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    Genteal Apparel and Clothing

    Genteal Apparel is a men’s clothing brand based in Oxford, Mississippi. The southern brand is focused on providing comfortable, stylish, and functional men’s everyday wear. Ideal for any time of year, the brand’s gear ranges from light, comfortable plaid button-down shirts, to performance polo shirts, striped polos, and warm fleeces. Genteal Apparel fits every lifestyle and occasion in a man's life! The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, functional, and stylish apparel for any occasion! Their clothing is tailored for ‘The Southern Outdoors Men’s, with their timeless designs & styles. 

    Each Genteal Apparel garment is made to a superior standard of quality. Embrace the Genteal style on the golf course, out hunting, fishing on the lake, in the mountains, or even in the office with their versatile designs. The shirts come in various sizes and styles, including long-sleeve button-downs and short sleeve performance polos. Genteal Apparel clothing brand is ideal for outdoor and indoor activities and their fashion line also includes men’s dress shirts perfect for a night out or an important business meeting. Genteal Apparel has something for every man to wear in every situation. Their clothing range is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. 

    Genteal has years of experience in making fine clothes, versatile for every occasion, and understanding what men want out of their clothes. The brand’s gear is full of comfortable, stylish clothes that draw inspiration from an outdoor life in the south. Genteal Apparel is a true Southern brand that is quickly spreading its reach across the US. It can be found in a range of online stores and high-quality men’s stores in over 19 states. Their main area of focus is Men's Clothing, Genteal manufactures a wide variety of shirts, plaid button-down shirts, striped polo shirts, tees, shorts, and Genteal hats.

    The Genteal Apparel & Clothing line combines the latest in fiber advancements with patented compression technology. Their shirts are made from a blend of polyester/ spandex/ cotton fabric, which dries faster and has moisture-wicking properties. The result is a line of shirts and sportswear that make you relaxed, comfortable, and protected from the heat without any restrictive elastic or binding on your body.

    Types of Genteal Apparel That We Sell at Hometown Heritage

    GenTeal Apparel and Clothing is an innovative company that designs and sells high-quality,  stylish apparel for golfers, tennis players, hunters, fishermen, and athletes. Genteal Apparel prides itself on its versatile, sleek, and fashionable designs, which give golfers and athletes the comfort they need to perform their best. Our collection includes:

    • Genteal Hats
    • Genteal Performance Polo Shirts
    • Genteal T-Shirts
    • Genteal Button-Down Shirts
    • Genteal Hats
    • ​​Brr Technology Performance Polo
    • Performance Swimwear
    • Plaid Button-Down Shirts

    Genteal Hats

    Apparel and Clothing hats available on Hometown Heritage include the logo or patch hats. Colors include the ‘Stone’, ‘Sage, ‘Tangerine’, and ‘Poppy’. These hats are comfortable and fashionable and will look great when you are out golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting. All Genteal hats come with a metal buckle on an adjustable strap. 

    Own the day on the golf course with a GenTeal Apparel hat. One of the most popular selections, the performance hat is perfect for a day on the course. Complete with adjustable velcro straps, it provides comfort and keeps your head dry. The sewn eyelets allow for breathability. They are available in several different, neutral colors with the heat-pressed GenTeal duck logo on the front center.

    The cotton twill, stonewash of the hat is snazzy. Its six-panel design, complete with the adjustable metal clasp, is a complementary piece to GenTeal Apparel clothing. The details on the cap include the GenTeal patch logo on the front. Enjoy a day on the course or out on the boat with friends in modern style. The sage patch hat is available for purchase on Hometown Heritage Clothing.

    Do you love the cotton twill unstructured hat but like the GenTeal duck logo best? No problem. Visit Hometown heritage and check out the duck logo hat, available in tangerine, sage, and poppy. The exact fit, but detailed with an embroidered logo for the duck lover in you.

    Genteal Performance Polo Shirts

    Since their creation over a century ago, polo country shirts have been worn by some of the most stylish men on the planet. But while staying true to their original form, these classic garments have also evolved to take advantage of the evolution of fabric technologies in the fashion industry. But how exactly? Meet the performance polo shirt: probably the best thing to have happened to the classic polo shirt, performance shirts get a modern upgrade to get you ready for both the golf course or the tennis court and brunch with your inlaws. With this modern take on this classic staple, you’ll be in the same league as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, who’ve proudly carried the style for years, showing how you can be a fashion icon both in and out of the field without even changing shirts!

    Genteal Clothing designed their Performance Polo to be breathable and lightweight so that you can remain comfortable both outdoors and indoors. Genteal’s spring performance polos are the main pillar of their fashion line, its moisture-wicking polo is made with a combination of polyester and spandex. If you're playing a round of golf and enjoying a drink after, this men's moisture-wicking polo shirt will ensure that you retain your appearance and poise, thanks to its versatile and innovative design. 

    The polo shirt has always been a crowd favorite, especially among the athletes of more refined sports like golf and tennis. It exudes poise and always looks nice. Can you imagine practicing such a sport, starting one way and ending another? Sweat, of course, is the most prominent adversary to athletes in this position. The solution would be figuring out how to master the ability to keep dry while buzzing about the day, enjoying the activities many may enjoy. 

    As a result, the performance polo was born. GenTeal Apparel did not invent the performance polo, but they sure worked to provide the best pieces of clothing with wicking characteristics. They continue to work and contribute to developing and innovating the best performance wear available.

    There is a range of Polo Shirt options available on our website, try the performance Polos or classic striped Polos that come in Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Mango, Adobe Seaside, Seafoam Green, Sky Mist, and Slate Clubhouse Blue colors. 

