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    Men’s Quick Dry Shorts | Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts 

    Warm weather and outdoor activities go hand in hand. This combination is, however, incomplete without some comfy shorts to wear. Hometown Heritage is all about ensuring our men find comfort and stylishness when wearing quick dry shorts. We understand the excitement and thrill associated with going outdoors in the summertime, which is why our online store is replete with several performance shorts designs for southern men. 

    The men’s quick dry shorts available on our website are manufactured and designed by southern clothing companies, who are well aware of the weather conditions and the need for comfort in warm weather. Our men’s performance shorts are breathable and ideal for a quick run outdoors, boat trips, fishing, walks in the park, and beach hangouts both during the day and at night time.

    Made from the finest southern country clothing, our moisture wicking shorts come with elastic waistbands, double buttons, and a stylish zipper. These pocket shorts feature a no-rip design that ensures they stay well-fitting and resistant to tears or rips. They are also ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. With their quick-dry features, you no longer have to worry about spilling drinks or wading into deeper waters to catch that big fish. Our performance shorts come in various sizes from S to XXL. Check out the sizing guide on each product page to ensure the correct fit, for reference our men’s shorts 38 waist are an X-Large fit. 

    If you’re looking to buy men’s quick-dry shorts online, look no further than the Hometown Heritage sports collection. This collection includes performance shorts from select southern clothing brands, such as Burlebo. We’re passionate about giving you the best when it comes to men’s hiking shorts online shopping. That’s why we focus on stocking durable, stylish, and comfortable wicking shorts that express your southern heritage. When you sign up or buy men’s shorts online at Hometown Heritage, you will receive frequent updates on discounts, as well as free shipping on your ordered goods.

    Which Brands Make the Best Men’s Performance Shorts?

    Established in 2015 in Austin, Texas, Burlebo Clothing is one of the most beloved Southern brands there are. The company was founded by Trey-Bo and his wife Lexi, Texas locals with a shared passion for fishing, camping, and hunting. Designed for families that love the outdoors, the brand makes some of the best high-performance clothes in the market, including excellent men's quick dry shorts. Here at Hometown Heritage, we know nothing beats first-hand experience when it comes to making design decisions, and Trey-Bo's stories of growing up fishing and hunting every chance he got, prove he knows what active men are looking for. Having grown from needing his grandmother's help to sew on labels to being one of the best performance brands out there, Burlebo Clothing still puts strong values first, crafting quick dry shorts that never skip on quality. Whenever you buy men’s quick dry shorts from Burlebo, you can rest assured you are buying from someone that knows exactly what you need.

    Inspired by the great outdoors, designs by Burlebo Clothing take pride in patriotism and feature retro-inspired illustrations of ducks, deer, and bears. With sizes ranging from small to XXL, uncompromising high-quality standards, and affordable prices, it is no surprise Burlebo has become one of the best-rated performance brands out there, making them our go-to pick when buying quick dry shorts and other high-performance clothes. Known for their functional and comfort-first garments, everything Burlebo produces is weather-resistant, durable, and stylish. Whether you are hiking, hunting, or heading out on a nature-loving camping trip with your kids and wife, you want clothes that will accommodate your needs and performance. Even if you are not planning to be particularly active, you know how balmy, humid days can turn quickly unpleasant with the wrong clothes. Wearing moisture wicking shorts is essential to fully enjoy what the outdoors are all about.   

    Burlebo just gets it. You need clothes with wicking capabilities that keep you dry and comfortable when moving, performing, or even just relaxing with a cold beer after setting up your tent in the great outdoors. Burlebo Clothing takes this one step further: they don't only make clothes that feel good, but look good. With vintage prints and 90's inspired colors, they have turned your fondest memories into stylish, trendy apparel. Here at Hometown Heritage, we stock on Burbelo hats, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops, stickers, and performance wear, including their highly sought-after quick dry shorts. 

