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3 products

Men’s Performance T-Shirts

Hometown Heritage offers premium southern clothing and accessories for men, including quality men’s performance tees. Perfect if you are out on the boat, heading into the great outdoors, or getting a workout in. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality Southern Wear and American-made apparel. Our men’s performance tees are functional and breathable, but also durable as well. Perfect for the southern outdoor life and braving the weather. 

The performance shirts we stock are great for any occasion in the Southern outdoors. Our men’s performance shirt’s long-sleeve options are breathable, lightweight, but still offer warmth on a cool night. The innovative men’s long sleeve sun protection golf shirts that we offer are up to 50UPF, keeping the sun off your skin and preventing you from getting burnt when you are out on the course. 

Our performance shirts are 91% polyester, 9% spandex, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking to keep you fresh while you perform your best. These men’s performance shirts in long-sleeves come in size options of Medium, Large and X-Large. 

The clothing we provide here at Hometown Heritage is high-quality, durable, affordable, and represents a passion for the great outdoors. We have a range of clothes ideal for those days in the forest, next to the river, or in the mountains. Our strong southern values combined with a spirit of improvement are helping us provide you with the best men’s performance shirts on the outdoor clothing market. At Hometown Heritage, we are pleased to offer men’s performance shirts, men’s short sleeve tees, and men’s long sleeve tees from Southern Brands. 

We are enthusiastic about outdoor experiences and adventures in nature, and these performance shirts are well suited to this lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring that southern outdoorsmen are clothed in comfortable, functional, and premium quality gear. Shop our selection of men’s performance tees and receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders!