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We all know that boutique jewelry is an essential accessory to any woman's wardrobe. Trendy necklaces and boutique earrings can complete an outfit and take it from a simple everyday look to looking like you are ready to walk the red carpet. Hometown Heritage offers a range of beautiful fashion jewelry sets such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We only provide you with top-quality pieces and the latest fashion looks so that you, as a woman, can feel confident, stylish, and comfortable. 

Our online store offers a fabulous selection of boutique jewelry styles, ranging from colorful pieces, modern minimalist accents, and even leather earrings. From boutique earrings to bold, trendy necklaces, the jewelry sets crafted by our brands are sure to wow your friends, significant other, or co-workers. 

As a company, we always put our customers first. That is why we stock on the finest boutique jewelry available, combining fantastic quality, affordability, and style. Our boutique jewelry will look great with patterned dresses or layered over a simple white t-shirt and denim jeans. We make sure you are choosing amongst some of the best brands and styles available; how you decide to wear them is up to you.  

Our fashion jewelry sets are not just modern and tasteful, but they also come at a very reasonable price point, so you can channel your most stylish self without breaking the bank. It can be hard finding an accessories boutique online that sells top-quality jewelry: while some things might look great on the screen, you can't really know what will arrive in the mail once you check out. That is why here at Hometown Heritage we pride ourselves in only selling brands with the highest standards. Choose from our selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, we are sure you will fall in love with some of these pieces. 

What Outfits Can You Wear Boutique Jewelry With?

If you are not sure what you can wear boutique jewelry with, then we are here to tell you that the possibilities are endless. It is hard to think of an outfit that would not benefit from a little extra something on your ears or neck. However, we are also well aware that unlimited options can sometimes feel overwhelming. But fret not! We've got some suggestions that will inspire you to get started. 

Slightly retro and bohemian, cork jewelry is perfect for women that like to channel an earthy aesthetic. They are just perfect for casual occasions, such as a family gathering or lunch out with friends. Pair these Natural Cork Petal Boutique Earrings or this Gold-Tone and Cork Shredded Diamond Trendy Necklace with a laid-back top in a rich tone like this V-Neck Top With Folded Sleeves in dark green and bell-bottom jeans. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, bright, bold jewelry is the go-to option when looking to add a pop of color to what could be an otherwise basic staple. Our top picks have unrivaled "main character" energy: keep other accessories to a minimum to make sure you let them shine like they were born to do. These Fuchsia Filigree Wood Earrings will stand out when paired with this easy-going Linen Blend Tiered Top by Umgee Clothing. Bright hot-pink lips will round the look. And if you are feeling even more bold and adventurous, channel your inner Carmen Miranda with these Watermelon Fringe Boutique Earrings. Pair them with a light and feminine summer dress like this tiered Ruffle Babydoll Dress and flats for an elevated yet playful look. 

Don't be shy to mix and match different items from our boutique jewelry online collection. These Gold-trimmed Sequin Flower Boutique Earrings will add a whimsical quality to your outfit and are perfect for morning brunch with your girlfriends or a playful date on a summer's day. Pair them with layered natural and light blue bracelets and a Lacy White Cami Woven Tank Top to embody the flirty, sweet nature of a summer morning.  

But our boutique jewelry can do so much more than playful and flirty. If you are leaning more sultry than whimsical, pair these Thread-wrapped Glass Bead-Trimmed Drop Earrings with this sexy and sophisticated Black Scalloped Romper by Umgee Clothing and your favorite pair of heels. Complete the look with this animal print leather bracelet and bold, dark lips. This outfit is perfect for a dinner date at your favorite local restaurant or for late-night drinks at a trendy new bar.  

Style Tips To Help You Rock Your Fashion Jewelry Sets

We've come up with 4 essential style types to help you rock your fashion jewelry sets. Read on to feel more confident with your accessorizing decisions and to make the best of your boutique jewelry collection. 

