from getting burnt when you are out on the course. 

    Our performance shirts are 91% polyester, 9% spandex, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking to keep you fresh while you perform your best. These men’s performance shirts in long-sleeves come in size options of Medium, Large and X-Large. 

    The clothing we provide here at Hometown Heritage is high-quality, durable, affordable, and represents a passion for the great outdoors. We have a range of clothes ideal for those days in the forest, next to the river, or in the mountains. Our strong southern values combined with a spirit of improvement are helping us provide you with the best men’s performance shirts on the outdoor clothing market. At Hometown Heritage, we are pleased to offer men’s performance shirts, men’s short sleeve tees, and men’s long sleeve tees from Southern Brands. 

    We are enthusiastic about outdoor experiences and adventures in nature, and these performance shirts are well suited to this lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring that southern outdoorsmen are clothed in comfortable, functional, and premium quality gear. Shop our selection of men’s performance tees and receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

    Which Brands Make the Best Men’s Performance Shirts?

    Here at Hometown Heritage Clothing, we take quality very seriously. We aim to provide you with the best men's performance shirts online. We stock clothing brands from all over the USA, brands that take pride in the garments they produce. Creating performance tees that are comfortable, stylish, and breathable. 

    One brand we love and trust is Burlebo. Established in 2015 in Austin Texas, this young family has created an awesome outdoor activewear clothing line that is made for the busy, outdoor-loving human. They provide fashionable, durable, and breathable moisture-wicking t-shirts. The Burlebo company shares the same passions with us here at Hometown Heritage, a strong love for the outdoors, as well as hunting, fishing, and tramping. Trey-bo along with his wife Lexi has created an amazing brand inspired by their love of ‘blissful’ days spent out in nature camping. 

    Burlebo provides super durable and comfortable performance t-shirts. Material choice is a crucial element in designing a breathable, sweatproof, comfy top, which is why Burlebo opted for a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric. Their performance t-shirts are perfect for a day hiking up a mountain, or perhaps out fishing with family. No one enjoys hunting trips in a sweaty sticky top that doesn't allow the body to breathe. That's where Burlebo’s performance tees are perfect, helping you to move moisture away from the body with their moisture-wicking properties. Burlebo provides not only quality men’s performance shirts but also has a wide range of women’s and kid’s clothing. Meaning you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors together, feeling comfortable and stylish. Burlebo is one of our top picks here at hometown Heritage, and it will be yours too! 

    Another top pick of Hometown heritage is Reel - Designers of the USA splash Performance Shirt. Reel’s garments share many of the features as Burlebo’s, such as the moisture-wicking properties, and lightweight comfortable feel. Reel didn't just stop there though. They have designed their tees to cool and insulate when worn. 

    The brands we stock all share a love for the outdoors. The men's performance shirts created by Burlebo and Reel are ideal for any of your outdoor endeavors. Perhaps you're off on a summer fishing day with friends, the Let it fly sun performance tee by Burlebo would be perfect. You will keep cool, dry, and comfortable all day long with the moisture-wicking, lightweight t-shirt material. The options for these men's performance shirts are endless, they can be worn hunting, fishing, hiking, maybe even a summer run. These tees look nothing like your typical activewear shirt, they are sleek and stylish, as well as very effective to wear for outdoor adventures or intense exercise. Buying clothing online can be a scary, unpleasant experience. We try to stock the best brands possible, to make online shopping a positive experience for our customers. This is why we love and trust Burlebo and Reel. Reliable brands that are comfortable, affordable, and stylish. 

    When Is The Best Time To Wear Moisture-Wicking Shirts?

    It’s a sunny day out, your body is aching as you climb steep terrain, accompanied by your family. Hiking is your family’s favorite activity, and it’s even more enjoyable with your new Burlebo family performance tees. Exploring nature, whilst feeling free, comfortable, and happy. 

    An essential feature of the performance shirts we sell is their moisture-wicking properties. When you’re out being active and enjoying the great outdoors you don’t want to have to worry about sweating or feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Our performance shirts here at Hometown Heritage have wicking fabrics that are designed to move moisture away from the body and to the top layer of fabric instead. This helps keep you staying dry and comfortable for just about any activity. Moisture-wicking apparel can also help ward off bacteria by minimizing sweat build-up. 

    It’s hard to find a performance tee that is more effective, comfortable, and fashionable in any outdoor activity. Perhaps you are off on a fishing trip with friends, our moisture-wicking shirts would be perfect to wear. Keeping you dry, and happy whilst you are out on the ocean reeling in your dinner. Our shirts are also ideal for fishing trips because of their lightweight material. When you are out on the water for most of the day you want something that is free moving, light, and comfortable, these performance t-shirts give you the freedom to cast your rod without restriction. 

    Hunting is another ideal time to use our men's performance tees. Out in the bush, chasing animals, walking for hours - that’s a seriously intense exercise - which is why a moisture-wicking shirt is a must. Who wants to be sludging around in sweaty clothes all day whilst trying to enjoy hunting with an old friend. Our performance tees wicking abilities, move sweat away from the body, meaning you will feel comfortable, free, and happy, and able to focus on hunting. 

    River floating with friends and family is another activity you will be able to fully enjoy now thanks to our moisture-wicking tees. As you float downstream your mind is free of worry. You're comfortable, cool, and dry, our tops were designed specifically for these moments. Being active, enjoying nature, whilst being comfortable. Hiking, horse riding, fishing trips, bonfire nights, hunting, river floats. These are a few of the awesome outdoor activities our moisture-wicking performance tees are perfect for.

    What to Wear Men’s Performance Tees With?

    Choosing a fashionable, comfortable outfit for a day in the outdoors can be a hassle. Thankfully, our men’s performance tees make that task significantly easier. Our shirts are not only extremely comfortable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, but they are also very versatile, and can be paired with a number of items for an easy, fashionable look.

