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    Men’s Tops & Southern Preppy Pocket Tees

    At Hometown Heritage Clothing, our mission is to bring you the best southern apparel men’s t-shirts. The men's graphic t-shirts that we list on our site are manufactured in the U.S.A, by American Brands. These comfortable, laid-back men’s southern tees feature graphic prints that are inspired by an outdoor way of life. These southern clothing brands’ shirts are perfect for almost every occasion in the south. Our performance tees can be worn when you head out fishing, hunting, hiking, or golfing. Our long sleeve tees are perfect for those cooler nights camping out in the woods. The Short-Sleeve Southern cotton shirts we offer are ideal summertime wear, put these tees on when you are throwing back beers at a BBQ, or going to the beach with friends. 

    Our expanding collection of Men’s Preppy Tees includes Men’s Performance Tees, Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts, and Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirts. You will find our tees in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large and they're available in almost any color you could imagine.

    We are thrilled to offer the outdoor-suited creations of these southern shirt companies. They offer traditional, comfortable, yet distinguishable looks for the Southern Man. Whether you live in the South or just love that Southern state of mind, our tees are a must-have for your wardrobe.

    We continually update the t-shirt styles and designs on our site, so make sure you check back often! Sign up to Hometown Heritage Collection to receive the latest news about our Outdoor Men’s Tees, and you will receive exclusive discounts to spend on our Southern Men’s T-Shirts.

    Which Brands Make the Best Preppy Tees? 

    At Hometown Heritage, we pride ourselves on presenting the unique scenery of the South and hometown pride through our custom preppy pocket tees designs. Our men’s southern preppy tees are timeless, providing you with a classic look for years to come made with ultra-soft, high-quality materials. Every southern clothing brand we stock on hometown heritage captures those great days in the south, the vibes of outdoors and adventure through their clothing. Everything from working on the farm, hunting, and fishing, or just having a cold one with the guys. The brands we have at Hometown Heritage all capture and celebrate what it means to be from the south and everything we love about it. We are beyond excited to bring the best flavors of the south to your wardrobe. 

    A Southern Lifestyle

    A Southern Lifestyle Company - based in the heart of Savannah, Georgia - upholds a strong connection to Southern values and creatively displays what Southern life is like through it’s trendy southern preppy tees, tanks, and trucker hats. For an outdoorsman who is passionate about hiking in the woods, hunting for that record deer, fishing the southern waters, A Southern Lifestyle Company’s range of frat pocket tees will have you kitted out in style to show the world what it means to be from the South right here at Hometown Heritage.

    Burlebo Clothing

    Located in the capital of The Lone Star State, Burlebo clothing believes that performance wear is instrumental in your outdoor endeavors. Since its inception in 2015 Burlebo has been driven by a passion for outdoor life. Camping, hunting, and fishing, the pillars of southern outdoor life and all things we are excited about at Hometown Heritage. Burlebo has a wide range of tidy preppy tees, high-performance shirts, sports shorts, caps, long-sleeve tees, moisture-wicking shorts, fly fishing shirts, and accessories like logo patches and stickers. All products have unique and eye-catching artwork and graphic prints. Through its clothing products, Burlebo are representing like-minded nature-loving men, women, and children.

    East Coast Waterfowl

    East Coast Waterfowl’s origins are based on hunting and the moment’s friends and family share. Made only from the highest-quality materials, each of their men’s southern preppy tees is painted with vintage artwork that captures the nostalgia of the art and sport of duck shooting. How does your gear stack up with East Coast Waterfowl men’s shirts? They keep you warm by keeping you dry, blocking wind, and controlling body heat, the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe to tackle the southern environment without breaking the bank. East Coast Waterfowl also supply men’s trucker hats that feature a unique blend of bright colors, graphic prints, and vintage artwork that captures the nostalgia of the art and sport of duck shooting.

    Fieldstone Outdoors Clothing

    Here at Hometown Heritage we all express our love for the outdoors and represent the natural beauty of America. If this is you then look no further than Fieldstone Outdoors Clothing’s extensive range of men’s southern preppy tees, and bold Fieldstone hats. All of our eye-capturing graphic frat pocket tees are designed right here in the USA and printed onto 100% soft cotton. You'll be tackling the outdoors in style and comfort. Combine this with a Fieldstone hat to complete that true southern outdoorsman look. Breathable material and adjustable straps make for ultimate comfort and functionality. You won't want to leave the house without your Fieldstone Clothing to look the part.

