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    East Coast Waterfowl: Outdoor T-Shirts, Duck Game & Men’s Trucker Hats

    East Coast Waterfowl was formed in November of 2013 in a small town called Willow Springs in North Carolina. East Coast Waterfowl clothing is based around a passion for hunting that friends and family share. Made only from the highest-quality materials, each of their men’s trucker hats features a signature blend of bright colors, graphic prints, and vintage artwork that captures the nostalgia of the art and sport of duck shooting.

    East Coast Waterfowl Clothing Brand is Clothing used for recreational waterfowling general wear. East Coast Waterfowl company is mainly focused on men's Clothing - specifically trucker hats for men, and Outdoor t-shirts for the sport of waterfowl hunting. The designs for East Coast Waterfowl Clothing are inspired by some of their favorite duck hunting spots on the East Coast. The brand offers a wide variety of Outdoor T-Shirts and hats that are great for everyday wear and outdoor use. They combine classic style with practicality to make gear that lasts and looks great. 

    East Coast Waterfowl clothing comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizing in their shirts, so there is something to suit everyone in their collection. Their clothing blends different colors and vivid graphic designs on short-sleeve tees, long-sleeve tees, and trucker hats for men

    The brand not only loves the sport of Waterfowl hunting, but they also have a strong passion for giving back to the ducks, geese, and the hunting community. Each year the company has a clean-up day at their local public hunting grounds and encourages other hunters to get out and do the same. They encourage others not to just hunt, but also to give back to the birds. 

    What Was The Inspiration for East Coast Waterfowl?

    Waterfowl hunting is a sport of detail and patience. Hunting ducks, geese, and possibly 40+ different waterfowl species is an outdoor sport that requires genuine gear. Gear that is designed to support the activity and also show your appreciation. East Coast Waterfowl set out on the task of creating premium quality duck game hats and outdoor apparel… And they succeeded.

    There is a story to be told behind every new business venture. It is usually shaped around the core ideas, beliefs, and love for something that has motivated the creator to do something great. It serves as the catalyst that sets the idea in motion. The same holds true for waterfowl hunting enthusiast Kent Jones and his brand East Coast Waterfowl.

    Kent Jones, the founder, and owner of EastCoastWaterfowl, started with an Instagram page in 2013. He used his inspiring hunting ideas to share content with his family and friends. Based out of the small town of Willow Springs, North Carolina, Jones saw his passion for waterfowl hunting was more profound than the connection he held with his family. There were people from around the world who saw themselves in his posts. They saw their love for waterfowl hunting in his adventures. The more he posted, the more his popularity among the waterfowl community grew on the app. After having success on his Waterfowl Hunting Instagram account, he built a website to start scaling up his business. Since then he has turned East Coast Waterfowl into the impressive brand it is today.

    The best social connection is a genuine connection over a shared love. What started as making memories blossomed into making fantastic menswear for friends and family. What began as making fun shirts for his friends and family soon branched into email orders better to accommodate shirt orders from supporters. Ultimately an online shop was born.

    Types of East Coast Waterfowl Clothing That We Sell

    East Coast Waterfowl Clothing designs and sells high-quality, stylish apparel for Southern, Outdoorsy Men that live an active lifestyle. At Hometown Heritage Collection we stock a range of different tees and hats for the Southern Man. East Coast Waterfowl Clothing prides itself on its versatile, durable, and stylish wear, that provides outdoorsmen with everything they need in a shirt. 

    With the perfect blend of eye-popping bright colors and graphic images inspired by real-life locations, EastCoastWaterfowl wants to bring the heart of the south to you. The stylish quality of East Coast Waterfowl clothes makes their selection a perfect fit within the Hometown Heritage Clothing collection. The premium selected t-shirts, short and long sleeves, men’s trucker hats, and beer koozies are popular picks among our customers. Rave reviews and affordable prices for quality items are what to expect.