    A favorite look of ours here at Hometown heritage is the USA splash performance Shirt by Reel, combined with a pair of Burlebo’s Moisture-Wicking Performance Fly Pocket Shorts. We love the color contrast with the dark grey bottoms and tan shirt, and we know you will too. Not only do they look great together but they also both have moisture-wicking properties meaning you can have sweat-free outdoor adventures. 

    Our Let-it-Fly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo looks awesome paired with our Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts with Patriotic Pockets by Burlebo. The grey and navy go great together and we love the pop of color in the pockets, this outfit is for sure an eyecatcher. The great thing about this look is the freedom you will have choosing your shoes or hat to go with it. The simple design of these performance tees and shorts allows you to add more colors or patterns with your footwear or accessories, maybe you could even try the Marlin Fish Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl.  

    The Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo looks great paired with our Burlebo Shorts with duck pockets. We love the colors in this outfit, especially the bright salmon shirt, toned down with the lighter shorts. If you're looking for a slightly more tidy look, maybe you’re off to a barbeque with friends on a summer’s day, the Sage Patch Trucker Hat by Genteal Apparel will not only keep you comfortable but also add a cool touch to your outfit. 

    One of our favorite elements of our performance tees is what they portray. It’s clear that most people wearing these shirts have a strong love for the outdoors, and being active. This is why we love pairing them with other like-minded brands, such as the East Coast Waterfowl Collection, striving to make high-quality products for life outdoors. Their detailed cap designs look awesome paired with our tees, and will quickly become your wardrobe go tos for your next outdoor adventure. Choosing your outfits will now be an easy task with our performance tees. 

    The 3 Best Men’s Performance Tees

    1. USA Splash Performance Shirt by Reel

    A wardrobe essential. Designed by the company Reel, to provide any outdoor-loving human with top-quality exercise gear that is affordable but most importantly, comfortable. Designing great sports/activewear starts with the fabric choice, and thankfully Reel knows how to deliver this. 

    The 100% polyester spandex has insulating and cooling abilities meaning you are always comfortable out in nature. However, the most amazing component of this performance tee is its moisture-wicking fabric. They are designed to move moisture away from the body to the outer layers of the t-shirts, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or being wet and uncomfortable. 

    The Patriotic Marlin logo located on the back of this shirt adds a stylish element and we love the message it is portraying. Red, white, and blue are the key colors used in this top - representing the American spirit, and the marlin representing the love of the great outdoors. It’s smooth, comfortable, and is also a super easy wash, meaning you won’t have to worry about shrinking your brand new shirt. We want to ensure all of our customers are satisfied, which is why we have this performance tee in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL!

    1. Let-it-Fly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo

    This long sleeve shirt is perfect for your next fishing trip, offering some extra warmth when you’re out on the sea doing what you love. Made with 91% polyester and 9% spandex, this tee is going to quickly become your go-to shirt. No matter what the conditions, this shirt is a must, offering cooling and insulating properties.

    The light heather grey looks great on anyone and you will have the freedom to pair it with any colored shorts. The red and blue lure graphic logo adds a nice touch to the simple tee design and will be sure to ‘reel’ anyone in. This shirt allows you to not only express your love for fishing but also be comfortable and happy whilst doing it freely in our performance tee. 

    1. Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo

    This is definitely a show stopper. The salmon/heather coral long sleeve will add a pop of color to your wardrobe and leave you feeling bright, vibrant, and eager for your next fishing trip with your mates. However, our favorite element of this shirt is the colorful fish graphic, designed by Burlebo to show their love of the great outdoors, and more specifically fishing. Made from 91% polyester and 9% spandex you will be comfortable, dry, and happy all day long. Its breathable moisture-wicking fabric also makes it perfect for an extra active or intense fishing day. We love pairing this bright color top with a pair of navy shorts, allowing the shirt to shine on its own. This performance tee is comfy and versatile and everyone can enjoy it with our sizing ranging from M, L, and XL. 

    Shop ​​Men’s Performance T-Shirts Online Today!

    Choosing a performance tee that is comfortable, fashionable, and versatile enough for any activity can be extremely hard. But that is why here at Hometown Heritage we have done everything we can to provide you with top-quality items that we know you will love. We have carefully chosen brands that share a love for nature and the outdoors, and aim to provide comfort and style with their clothing. We have no doubt that our performance tees will become your next wardrobe essential, as they truly can do it all. Designed to be worn for any activity, such as hunting, mountain biking, farming, fishing, or even hiking, the moisture-wicking fabric means you can do any intensity of exercise and know you will stay dry and comfortable. 

    Not only are they extremely effective in keeping you sweat-free and comfortable whilst doing your outdoor activities, but they are also a great fashion statement paired with the right bottoms. Our performance tees can be worn up or down, perhaps you're heading out for a drink at the bar with some mates and are unsure of what to wear? Well, our performance tees all feature a graphic logo that adds a pop of color and point of difference to your outfit. Not only this but the colors of our tees look flattering on any skin tone, meaning you will not only feel great but also look great. 

    The men’s performance tees that we stock on Hometown Heritage are offered between the price of $35 and $50. An incredible deal considering the premium quality of each shirt, and the durable materials used to make them. You can feel assured that you will look and feel good, and stay dry while wearing these performance t-shirts. 

    The Men’s Performance Tees section of our online store is the perfect place to find your family’s Christmas gifts! Grab that special man in your life one of these shirts for his next outdoor excursions. Check out our fantastic Women’s and Youth’s section to complete your holiday shopping! 

    These performance tees are a must for any outdoor-loving human. We love them, and we know you will too, so what are you waiting for? Add one to your cart today! We promise you will not regret it.