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    Men’s Quarter-Zip Fleece | Cheap Fleece Pullovers & Sweaters

    We love the winter months here at Hometown Heritage. It’s the perfect excuse to wrap up warm and get cozy. One of our favorite winter garments is our Men’s Quarter Zip Fleeces. They are the perfect garment to throw on when you’re lounging around home in the winter, or sitting in front of a campfire when the temperature drops. Our range of pullover fleeces for men is sure to keep you warm and comfy no matter the conditions! Whether you are heading out camping or hiking in the mountains, watching your favorite team play in the winter, or going fishing on a crisp morning, these men’s fleece jackets are all you need to beat the cold. 

    We have a range of options in a variety of different colors, styles, and textures, so you can be sure to find a cozy fleece that matches your style. Plus, we offer these fleeces in unisex sizes as well, so you can grab a matching fleece for your significant other. 

    Our men's fleece pullovers have been made with top-grade material to stop cold wind in its tracks. This super-soft, deep-pile material will help keep you warm, even on the coldest days in the South. Choose from the men’s fleece quarter-zip, fleece sweaters, men’s fleece zip-ups, or the pullover fleece for men. The colors we currently offer include Oatmeal, Charcoal, and Olive. Our unisex sizes include Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

    Don’t forget to pack a quarter-zip men’s fleece before you head off on your next sunset hunt, dawn fishing trip, or overnight camping adventure. A warm and durable men's fleece jacket is the ideal addition to your outdoor outfit. Layer it up with thermals and long sleeves to fully block out the cold weather. Our fleece material is best known for its warmth, comfort, and versatility. All fleece pullovers for men that we stock are machine washable and made with 100% polyester. These fleece pullovers for men are heavily discounted on Hometown Heritage and you will not find them at this great of a price anywhere else. Grab yourself one for the winter months and we will ship it to you absolutely free!

    Best Men’s Quarter Zip Fleeces at Hometown Heritage

    Live Oak Brand

    When it comes to Southern outerwear, Hometown Heritage is proud to stock Live Oak Brand for all your winter needs! Live Oak Brand is a company rooted in rich true-American culture, striving to provide men with practical, comfortable clothing for everyday wear. Their innovative approach to designing men’s clothing has gained them plenty of popularity. This brand has quickly become a favourite for Southern Men that have a great taste for quality fashion. Designed for those that live an outdoor life and have a passion for the outdoors, their brand has the ideal garment for all types of adventures! No matter if you are hiking, boating, fishing or camping - Live Oak Brand has all your clothing needs in one place. Shop our extensive collection of Live Oak Brand here at Hometown Heritage today! 

    Their selection of men’s fleeces offer warmth, breathability and premium comfort. Whether you’re setting out for a cold night camping, an early morning hike or a brisk stroll in the evening, Live Oak Brand’s selection of men’s quarter zip fleeces are the perfect option. Made with 100% polyester and a super-soft, deep-pile material, these men’s quarter zip fleeces are durable, long-lasting and uber warm. A few staple fleeces are a great addition to any outdoor man’s wardrobe as they can be worn over any outfit and will instantly offer comfort and warmth. Our Live Oak Brand men’s quarter zip fleeces are unisex and sized accordingly, so also picking one up for your significant other is a fantastic idea. Our size options include Small, Medium, Large and X-Large so no matter your size or style, we have a fleece for you! We have a range of men’s quarter zip fleeces from Live Oak Brand including:

    • Charcoal & Oatmeal Men’s Quarter Zip Fleece Sherpa by Live Oak Brand
    • Navy & Oatmeal Quarter Zip Fleece Sherpa by Live Oak Brand
    • Olive Colored 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover by Live Oak Brand

    Live Oak Brand uses the terrain and landscape of the Southern outdoors to influence their fleece designs. From the charcoal-colored rocky mountains to the leafy green forest, feel a sense of the Southern scenery every time you put on your fleece. The earthy colors will turn heads everywhere you go, and really help you make a fashion statement. No matter where you are going, Live Oak Brand has a fleece for every man’s taste and lifestyle. 