    Genteal Apparel

    Based out of Oxford, Mississippi, Genteal Apparel is a brand that brings you classy, stylish, and functional men's everyday wear, with that southern flare. Ideal for that dressed-up summer look, the brand’s gear ranges from light, comfortable plaid button-down shirts, to performance polo shirts, striped polos, and warm fleeces. Like a true southern gentleman, you can tackle the golf course, go out hunting, fishing, be in the mountains, and even in the office all in Genteal Apparels range of men’s shirts. Genteal’s men’s southern preppy tees styles are classic and timeless and have been worn for years by some of the most stylish men on the planet. 

    Hometown Heritage Collection

    Nothing captivates southern style quite like the range of modern-day mens southern preppy tees at Hometown Heritage. All of our designers and artists are immersed in Southern Culture coming out of Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. We are all about having everyone look the part and feel good with designs for men, women, kids, and college students. Clean, bold, and colorful we are sure there is a piece for you to add some style to your summer wardrobe. 

    Live Oak Brand

    Live Oak Brand has become a favorite for both Southern Men with great taste for quality fashion. They pride themselves on bringing you versatile, durable, and fashionable designs enabling the keen outdoorsman to perform at his best. Their southern preppy tees are designed for comfort which looks and feels great being made of 100% ring-spun soft cotton. You can embody the southern lifestyle by rocking one of the colorful and stylish southern pocket tees stamped with unique graphic logos, each with a taste of southern culture. 

    Nature Backs

    When you stare up at the stars, a sunset or sunrise, an ocean shoreline, a huge waterfall, or fog in a valley you feel freedom. Nature Back is aspiring to bring you unlimited adventures in life. They are not following the herd of other southern clothing brands. They represent travelers, adventurers, and wanderers. Take chances, be free in our range of preppy tees frat pocket tees in just about any color you could imagine. Providing all outdoorsmen with everything they could need in a shirt, head out camping, hiking, fishing, or just exploring in style with the Live Oak southern preppy tees.

    Old Guard Outfitters

    With its rich history in producing high-quality men’s t-shirts for the outdoor lifestyle, you can open the door to the world of stylish southern t-shirts with a piece from the Old Guard Outfitters collection. All of their shirts are personally designed by the Old Guard Outfitters’ design team in Athens, Georgia. Old Guard Outfitters is dedicated to producing only the best clothing. They are deeply rooted in the traditions of the Outdoor Lifestyle and our Southeastern Heritage. Their frat pocket tees are in a colorway for anyone and their graphic designs are unique, detailed, and clean creating that classic southern outdoorsman look.

    Phins Apparel

    Attention all fishermen and outdoorsmen embracing the coastal lifestyle. Phins Apparel might just be your brand. Phins Apparel colors showcase the nature of marine and fish life, inspired by fish species, environment, and natural colors Phin’s frat pocket tees designs are perfect to impress, look the part and perform on your next fishing or outdoors trip. The importance of feeling confident and comfy in your outdoor kit cannot be overstated. Our high-quality, long-lasting materials will have you looking as fresh as the first time you wear one of our shirts for years to come. 

    State Traditions

    Whether it’s a gameday hat to the local team's ball game, an America tour visor for that next round of golf, or wearing a state-inspired t-shirt to represent a tradition, State Traditions has all the options covered. After all, the places we come from and the things we love make us who we are. State Traditions want you to represent who you are and where you come from through your clothing. With clean, minimal, and stylish graphic designs and their southern pocket tees mean you can rock your traditions wherever you go on your outdoor adventures.

    Southern Strut

    Capture those country vibes with your next piece from Southern Strut Brand. With so many colorways and creative, quirky graphic designs you're bound to find something perfect to match your personality. They make the modern-day southerner feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in their outfits. There isn’t anything quite like a classic southern style men’s tee for the keen outdoorsman.

    Tried and True

    Share the southern, outdoor experience with all when you add your next Tried and True summer shirt to your kit. When you shop at Tried and True You will find high-quality garments for all occasions and environments. The southern frat pocket tees look timeless. Regardless of your age, personality, style, or gender, you can always find a design that defines you and is relevant for years to come.