  1. Decide the focus of your outfit: Do you want all eyes on a particular item of your boutique jewelry collection or do you want them to be on your bright patterned dress? A general rule when wearing bold clothing is to choose smaller pieces that will complement rather than overwhelm your look, while bigger, statement pieces can become the focal point of an otherwise unexciting outfit. 
  2. Experiment with layers and materials: Layered jewelry has been all the rage for some time now. You can choose dainty pieces for a delicate layered look or chunky bracelets and beaded necklaces to make a statement. Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials: gone are the days when mixing gold and silver was the ultimate faux-pas. Today’s fashion is about breaking the strict rules of yesteryear. If layering necklaces seems too risky, add bracelets and rings to our fashion jewelry set for a no-frills mix and match. 
  3. Trends are not rules!: While trends keep fashion exciting, don't be a slave to them. Style missteps often happen when we try to conform to trends that don't really reflect our personality and taste. Rather, find pieces that suit you. As yourself, what works with your skin tone? Do you prefer highlighting your neck or the area closer to your eyes? Mix current pieces with sentimental jewelry you inherited and invest in boutique jewelry that doesn't just scream of the latest trend on social media, as those pieces will probably fall out of style before you have a chance to wear them more than once. 
  4. Know when to stop (or how to go intentionally overboard): The general rule in jewelry styling is to follow the ultimate style tip by Coco Chanel: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory". If you don't know whether you've struck the right balance, our fashion jewelry sets take care of this for you by offering matching earrings and necklaces. If you want to go for a look that shouts "look at me!" (and let us tell you, maximalism is all the rage in fashion right now), skip this rule and pair statement pieces together intentionally! 

What Boutique Jewelry is Available at Hometown Heritage

Here at Hometown Heritage, we are proud to work with American brands that deliver high-quality products and take pride in our country's most cherished traditions. Browse through the jewelry section to find the wide range of boutique jewelry available on our site. From modern and bold statement pieces to wearable everyday staples, we've got you covered. Whether earthy or dramatic, sweet or sultry, you are sure to find something that's right for you on our online accessories boutique. Feel free to experiment! Our affordable price points mean you can stock up without harming your bank account! Read on to learn a bit more about what we have selected for you. 

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Trendy Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the easiest ways to elevate and transform an outfit. Pendants and charm necklaces are the rage now amongst fashionistas all over the world. A wonderful and sustainable alternative to leather, cork is taking the world of boutique jewelry by storm. This Gold-Tone And Cork Shredded Diamond Trendy Necklace is a favorite here at Hometown Heritage. We love how it uniquely combines the earthiness of the natural material with the elegance of a dainty golden chain. 

If you are still looking for that leather finish, this Crave Gold-tone and Caramel Faux Leather Leaf Pendant Necklace will more than satisfy that craving. We love the 30'' chain with a 3'' extender, which can easily be adapted to work with different outfits and the old gold tone that tones down the bling, but not the style. 

Looking for that bit of color? It’s hard to look past a gorgeous shade of turquoise or aqua. These colors are reminiscent of the ocean and evoke feelings of freedom, youth, and creativity. The Crave Turquoise Faceted Bead and Gold-tone Double Pendant Necklace will look great with a range of outfits, whether you are looking to wow at the club or at the beach. Pair it with minimal earrings to keep the focus on the pendant.  

Pendant necklaces are also a great place to experiment with textures and different materials without going overboard. If you are still shy about adding non-traditional materials to your outfit or don't feel confident with bold prints at the moment, dip your toes in the water by trying one of our trendy necklaces with funky and unusual materials. While velvet is often seen in chokers, it stands out as an accent on a necklace, like with this Gray Bead Trimmed Gold-tone and Velvet Teardrop necklace. Ready for more unique materials? Raffia isn't just for summer bags and retro-inspired shoes, but also trendy necklaces, like this Brown Raffia and Gold-Tone Double Teardrop Pendant necklace. 


When most people think of boutique jewelry, trendy necklaces and boutique earrings are what most commonly often come to mind. Bracelets, however, can elevate your jewelry game, showing clever attention to detail. Whether feminine or rocker-chic, you are sure to find the perfect bracelet for you here at Hometown Heritage. Bracelets can also balance an outfit, redirecting the attention from one focal point to the other. If you have chosen a statement necklace, you might consider taking it easy with the earrings but dialing back up when it comes to your wrists. More than any other type of boutique jewelry, bracelets are easy to layer, so feel free to choose more than one and experiment freely!

This Stone Beaded Bracelet features one-of-a-kind stones in a unique combination of light tan and grey that will look great with outfits in cold and warm tones. The gold-plated bar makes it the perfect bracelet to pair with this Light Blue Sparkling Crystal Gold-Tone Cuff Bracelet or this one with yellow and natural beads. You might want to try the light blue cuff on one wrist and the natural one right next to the stone beaded bracelet in the other. 