    Their mission is to inspire men to feel confident rocking their hand-crafted designed clothing. Since expanding its reach across the country over the past few years, Live Oak Brand is now available at many designer clothing retailers throughout the U.S.A. Their online presence has also grown and for good reason! Their innovative designs and materials provide men with peak comfort, quality, and style no matter where their fleece takes them. Aside from their practicality, Live Oak Brand is made to be affordable so no need to spend your whole paycheck on a high-quality zip fleece. Browse our collection of Live Oak Brand today and grab yourself one of their snazzy men’s quarter zip fleeces! 

    Charcoal & Oatmeal Men’s Quarter Zip Fleece Sherpa by Live Oak Brand

    Designed to be durable and long-lasting, the Live Oak Charcoal & Oatmeal Quarter Zip Fleece will keep you comfortable and warm no matter where you are. This fleece is perfect to wear on a fishing trip to the lake, hiking up the mountain, or chilling by the campfire at night. Made for men devoted to the outdoors, you will look and feel confident every time you reach for this fleece. The unisex sizing means it can be worn as a matching women’s fleece - so grab one for you and your significant other and take it on your next adventure together!

    Navy & Oatmeal Quarter Zip Fleece Sherpa by Live Oak Brand

    Live Oak Brand designs are made to be comfortable and resistant to the outdoors, and the Navy & Oatmeal Quarter Zip Fleece is no exception! The striking oatmeal colour is super flattering and a perfect addition to any outdoor activity. Whether you’re heading to the ski slopes or at the lake with friends, this fleece is sure to keep you secure and stylish this winter. With built-in side pockets, store anything on your person with ease. The practicality of this fleece, along with its premium warmth, make it ideal for any man looking to get outdoors this winter! 

    Olive Colored 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover by Live Oak Brand

    Designed to be long-lasting and resistant to the outdoors, the Olive ¼ Zip Fleece Pullover is your next winter wardrobe staple. The unique olive color reminds you of the leafy forest landscape, making it an ideal piece to wear when camping in the woods, hiking through the forest, or for a stroll through the garden. Not only is the color on-trend at the moment, but the stunning design of the polyester fabric also offers premium warmth and comfort. Perfect for any outdoor man with great taste for high-quality fashion, pick up one of these fleeces today for your winter wardrobe! 

    Benefits of Owning a Men's Quarter Zip Fleece Jacket for Winter

    Summer is gone and winter is just around the corner. It’s time to pack away your tank tops and shorts and make space for warm and practical outfits in your closet. At Hometown Heritage, we stock an enormous variety of warm clothes to prepare you for the cooler months, including fleece pullovers, fleece sweaters, and ¼ zip fleece jackets. 

    Style meets comfort with warm men's fleece jackets from Hometown Heritage. Our all-occasion outerwear is great for traveling, adventuring into the outdoors, running errands in the city, or just lounging at home. A zip fleece jacket is a winter essential and should be included in every man’s winter wardrobe. These fleece jackets were specially designed with top-quality polyester fabric to provide a combination of warmth and comfort. Perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking in the forest, or an evening meal at your favorite restaurant. 

    Ultimate Comfort In Men's Fleece Pullovers 

    If you’re looking for a men’s fleece jacket that is the perfect combination of comfortable and trendy, pick up one of our men’s fleece pullovers here at Hometown Heritage! Our fleeces are made with 100% polyester material in a tight weave design to help insulate your body from the cold weather. Coupled with its super soft, deep-pile material, these fleeces are woven to perfection to prevent any wind from brushing past your skin and making you feel the chilly winter air. The ¼-zip closure detail offers additional comfort when you need to rug up and layer over thermals. The pull-tab design also makes taking your fleece on and off easily and with no restrictions. Here at Hometown Heritage, our range of men’s fleece pullovers are perfect for any occasion in the outdoors where you need to keep cozy and comfortable. 


