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    Weddings are absolutely magical and it’s always a lovely feeling to get your invitation in the mail. Few things are better than celebrating love in its purest form and watching two people tie the knot. You’ve been lucky enough to receive multiple invitations this year, meaning you’re in dire need of more than one summer wedding guest dress. 

    Finding the perfect summer wedding guest dress is challenging as there are many things to consider. You want to look and feel your best without committing any major fashion no-no’s or showing up the bride. At the same time, the summer season is upon you so you need to feel comfortable in the heat throughout the service and reception. Thankfully, we have a wonderful choice of summer wedding guest dresses for you to look at! Browse the full collection above to see what’s to offer and pick out a few dresses to look fabulous at every wedding you attend. 

    Colorful Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

    Summer weddings are simply stunning. It’s such a joyous occasion when the sun shines down on two people so head over heels in love. So, you want to replicate the season by adding a splash of color to your summer wedding guest dress. 

    At Hometown Heritage, we have a glorious collection of colorful dresses that are perfect for summer weddings. From deep reds to bright purples and even multi-colored patterns. There’s something for everyone and you’re bound to find a color that suits your skin tone or style preferences. 

    We recommend checking with the bride or bridesmaids so you know what colors they’re wearing. White is obviously a massive no, but you should avoid wearing what the bridesmaids are dressed in too. It can be pretty awkward showing up in the same color and style of dress as the bridal party - other guests may be a bit confused too! 

    Figure out which colors are out of bounds and then pour through our online catalog to find something suitable. We’re extremely confident you’ll find a color that enhances your natural beauty without showing up the rest of the wedding party. 

    Elegant Dresses For Formal Wedding Settings

    No two weddings are the same. You could attend one that’s incredibly relaxed while another is super formal. It all depends on the married couple and the wedding theme they go for. If you’re asked to dress formally, then you need to find an elegant summer wedding guest dress. 

    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can shop our range of cute midi dresses for a formal and classy look at your next wedding event. This dress length is perfect for summer weddings in formal settings as you get a lot of coverage while still wearing something breathable and beautiful. There are plenty of designs to choose from as well - like our gorgeous ruffle dresses, tiered midi dresses, or stylish sleeveless dresses. 

    If you’d prefer something a bit shorter for an outdoor wedding in the sun, then our cute mini dresses are more up your street. We’re proud of the variety provided here, letting you pick any type of mini dress you can think of. The lengths aren’t too short either, so you won’t feel too exposed or get too cold. We think a lot of dresses pair well with tights as well if you’d prefer to keep your legs covered. 

    There’s many mini and midi dress designs to choose from, as well as some glamorous maxi dresses. Try our satin printed dresses for evening wedding parties or don a bright babydoll dress for a hot summer wedding lunch. We leave the choice in your hands, but you’re guaranteed to find more than enough summer wedding guest dresses for every wedding you’re invited to this year! 

    Cute Casual Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

    If you’re only invited to the wedding party - or your friends are hosting an informal wedding - then you don’t need to get fully glammed up. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a wedding in a very formal dress, only to realize that everyone else has dressed casually! 

    Lucky for you, we stock some cute casual summer wedding guest dresses. We’ve got some colorful dresses in casual patterns and designs that are perfect for wedding parties or more relaxed affairs. If you worry that a dress is still too formal for a particular wedding, then try one of our cute rompers & jumpsuits. They’re some of our favorite products as jumpsuits/rompers perfectly encapsulate the casual boutique style. You’ll feel very comfortable while looking extremely beautiful. All the while, you’ve not gone too over-the-top, so you fit with the casual wedding theme. 

    Always check dress codes before you shop for a summer wedding guest dress. Getting confirmation on whether it’s a formal or casual event helps you know what to buy. This way, you avoid turning up over or underdressed. 

    Summer Wedding Guest Dresses To Suit Any Budget

    When you receive loads of wedding invitations, there’s a moment of pure joy followed by a spark of panic. What on earth are you going to wear to all of these weddings? It’s worse when your friends are getting married as you see the same people at every wedding. You can’t turn up in the same dress each time, but you can’t afford to buy loads of expensive dresses. 

    Hometown Heritage makes your life easier by offering summer wedding guest dresses for any budget. We have premium products from top brands, as well as more affordable dresses too. 

    The best thing about all of this is that you still dress to impress. Even the most affordable products on our site are supplied by impressive boutique fashion brands. We never compromise on quality - we don’t want you to show up to a wedding and deal with your dress ripping or tearing. We also believe in wearing things more than once. You can buy a selection of summer wedding guest dresses from us and use them next year as well. It saves money in the long run as high-quality fabrics and materials last for longer and you won’t need to keep throwing dresses out after one or two uses. 

    Create A Unique Style With Summer Wedding Guest Dress Accessories

    Once you’ve found your summer wedding guest dress, you can create a unique style by combining it with accessories. Some lovely jewelry pieces or a chic bag will elevate your dress to new heights. Mixing and matching accessories helps you wear the same dress to multiple weddings without your outfit looking the same! 

    Try to pick items that go well with the dress style and color you’ve chosen. You also never want to go overboard with accessories at a wedding as it can take the attention away from the bride. So, maybe avoid turning up with a big hat or tiara on - it’s not your special day, so don’t try to be the focus. Accessories should be muted yet noticeable enough to bring your whole wedding outfit together. 

    Feel Comfortable With Our Inclusive Sizes

    For many women, finding a summer wedding guest dress comes with additional challenges. It’s a particular struggle for curvy women who usually have to settle for terrible sizes and poorly designed dresses. They make you feel self-conscious and you end up having a horrible time at the wedding. You want to enjoy yourself, but you also have one eye on the wedding photographer, ensuring you’re never in shot. 

    Hometown Heritage is delighted to announce our plus-size range of inclusive sizes. We offer summer wedding guest dresses up to triple XL in size - and they’re designed to fit curvier bodies. It means the dresses fit comfortably and are more suitable for different body shapes. You will finally find something that makes you feel as beautiful as you’ve always looked. Now, you can hit the dance floor and enjoy all the summer weddings lined up. 

    Get Free Shipping On Your Summer Wedding Guest Dress

    Ordering your summer wedding guest dress is as easy as one, two, three. Find the dress you like the most, add it to your cart, and pay online. You don’t have to pay any shipping costs if you don’t want to as we provide free standard shipping on every order. There is the option to pay for fast shipping if you’re in a rush and need the dress within 3 days. 

    So, why wait any longer? You’ve got multiple weddings to attend, and you need to get your hands on some summer wedding guest dresses. Place your order with Hometown Heritage today!