    Men’s Performance Tees

    Our men's performance tees here at Hometown Heritage are perfect for tackling those big days out on the boat, hunting, fishing, or even just getting a quick workout in. We believe they are a perfect piece for any day in the southern outdoors. Breathable, lightweight, but still offers warmth on a cool night, our men’s performance long-sleeves shirt’s are some of the most versatile bits of kit you can add to your wardrobe. The innovative men’s long sleeve sun protection golf shirts that we offer are up to UPF 50+, keeping the sun off you so you can put your head down and get stuck into southern life. Some days we have to brave the harsh weather being a southern outdoorsman but no need to worry as our performance tees are great for tackling those wet, harsh days in nature.

    Our performance shirts are 91% polyester, 9% spandex, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking to keep you fresh while you perform your best. These men’s performance shirts in long-sleeves come in size options of Medium, Large, and X-Large. The men's performance tees like a lot of our products here have awesome graphic designs for you to wear your passions and share what makes you, you. With a spirit of improvement combined with our strong southern values, we are providing you with some of the best men's performance tees on the market. We want you to look and feel like an outdoorsman. Purchase one of our performance shirts and you'll be tackling your days in the outdoors like a boss, never having to worry about a lackluster kit holding you back. 

    Men’s Long-Sleeve Tops

    Your kit should have comfort, style, warmth, and durability. The majority of men’s long sleeve shirts that we stock here at Hometown Heritage are made with 100% cotton and made right here in the USA. Our long sleeves provide the outdoorsman with top-notch durability and protection with double-needle stitched sleeves. There is no need to worry about tumble drying your shirt and it shrinking. The Sublime Sol long sleeve vintage tee by Nature backs is a great example of a popular and classic southern long-sleeve piece perfect for any outdoorsman’s wardrobe. Capturing the unique southern environment and lifestyle on clothing. Crafted with high-quality materials, our casual long-sleeve tops are timeless and always in style so you’ll look your best and perform wherever you are.

    The Men's Top collection at Hometown Heritage Clothing is tailor-made for the southerner needing high-quality, stylish shirts. Whether you need to update your work polos or button-down shirts, or maybe you need a new golf polo or a long-sleeve shirt for heading out to a nice restaurant or bar. Quality men’s tops are a staple in every southern gentleman's wardrobe. We’ve got you covered with our extensive range of button-downs, polos, and men’s fleeces from some of our favorite southern brands, like Live Oak Brand and Genteal Apparel. 

    Men’s Short-Sleeve Preppy T Shirts

    Nothing says summer in the south like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, days on the lake, and being with those special people. Here at Hometown Heritage, our extensive range of men’s preppy pocket tees come in an immense range of styles, sizes, and colors, so there is something to match every man’s taste. Most of our brands here manufacture with 100% cotton and have extra stitching for durability, also ensuring your shirt won't fray.  A perfect gift for any keen outdoorsman, our men’s preppy pocket tees range in sizes from X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large. There are graphics to suit all tastes as well as to match your unique outdoor hobbies and personalities.

    All tees are screen printed with unique, eye-capturing graphic designs that celebrate the blue-collar men and women of America and the lifestyle of those raised in the south. Hometown Heritage loves nothing more than time in the outdoors. All the brands we stock are southern brands that all share that same love, inspiration, and passion for outdoor life. A Southern Lifestyle is a great example of a popular brand here. Their graphic men’s frat pocket tees truly capture all walks of southern life. With art that will have you reminiscing those moments out doing all your favorite outdoor activities with your favorite people, Hometown Heritage has you covered to be kitted out in style in our range of men’s preppy pocket tees.

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    If you want to look, feel, and perform like a true southern outdoorsman then look no further than our top-of-the-line men’s performance shirts, preppy pocket tees, and long sleeve tops at Hometown Heritage. Bring all the things we love about the south with you on your clothing when you're tackling those big days hunting, fishing, camping, and look the part while doing it. Don’t sacrifice a great day outdoors by having a lackluster kit that isn’t durable, comfortable, functional, and most importantly stylish. Show the world what it is to be a southerner and live the unique lifestyle we are so passionate about here at Hometown Heritage.