    Forget paying absurd prices for your winter fleece pullovers at major retailers! At Hometown Heritage, we pride ourselves on stocking high-quality men’s fleeces at an affordable price. Stay stylish, warm, and cozy this season without breaking the bank in one of our men’s fleece pullovers. For a top-of-the-line fleece, you’ll need to set aside $200-$300 in order to achieve the same level of durability and comfort our fleeces offer here at Hometown Heritage. So forget paying those inflated prices and opt for our affordable range of men’s fleece pullovers. Browse through our collection of fleece pullovers and you will be gobsmacked at our high-quality products that are available at a much cheaper rate than designer retailers. Keep an eye out for our sale periods and pick up a fleece, or two, at an even better price and rest easy knowing you’re getting a really good deal. 

    Find Your Style With Quarter Zip Fleeces And Pullover Fleeces

    Our collection of men’s quarter zip fleece and pullovers has a range of colors, styles, and textures, so you can find a cozy fleece that matches your style. Whether you’re lounging around home this winter and need a casual fleece, or sitting by the campfire with friends and want something a little more trendy, we’ve got you covered at Hometown Heritage! Our Olive Quarter-Zip Sherpa Fleece by Live Oak Brand has a unique, stylish design that reminds you of the earthy tones of the outdoors, perfect for taking into the woods, forest or camping. Pair your cozy pullover fleece with a long-sleeve tee and trousers for a practical, comfortable look. Alternatively, try wearing your fleece over a hoodie for a trendy look that also offers an extra layer of warmth. No matter your lifestyle, fashion taste or needs this winter, our extensive range of men’s quarter zip and pullover fleeces has everything you’ll ever need in one place. 

    Men's Fleece Jackets Made To Last

    Forget buying a new fleece every winter because your old one didn’t last! Here at Hometown Heritage, our selection of men’s fleece jackets is made with high-quality materials that are long-lasting and durable. The top-quality material our fleeces are designed with is made to be suitable in all winter weather conditions and situations. Made with 100% polyester material, the fabric is tightly woven to offer top strength and durability. Coupled with our fleece’s super soft, deep-pile material, they are perfect for keeping you warm and snug in all activities, terrains, and temperatures. You won’t have to worry about your fleece pulling or falling apart this winter when shopping with us. We pride ourselves in stocking premium men’s fleece jackets that will last the entire winter season, and beyond! Take your fleece jacket anywhere with you this winter knowing it’s made to last. Browse through our collection of men’s fleece jackets today and discover your next winter fleece staple. 

    Unisex Size and Style

    Our selection of men’s fleeces is designed to be unisex so they can be worn by the whole family this winter! The unisex design is made to be flattering on any body type so they are super versatile and practical. Our fleeces are the perfect gift for the whole family and will have you all looking stylish, coordinated, and comfortable. Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday, our unisex sizing and styles of fleece pullovers are sure to impress anyone. It can be tough buying presents for different people, especially the whole family, but here at Hometown Heritage, we offer an excellent range of unisex fleeces that are perfect for anyone you’re buying for. You can’t go wrong picking up a few of our snazzy fleeces for you and your tribe this holiday season. Browse through our collection today and step up your gift-giving game this winter. 

    Order A Men’s Quarter-Zip Fleece at Hometown Heritage Today

    It's hard to imagine that men's fleece jackets ever used to be unfashionable. With the variety of styles and designs available today, they have become a mainstay garment item in every outdoorsman’s wardrobe. What's not to love about these fleeces? They retain warmth, wick away moisture, and dry quickly. Fleece jackets are extremely versatile and require little maintenance, making them the perfect companion for traveling, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or wherever else your day takes you.

    No matter what brand or style you are looking for, Hometown Heritage has your fleece needs covered. Choose your favorite item from our men’s quarter-zip fleece and pull-over fleece collection, add it to your cart and click Buy Now! We will have your new fleece shipped, for free, the very same day you order it. If you live in the United States, you can expect it to be delivered to your doorstep in 1-5 business days!