    If you love the outdoors, then Burlebo Clothing is the brand for you. What really separates Burlebo from the pack is how committed they are to delivering high-quality clothes at a very reasonable and affordable price. Their men's performance shorts are crafted with the best moisture-wicking fabrics available, but will not break the bank. Built to last and designed with high performance in mind, the performance shorts by Burlebo Clothing are a no-brainer when heading to the outdoors. 

    Even if you are not a big outdoors person, adding a pair (or two!) of Burlebo quick-dry shorts to your wardrobe is a great idea! They are designed with maximum comfort in mind, so you will love wearing them even if you are just running errands around town. Whatever your lifestyle, there's no reason to miss out on some of the best quick dry shorts there are. Burlebo is committed to making clothes that fit all bodies and sizes, so you know there is one just right for you on our website.   

    How Do Moisture Wicking Shorts Work?

    Moisture-wicking fabrics have been all the rage for some time now, which raises the question of how exactly they work their magic. For the skeptics out there, we are here to tell you that high-performance, quick dry shorts really do deliver on every single promise thanks to state-of-the-art technology that has been taking the world of sportswear and outdoor gear by storm. 

    Most water-wicking fabrics are made using polyester or polyester blends, a fabric that is known for its extremely low water absorption qualities, which is exactly what you want on performance shorts and tops! Polyester is only able to hold a very small amount of moisture (around 0.4 percent), making it a high-performing fabric for activewear and camping gear, particularly when compared to cotton, which can hold up to 7% water. While old-fashion polyester tended to get a bad rep for causing sweat, quick dry shorts that use new wicking blends are extremely breathable thanks to the high-tech weave of the fabric, which leads to quick moisture evaporation. Moisture-wicking fabrics also come with the added benefit of being highly stain resistant, so even they will endure whatever you put them through. Users of Burlebo moisture wicking shorts praise them for how much they prevent sweating when participating in physical activities and say there is no going back to regular hiking shorts after trying quick drying shorts. For performance shorts to be truly effective, you want them to be both sweat-wicking and breathable and this is exactly what Burlebo men's shorts do. 

    But how exactly do they do it? There is some confusion when it comes to moisture wicking shorts and clothes. Despite what you might initially think, they are not waterproof, meaning they’re not supposed to repel water from the outside. They're also not swimsuits meant to be worn when swimming, but clothes engineered to keep you dry even on the sweatiest of days. Moisture wicking shorts are made using a fabric that has been engineered to actually move sweat away from the body. After absorbing the sweat, quick dry shorts disperse the water across the fabric, leading to quicker evaporation! If you've ever done sports or outdoor activities that cause you to sweat, then you know this doesn't happen uniformly throughout the body. Some spots tend to sweat more, which can make them feel particularly uncomfortable and even lead to more sweating, as your body struggles to regulate its temperature. That’s why quick dry shorts and t-shirts are such a game-changer and an unmissable addition to your closet. 

    Apart from the high-tech fabric, Burlebo quick dry shorts come with an elastic waist for extra comfort no matter your size or body shape, and pockets designed to respond to your performance needs. Forget about those sweat shorts and stop cutting your favorite jeans every time a heatwave hits, with moisture wicking shorts you'll feel comfortable and at ease no matter the temperature or activity. 

    If you're still curious about the details behind the science, then we've got some more info for you. Quick dry shorts work because of what is known as "capillary action", a term used to describe the way they move the sweat (or any other liquid) through the tiny holes in the fabric, which are invisible to the naked human eye. This action allows these performance shorts to dry quicker than regular hiking shorts. When choosing quick dry shorts, you want to check the label to make sure they are made from a polyester blend, as this material is breathable and moisture-wicking. That is why we are proud to sell Burlebo Clothing, a brand that has been producing some of the best men's performance shorts for some time now. 

    There are several advantages to buying quick dry shorts from Burlebo Clothing. If you've ever been drenched in sweat while waiting for your big catch on a hot summer's day, then we probably don't need to convince you. Just in case you need to be reminded, here are some reasons why moisture wicking shorts are a no-brainer if you are an outdoor-loving man. 