If your mood is more rocker-chic than bohemian, then our faux leather bracelets are just the ones for you. They are the perfect statement piece for the woman that likes to showcase her strong, determined personality. All of the bracelets in our faux leather and animal print collection come with a discrete magnetic closure that takes all hassle out of wearing them. This Crystal And Animal Print Multi-Strand Magnetic Bracelet is a masterclass in mix and matching textures and materials. Featuring faux snakeskin and leopard print alongside crystal accents and gold leather, we love how it looks with a basic white t-shirt, denim jeans, and biker boots. 

Fashion Jewelry Sets

One of the best things about jewelry is how easy it makes it to experiment and leave our comfort zone. Rather than spending hours combining separate clothing pieces, clever accessorizing can completely transform an outfit in just a few seconds. The days when taking risks such as mixing gold and silver or layering different necklaces are thankfully long gone: fashion today is about having fun and experimenting, and boutique jewelry is no exception. 

However, even though we love this relaxed approach, we also know there are days when you just don't want to think so much! You want the tried and true combo that will instantly elevate your outfit without having to try out ten different ideas. And that's where fashion jewelry sets come in. Rather than spending hours browsing for earrings that will match that statement necklace you bought a year ago but have yet to wear, jewelry sets take care of everything, so you don't have to do anything but embrace your most fashionable self. 

The fashion jewelry sets are one of the most sought-after items here at Hometown Heritage and for good reason. This White Cork And Resin Split Disk Necklace And Earring Set are one of our top best-sellers. With a split disc pendant that combines cork and resin, it instantly conveys sophistication and confidence. The geometric shape of the pendant creates a highly contemporary and fashion-forward silhouette that takes the spotlight it deserves when matched with the dainty, dangly earrings that come with the set. If you are feeling more bohemian, this Green Double Half-Moon Rattan And Raffia Necklace And Earring Set uses two unique materials to convey the unique and funky personality of whoever wears it. This set would look great on a music festival, paired with an easy-going top and trendy bell bottoms. 

Boutique Earrings

Even if you play the lowest low-stakes game when it comes to jewelry, chances are you do wear earrings on most days. This is the boutique jewelry item most women can't live without, and we definitely understand why. Earrings can bring light and color to your face, and make even the blandest outfit look better. Feeling a bit down? Put on your favorite pair of earrings and watch how you instantly transform. 

Some women make the mistake of settling with just one pair. Don't! Boutique earrings can completely transform an outfit and repeating the same ones over and over is a classic missed opportunity when it comes to styling. Have fun and try different styles! 

Our Thread-Wrapped Glass Boutique Earrings are glamorous and elegant while also working great with more casual outfits. We love how they look as a stand-alone statement piece matched with bold lips, particularly in bright red or hot pink. Earrings are also the perfect entryway into more daring fashion choices. Channel your edgiest side by wearing animal print on your ear. These dark Leopard Faux-Fur Split Teardrop Earrings, our Bejeweled Faux Leopard Oval Earrings, or the Tan Snakeskin Teardrop Earrings hint at your wildest side without being too in your face. 

There are also gorgeous options available for when you are feeling more playful and lighthearted. The Beads And Crystal Watermelon Fringe Earrings will make everyone smile by bringing memories of sunny summer weekends to their minds, while the Gold-Trimmed Peach Bead And Sequin Flower Earrings are whimsical and flirty. Just as playful, these Tie-Dye Palm Leaf Earrings take everyone's favorite plant, the ubiquitous monstera, and turn its leaves iridescent. 

But what about those outfits that just need an extra something that doesn't really shout for attention yet completely rounds up the look? Fear not, we've got you covered as well. If you are looking for "the pair that looks good no matter what", then these Crave Gold-Tone Bar And Black Wood Hoop Earrings might just fit the bill. Don't you love them? 

Order ​​The Best Boutique Accessories and Jewelry Online Now!

Whether you are looking for trendy necklaces, boutique earrings, or a fashion jewelry set that makes your daily accessorizing as easy as a breeze, there is something here at Hometown Heritage for you. If you are looking to completely renovate and transform your look or just hoping to find some extra details to match your favorite staples, the boutique jewelry you will find in our online accessories boutique is just what you've been missing. 

Browse through our extensive selection and choose your favorite boutique jewelry items. Remember, fashion is about having fun! What are you waiting for? Order today and be your most fashionable, unique self!