Vacation Dresses


    If you’re looking to dress for an upcoming trip to a fabulous location, our range of vacation dresses is absolutely perfect. We stock dresses in many styles and designs to suit anyone’s personal preferences - as well as being perfectly suited to any vacation destination. Whether you want something long and colorful or short and cute, we’ve got it all covered in this collection. 

    Scroll up to see our full selection of vacation dresses, and choose one that makes you feel confident and stylish. With our help, you can assemble the perfect travel wardrobe! 

    High-Quality Vacation Dresses From Fabulous Brands

    Our summer vacation dresses are provided by some of the best brands in boutique fashion. We have dresses from Umgee, Bibi, Entro, She + Sky, Easel and many more. Quality is extremely important to us as we want to offer dresses that stand the test of time. This is why Hometown Heritage only ever stocks products from brands we know and trust. Rest assured every product in our vacation dresses catalog has undergone lots of testing and quality assurance, so we know the fabrics are sublime and feel as good as they look. 

    It leaves you with beautiful summer dresses that can withstand all of your vacation activities. From dancing away on a cruise ship to sitting down for a romantic dinner at a coastal resort; you’ll be wearing something that doesn’t tear easily or crease up with ease. This makes all of our vacation dresses so easy to care for - washing them is a breeze, and you can so easily dry and iron them without any issues.

    In this day and age, we come across lots of cheap summer vacation dresses from companies that peddle fast fashion. We never do this at Hometown Heritage. We don’t believe in selling loads of super cheap products that are difficult to care for and will lose their sparkle after a wear or two. Every product we add to our collection can withstand multiple washes and wears, so you can keep putting on a dress that looks brand new for years to come! 

    Summer Vacation Dresses In A Range Of Gorgeous Styles

    When we say there’s a dress for every style in our vacation dresses collection, we mean it. 

    Hometown Heritage prides itself on being as inclusive as possible. Not only does this mean we cater to sizes from small up to double XL, but it also means we offer a broad range of dress designs and styles. We know that every person is different - and every vacation is different too! 

    You could be heading out on a girls’ vacation with your friends where you’ll be partying it up every night, letting your hair down, and having fun. Or, you might be on a summer vacation with your family, that’ll be way more relaxed. Some of you may be going on a couple’s retreat with your loved one, so you’re after dresses that are more romantic and sexy. 

    Stunning Summer Mini Dresses

    We are 100% confident you’ll find something in this collection to suit your needs! Our cute mini dresses are perfect for summer vacations in hot climates. The short hem of the dress makes it way more breathable so you can enjoy the weather without overheating. We also believe mini dresses are perfect when you want to get your legs out and feel confident! You’ve been putting some work in the gym to get ready for your vacation, so why not show off the results to the world!? 

    Beautiful Midi Vacation Dresses

    Or, what if you wanted a dress with slightly more coverage? We have some gorgeous midi dresses in our vacation dresses collection that are ideal for anyone. They’re the ideal thing to wear out to dinner while you’re away, providing the perfect blend of comfort and style. You’ll feel beautiful in your new midi dress without feeling too exposed - the extra coverage is perfect when the sun sets and it gets a bit chillier too. You can head out without needing to bring a jacket with you every night! 

    Wonderful Maxi Dresses

    As well as both mini and midi dresses, we have a sublime choice of long maxi dresses. These are statement dresses that offer the most amount of coverage on your legs and help you feel a new sense of confidence. There is something so brilliant about a long maxi dress flowing in the summer breeze - it makes you feel like you’re a model in a photoshoot. If you prefer the maxi style to the other two, then you’ll have plenty of vacation dresses to pick from at Hometown Heritage. 

    On top of all of this, each type of dress will have different styles! We sell bright and colorful dresses with pretty patterns that’ll catch everyone’s attention. If you’re looking to stand out, then you have many bright and vibrant choices here. At the same time, we know people prefer to keep their vacation dresses a bit muted. Rest assured there are neutral colors in more traditional designs as well. 

    But wait - there’s still more. As well as various lengths and colors, all of our dresses come with different style features. We can provide off-the-shoulder dresses, ruffle dresses with crochet detailing, V-neck smocked dresses, pleated dresses, tiered bubble-sleeve dresses, and so much more. Put simply, there is a style here waiting for you! 

    Vacation Dresses You Can Personalize With Accessories

    At Hometown Heritage, we believe in giving people the chance to customize their outfits and make them more personal. It means two people can buy the same summer vacation dresses, yet make their outfits look entirely different. It’s all about how you choose to wear your dress - and what you decide to wear with it. 

    Our vacation dresses can be worn in a myriad of ways depending on your style preferences, and they go perfectly with our range of accessories. We stock fashion jewelry that perfectly pairs with our summer vacation dresses. Choose from bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to combine items that tie the entire look together. We truly believe that accessories are the key to every outfit and will help elevate your cute dress to new heights. It also helps you add a personal touch to it as you can stamp your own style authority on the outfit. 

    Alongside our wonderful range of jewelry, we offer other accessories that pair perfectly with vacation dresses. You’ll need something to carry your phone and keys in, so maybe you need a new purse or handbag? We stock both on our site, with a multitude of options to pour through. Pick a handbag or clutch that matches your dress and adds more substance to your vacation outfits. Of course, round the whole outfit off with suitable shoes and you’ve created something that enhances your beauty and fills you with self-confidence. 

    Find Summer Vacation Dresses For All Settings

    As mentioned before, your summer vacation may be drastically different from someone else's. Many of you are looking for casual dresses that look brilliant in bars or while you’re walking along the beach promenade. Then, some of you are looking for something completely different; you need smart evening dresses as you’re staying in a five-star resort. 

    Whatever the setting, our vacation dresses are here to help out. We touched upon the different styles earlier and we are confident that there’s something for any occasion or vacation. There are figure-hugging dresses that are ideal for romantic getaways or girls’ holidays, but there are also more muted and formal dresses for smarter settings. Browse the entire collection and you’ll soon find an option that suits your vacation. 

    Inclusive Sizes At Hometown Heritage

    We think that every woman deserves to feel her best while on vacation. It’s a time to break free from the business of everyday life and enjoy yourself for a few days or weeks. You shouldn’t spend this time worrying about your clothes or if they’ll fit. 

    It’s often hard for some women to find vacation dresses in their size - they’re normally either way too big or way too tight and small. So, we’ve made a commitment to offering inclusive sizes on our website. You’ll see we provide a much wider range of sizes than other boutique fashion retailers, with the largest size going up to 2 XL. There’s even a Plus Size Boutique range that includes dresses designed to fit curvier women. This way, everyone can find a vacation dress that makes them feel gorgeous. 

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