    Our collection includes:

    • East Coast Waterfowl Short Sleeve T-Shirts
    • East Coast Waterfowl Long Sleeve T-Shirts
    • East Coast Waterfowl Hats
    • East Coast Waterfowl Beer Coolers

    East Coast Waterfowl Long Sleeve T-Shirts

    Clothing for Waterfowl hunting should cover three main bases. Waterfowl hunting gear should work at keeping you warm by keeping you dry, blocking wind, and controlling body heat. How does your gear stack up?

    The long sleeve alternatives are just as trendy as their short sleeve counterparts. They are lightweight but keep you warm. East Coast Waterfowl is quite particular in its design, ensuring duck hunters and other waterfowl advocates are presented at their best in the sport or spectating. The Boykin Spaniel Waylon T-shirt by East Coast Waterfowl combines the beloved sport of waterfowl harmony with man's best friend - his dog. This shirt features the iconic image of a loyal Boykin Spaniel Waylon with a prized mallard duck hanging from his mouth. The idea is inspired by the moments shared among hunters and their trusty pal. 

    Perfect for those slightly cooler nights when you’re out camping. These long sleeve tees are made with comfort, style, and warmth in mind. We stock a range of styles, sizes, and colors on our website, so everyone can find something to suit their style. 

    East Coast Waterfowl Beer Koozies

    Waterfowl hunting is not just about precision, but patience. The most experienced shooters know that while early morning hours are usually the best, persistence throughout the day can sometimes yield remarkable results. The downside? Drinks might get warm. But worry not, East Coast Waterfowl knows just how much an ice-cold beer is a perfect end (or pause) to a great day of hunting. 

    Koozies are synonymous with outdoor living, and East Coast Waterfowl prides itself in creating models that suit the hunter’s lifestyle and aesthetics perfectly. Designed to keep your beverages chilled for hours, these East Coast Waterfowl Beer Koozies are perfect for heading outdoors as they are fully collapsible and don’t take up much room in your bag. They are available in Camouflage, USA Flag, and Duck Hunting styles. Feel like owning a matching set? The Camouflage koozie comes with a wood duck design that compliments the Georgia wood duck trucker hat in camouflage or the wood duck trucker hat in green.  

    If you thought beer Koozies were only made for baseball games, you are wrong. What goes better with a day of hunting, family, and friends? A couple of cold beers. EastCoastWaterfowl has the perfect product to keep your beer cozy and cool. Drink responsibly, of course, but do so in style. Soon to be your beer can’s new favorite outerwear. East Coast Waterfowl offers products with every aspect of waterfowl activities in mind. The koozies, perfectly acceptable for keeping your brew cool, are collapsible. When done, remove the can and slide your koozie in your back pocket.

    East Coast Waterfowl Hats

    ​​The hats that gave rise to the East Coast Waterfowl clothing brand. It all began when Kent Jones set out to create the best trucker hats for duck and fowl hunters like himself and his family. After noticing them on his social media, his followers wanted to buy them, and that is how this now iconic southern brand was born. As the best trucker hats for men and women available in the market, it’s no wonder they’ve become a staple in the waterfowl hunting community. 

    Made in the USA, These East Coast Waterfowl hats, a family inspiration, complement any outdoor outfit. They are trucker-style with a focus on style and comfort. There are two styles and over 40 hats selections in the collection. Each men’s trucker hat showcases either an embroidered or sewn-on patch. The patch typically features a waterfowl or vivid imagery paying homage to the sport. Its on-point design, mesh hat fabric made up with ventilation holes for comfort and air circulation. 

    A trucker hat for men is more than just a hat. It's a statement piece amongst other trendy fixtures. It also stands as a shield from the beaming sun. Primarily, it is a popular accessory of the East Coast Waterfowl collection. Kent Jones recalls his inspiration to add the patch trucker hat to his collection while helping his grandpa clean out the old junk in his house. 