    1. They Dry Quickly: This sounds obvious, but the difference dry clothes make when out and about is no small thing. If you need to head somewhere else after a long day of activity, moisture wicking shorts are perfect! 
    2. They Keep You Cool: Thanks to their breathable weave and by pulling the water away from your body, quick dry shorts allow you to self-regulate your temperature better. Rather than trapping humidity in your clothing, they keep you feeling fresh and at ease.  
    3. They're Stylish & Lightweight: Most quick dry shorts are extremely lightweight, so they won't add any extra bulk to your backpack, and require minimum care. They don't stain as much as other hiking shorts and are very easy to wash. Moreover, the synthetic materials in moisture wicking shorts mean they won't shrink or change shape, which makes them long-lasting and reliable. 

    When is the Best Time to Wear Quick Dry Shorts?

    Quick dry shorts have been designed to provide maximum comfort and ease when doing high-performance activities that might cause you to break a sweat, particularly on hot days. If you are the type of man that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, then this is the type of performance short you want to head out with. Our customers love to wear their Burlebo moisture wicking shorts on fishing, hunting, and camping trips, praising their lightweight, durability, and style as the top qualities that make them stand out against the competition. 

    There is also the chance you are the type that fully enjoys spending time in the outdoors but doesn't participate in sweat-inducing activities. If you like being outside but mostly love sitting on a boat or hanging out with your dog by the lake, then quick dry shorts are still a great addition to your wardrobe. Southerners know how merciless a heatwave can be and how even sitting in the shadow can sometimes feel excruciating when the heat is at its worst. That's why quick dry shorts are a favorite amongst not just hunters and fishermen, but just lovers of the outdoors in general, no matter their preferred activities. 

    Burlebo quick dry shorts also have the additional benefit of being extremely fashionable. Being comfortable and at ease should not have to mean wearing clothes that don't look good or that make people take a double look (and not in a good way) when they see you back in town covered in sweat marks. That's why Burlebo moisture wicking shorts pay exceptional attention to detail. Their shorts come with patterned pockets that add a lot of character, showcasing colorful rainbow trouts, the American flag, or a more subdued pattern with flying ducks. 

    The high quality of the design and the clever choice of fabrics and colors make these shorts extremely versatile. Unlike some performance shorts by other brands, Burlebo quick dry shorts also look great in urban or more formal settings. Did your fishing expedition last longer than expected? We know it's hard to leave the lake or river when things are going great and you just want to relax in nature, but there is also a chance your family is waiting for you back home for a long-awaited family barbecue. Don't keep your inlaws waiting because you still need to head back home to get changed! With quick dry shorts, you can head straight to their home without worrying about arriving looking like a caveman!

    Moisture wicking shorts should also be in your backpack or suitcase when traveling, particularly to hot locations or during the summer. There is nothing worse than being drenched in sweat on a long day of sightseeing, which is why performance shorts are becoming increasingly popular amongst globe-trotters of all ages and styles. Once again, the passion that Burlebo Clothing shows in all of its designs truly pays off here. We all know how easy it is to go overboard when packing, finding yourself with an excessively heavy backpack, or being unable to bring gifts back home to your friends and family due to a lack of space in your suitcase. Moisture wicking shorts by Burlebo Clothing are not just lightweight, but because their material doesn't stain as easily as others, they will keep looking crisp throughout your travels. Moreover, rather than having to pack two or more pairs of shorts just to make sure you'll have appropriate clothes for sightseeing and grabbing dinner afterward, these dry quick shorts work great for both occasions. It's a double win! You will feel good and look good! 

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    We hope you are now convinced of what a great addition moisture wicking shorts can be to your closet! There is a reason why so many people consider them a non-negotiable item when heading out camping, hiking, or on a sightseeing trip. What are you waiting for? Take your pick of the different models by Burlebo Clothing we sell here at Hometown Heritage and experience the comfort of high-quality performance wear. With their elastic waist and wide range of sizes, the perfect Burlebo dry quick shorts for you are only a click away. Add them to your cart and check out today, we'll take care of the rest!