Plus Size Dresses

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    Plus Size Dresses

    Our selection of plus size dresses will leave you feeling fabulous no matter the occasion! We stock such a diversity of products for any woman out there, helping you look your best and receive a big confidence boost.  

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding a dress you love and wearing it out. The way the material flows as you move and the prettiness of the design just makes you smile. Unfortunately, a lot of boutique retailers aren’t very inclusive with their sizes. As such, it can be hard for some women to find dresses that actually fit. This makes you feel bad as you see something really nice, yet it’s always too small or too tight. 

    At Hometown Heritage, we’re all about inclusivity and body confidence! Everyone should have the right to look and feel their best. That’s why we have an entire plus-size boutique collection full of additional sizing options to help you discover something that fits perfectly. All of our beautiful plus size dresses are available in XL, 1XL, and 2XL, giving you more choices and allowing you to finally get a dress that’s built for your body shape. 

    Plus-Size Dresses In All Varieties

    We know that there’s a dress for every situation or occasion. So, we strive to keep our collection updated with the latest styles and trends. If you’re looking for plus size white dresses, we have so many simple designs that look elegant and angelic. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something neutral to pair with more colorful footwear and accessories. 

    Likewise, you need to get your hands on plus size black dresses. Every woman needs a black dress in her wardrobe just in case. This is one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own, pairing with just about anything and everything. 

    Of course, there are times when you want to stand out and make a statement. You’re heading out with the girls or going to a party, and you need a dress that turns heads. Our plus size sequin & boho dresses are absolutely perfect for this. They add a new sense of glitz and glamor to your outfit that will certainly grab everyone’s attention and make you feel like a million bucks. 

    Choose From A Range Of Styles

    We have v-neck frocks, ruffle sleeve dresses, babydoll dresses, tunic dresses, and many more styles on our website. Furthermore, they’re available in every length you could possibly hope for: mini, midi, and maxi! It’s usually really hard to find mini dresses in plus sizes, but we make it easier for you. 

    Please feel free to browse through our entire collection of plus size dresses if you want a stunning product made from excellent materials. We’re confident you’ll find something you love, and we keep updating our stock as regularly as possible.