    You are likely to find a trucker hat that portrays your favorite game to hunt. The old-school camo mallard trucker hat will make as much of a statement outside the field as it will be perfectly functional when looking to hide while waiting for the ducks to take off. If you’re looking for a versatile piece, the military green wood duck trucker hat keeps a laid-back attitude that’s perfect for both hunting outings and everyday life. Or if you’d like to pay respect to your best companion, the Chessie Dog men’s trucker hat comes with a patch featuring a brown retriever, your trustiest mud buddy during those long days outside.  

    East Coast Waterfowl also knows that if there is one sport that goes hand in hand with hunting, it’s fishing. That’s why it's trucker hat has expanded to include not just duck game hats, but fishing caps. They’ve got trucker hats to celebrate your most spectacular fishing trophies, whether they are Mahi fish, sailfish, or flounder fish. 

    Choose the right hat for your next outdoor adventure with East Coast Waterfowl Clothing. The southern lifestyle is part of living the American dream and East Coast Waterfowl specialize in making clothes for the southern lifestyle. Their hats are nothing short of fantastic. Functional, stylish, and subtle, they are perfect for a trip to the woods or a quick afternoon grill session with friends. Made with ventilated mesh material, it keeps you cool while you're on the move. It also has an adjustable snapback so that it fits securely. 

    We have a wide range of different ducks that we have used on our designs such as the Pintail Duck, White Teal Duck, Blue Bill Duck, Black Pintail Duck, Canvasback Duck, Red Head Duck, Wigeon Duck, Wood Duck, Mallard Duck, Green Winged Teal Duck and plus many more.

    East Coast Waterfowl Short Sleeve T-Shirts

    The T-shirts of the East Coast Waterfowl collection are known for their premium properties. The 100% ringspun cotton is already preshrunk. Pre Shrunk cotton means you can clean your shirts in a wash cycle worry-free. The product will not shrink. The highly comfortable wear is known for more than being the perfect gift for your favorite waterfowl connoisseur. It's also an ideal lightweight option for summer and autumn wear. The versatile fabric is available to buy in various sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL. They are also sturdy for years of wear, thanks to their Double-Needle Stitched Collar and Bottom Hem. Don’t forget to pair it with an East Coast Waterfowl trucker hat to keep yourself protected from the sun. 

    The short-sleeved shirts offer the experience of sunny days of the south in style and perfect harmony. They are trendy, lightweight, and perfect for daily wear. Notably, the Cupped Up Short Sleeve Shirt by East Coast Waterfowl is a winner. The elegant and picturesque designs pay tribute to the diverse collection of waterfowl birds. The design features many different waterfowl such as the Canadian Goose, the redhead, and the mallard. All are a part of a collection of unique birds found on every continent except Antarctica.

    Join The East Coast Waterfowl Family and Get Social

    The depiction, as mentioned earlier, was the makings of a vivid imagination, but it is a likely scene. The East Coast waterfowl's Instagram page with nearly 150 thousand followers is proof. What started on November 14th back in 2013 as simply sharing pictures of Kent Jones, friends, and family, and their waterfowl adventures has turned into a picture book of countless journeys. Countless journeys of people from all over who share a love for waterfowl hunting and the trendy gear of East Coast Waterfowl.

    Get up close and personal with the waterfowl hunting explorations, often captured from an exciting point of view and available for viewing via the official East Coast Waterfowl Youtube channel.

    East Coast Waterfowl understands the south, and they understand life in the outdoors. They embody the essence of this in their brand. Their clothing collection features vintage artwork of realistic scenes from waterfowl hunting. East Coast Waterfowl is not just another clothing brand. It is an experience. Choosing to fill your closet with their premium t-shirts and men’s trucker hats is a decision to become a part of the East Waterfowl family. The story. The foundation. The inspiration. Those are the things that make them unique.

    Treat yourself, and expand your wardrobe—Shop Hometown Heritage Collection for the East Coast Waterfowl collection for trendy everyday wear.

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