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    A brief history of the little black dress 

    The little black dress, or LBD as it's also known, feels like it has been around forever. Indeed, you’ll see regular articles in magazines and online covering topics around the LBD including how to choose one, this season's latest styles, and how to style your own LBDs. 

    However, the LBD wasn’t always a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. This stalwart of the fashion scene only began to rise to its now iconic status in the 1920s. Gabrielle Chanel first brought the LBD to the fashion mass market when she launched her LBD on the runway in 1926. Dubbed the ‘Ford’ of fashion by American Vogue because it was expected to sell so many units all over the world, the versatility and practicality of the LBD were immediately obvious to anyone who saw it. 

    After the runways and magazines had embraced the LBD, Hollywood stars and starlets were soon to follow. Buoyed up by the full skirt, rounded shoulders and cinched waist of Christian Dior’s New Look in the 1950s, the LBD started to become a go-to choice for the stylish, famous and rich including Monroe, Bacall and Taylor. 

    Then came Hepburn in the 1961 smash hit Breakfast at Tiffanies, where she modelled a tight sheath version of the little black dress that was all at once sexy, classy, demure and stylish. 

    Since then the LBD has been a true favorite on the fashion scene for editors, models, stars and the rest of us alike. Constantly reinvented, never surpassed the LBD is a wardrobe staple that we should all embrace. Find out why in the section below. 

    The benefits of investing in a little black dress 

    Dress it up or down 

    There are many benefits to investing in a good quality LBD for your wardrobe. The first is its excellent versatility. The LBD can be dressed up or down, worn as easily for a night out, to a job interview, or even a funeral. It can be livened up with colorful accessories such as a cute yellow cardigan or made more somber with the addition of a dark wool winter coat. 

    Restyle with ease 

    You can even take a single LBD and style it in a variety of ways. Wear it with sensible flats for the office, or combine it with biker or cowboy boots for a weekend concert. Add a leather jacket for some additional edge and the dress that got you through a meeting with your child’s teacher on Monday becomes the perfect outfit for a Saturday night out! All without having to buy an entirely new outfit or spend any additional money. 

    Flattering for all bodies 

    Another great thing about the LBD is that it can be an incredibly flattering piece no matter what your body shape. Of course, you’ll need to pick your LBD carefully and match the style to what suits your body best, but black can be very forgiving and help draw attention away from areas that you wish to minimize. 

    How to choose the perfect LBD for you

    Now you know more about the benefits of investing in an LBD, it's time to discover how to choose a dress that works perfectly for your needs, and body. 


    The first thing to consider here is the type of fabric you will choose. Remember the same dress can look quite unrecognizable on your body when crafted from two different fabrics. For example, imagine a simple cute mini dress. In t-shirt materials, it's perfect for wearing along with leggings for running errands and doing the school run while maintaining a stylish and put-together, yet comfortable look. Alternatively, imagine the very same dress from a more formal cotton and polyester blend with a slight shine to it. Then the dress becomes much more suited for a night out, or with a chunky necklace and a pair of boots, the office. 


    You may think that the fit of the dress is the same as the cut, but that isn’t quite right. Indeed, the fit is more about how tight or loose a garment is on the body, and it is something that matters a great deal when choosing your LBD. 

    This is because the fit will have a huge impact on both how comfortable you are in your dress, and how it will look. For instance, you can buy a jumper dress that is either a loose fit or a bodycon fit. The loose fit will fall off the body more, giving a more relaxed and avant-garde look. However, a body con jumper dress will hug your curves giving you a more seductive and classic look. 


    The neckline of your LBD is also a vitally important factor to consider. Indeed, a neckline can make all the difference not only to your personal comfort but to the versatility of your dress. In particular, if you want a dress that can see you through from day to night, and from the office to the club then choosing a neckline such as an acollar, boat neck, jewel neck or round neck is best. This is because you can put a jacket or cardigan over them for day wear and then remove these items for wear in the evening. 


    The length of your LBD is another consideration you will need to factor in. Will you choose a maxi dress, a midi dress, a knee-length dress, or a cute mini dress? Where you intend to wear your garment should play into this, as maxi and mini dresses are often seen as more informal, and midi, and knee length as more formal and suitable for a range of situations including the office or church.  


    Last of all it is very important to consider the cut of dress that you will choose. This is because when you get the right match between the cut and your body shape, LBD can be magic. For example, apple shapes suit LBDs in empire lines, or V-neck dresses are great, while those of us who have a more athletic shape with fewer curves should opt for sheath dresses, or even ones without straps. For the lucky hour, glasses-figured folks, something to show off that proportionally small waist is perfect so that means wrap dresses or ones with natural wastes. Lastly, for those of us who are blessed to be bigger in the hip areas a line of dresses can work wonders in showing off our assets while balancing them at the same time. 

    4. Where to wear your LBD

    There are plenty of places and occasions where you can wear your LBD. That is one of the biggest advantages of LBDs - their versatility. Let's look at some specific ones below.  

    Date nights 

    Whether you are just at the beginning of your romantic journey or a part of a married couple doing a date night each month to reconnect, an LBD is an excellent option. This is because beautiful garments like these Date Night Dresses will help you feel your absolute best. Combine with flats and a cute cardigan for more relaxed venues like the Movies, or dress up your LBD with accessories and some heels for a romantic dinner. 

    Weddings and special occasions 

    For special occasions including when you are invited to be a wedding guest then LBDs with some style and panache like the ones in our Boutique Dresses range are a great choice. Unique and original Boutique Dresses will earn you additional style points with design features such as sumptuous frills, great cuts and even on-trend patterns. Accessorize with bright or pastels for the perfect wedding look. 

    Relaxing and running errands 

    Heading out to drop the kids off at school, then to grab a Starbucks and run some errands? Then our super Cute Mini Dresses won't let you down. Add sneakers and keep your legs bare to stay cool in the summer, or add leggings, and boots for the perfect fall ensemble. Some of our gorgeous mini LBDs are so cute, you might just find yourself wearing them out on a night on the town as well!

    Why buy your LBD from us?

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