    Show your collegiate support in Genteal's Men's Striped Performance Polos. Homecoming doesn't have to be drab. GenTeal Apparel shows you how to represent your southern alma mater in style. Their sophisticated outerwear pairs perfectly over their performance flannel. If you prefer, nix the outerwear and represent your school with a simple performance polo. Their collegiate collection includes styles representing Ole Miss, Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi State.

    The performance polo is the cream of the crop for outdoor activities. Enjoying the hobbies you like most, whether it's for social or competitive purposes, without the discomfort of your clothing sticking to your skin is what it's all about. GenTeal's performance polos master the wicking properties explicitly designed to combat uncomfortable situations. The performance polo shirts are available in solid colors, modern striped designs, or with an added flair - truck designs and things alike.

    A great piece of clothing is both functional and stylish. GenTeal Apparel provides fine clothing that is not only stylish but fully functional. Shoppers can find their contemporary line on Hometown Heritage Clothing. The selection provided includes staple pieces from their extensive collection. Purchase their hats, performance polos, T-shirts, and button-downs.

    Genteal T-Shirts

    Genteal Apparel and Clothing tees are designed especially for comfort and durability. These fine southern cotton T-shirts are constructed to look and feel great. Choose from our logo front or pocket front t-shirts that come in a range of different sizes. 

    Performance wear is necessary for the outside enthusiast, even if you want to conduct it in style, but the time often calls for a laid-back t-shirt that breathes elegance and sophistication. The t-shirts in the GenTeal collection accomplish this with ease. Say more with less with the basic GenTeal t-shirts. A simple tee with a front left pocket, complete with detailed imagery of the makings of the south, is always a great choice. Choose the signature t-shirt available on Hometown Heritage Clothing to make a statement when out on the scene. It is constructed for a good time and quality fit, 100% ringspun cotton to offer a soft fit. 

    Genteal Button-Down Shirts

    The Genteal Apparel Shirt is a wrinkle-resistant, easy-to-transition shirt. It's made from a unique cotton weave for comfort and durability. The button-down shirts have a smooth feel, and it's durable enough to keep shape all night. It's finished with an embroidered pocket on the left chest with a duck logo, and a button placed on the cuffs. These shirts come with classic features like a hidden button-down collar and a rear collar button for extra durability.

    Signs of a great button-down shirt is an excellent contoured fit that allows tucking in when needed and hanging when not. They are a staple piece that is parallel across the seasons. A casual beach party with friends or a casual day in the office can be defined by the qualities of a nice button-down. GenTeal Apparel has the quality you are searching for. Their two-button cuff with wrinkle resistance button-down is a requirement for your wardrobe. Down to the finite of details, the intricacy delved into the button-down shirts by GenTeal solidified their space among Hometown Heritage Clothing. Adorned with the simple embroidered GenTeal duck logo, they did not spare details, including the laser engraved logo buttons.

    Brr Technology Performance Polo

    Brrr Technology is a step up from the typical performance. GenTeal Apparel understands that in some cases, a little more protection is required. The patented Brrr technology merged with their performance polos provides cooling to the third degree. Made primarily of Brrr Nylon fabric, keeping cool on the course, court or boat is a worry of the past. 

    Performance Swimwear

    Roam the beach in style with their notable men's swimwear. The collection has the right amount of stretch and more comfort than you can imagine with its built-in mesh liner. No need for alterations; they are created with a man's comfort in mind. The Performance swim shorts are made with an elastic back for extra comfort and a stylish flat front complete with a drawstring that gives extra security. The available prints include reminiscence of the sea- trout, sea monsters, and platypus. If you would prefer the more textured patterns, they are available as well. Enjoy the waves with the GenTeal performance wear.

    Plaid Button-Down Shirts

    Casual day in the office has just been elevated. Take your casual wear to another level with the Abaco Exuma Plaid Button Down Shirt by GenTeal Apparel. The flannel print top is neutral in color but adds a statement to a pair of work slacks. Its traditional fit and wrinkle-resistant fabric provide all-day crispness for your image.

    Why Buy Genteal Clothing?

    Genteal Apparel has been operating since 2015 and has since expanded its reach around the Eastern US. It is now available at many fine menswear retailers throughout the Eastern US and club stores. The company has gained experience with country clubs as they have partnered with a small number of select country clubs during this period. The brand continues to strive towards excellence, continually innovating on designs and materials to provide you with the utmost quality and style. 

    There are a range of benefits to adding Genteal Clothing to your wardrobe. Some of these benefits include:

    • Their collection is full of high-quality apparel and clothing to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable all day long.
    • Fabrics are from a blend of nylon and spandex that aid in the rapid dissipation of moisture while adding comfort to your skin.
    • Products come in a range of soft colors and sizes to create a garment to match every man’s style.
    • The garments are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, making them perfect for everyday wear and various activities like fishing, hunting, and golfing. 

    Aside from the comfort and practicality that comes with wearing Genteal Clothing, you can find them at a great price here on Hometown Heritage Collection. You can be certain to find something suitable for every occasion and season on our website. Whatever your style is, our Genteal Apparel is always a great addition to your wardrobe.

    Subscribing to the latest updates on Hometown Heritage also gives you a chance to earn special discounts of up to 20% on your first purchase. Hometown Heritage remains committed to connecting you with quality wear and brands of southern heritage and Genteal represents these values strongly. Add a piece of Genteal Clothing to your cart now and have it shipped to you in 1-5 days for free! 

    Genteal Apparel Is The Epitome Of Southern Charm 

    The essence of a southern gentleman is made up of many things. They are known for being charming and wrapped in the culture of family, outdoors, and sophistication. They always treat each other with kindness and respect. You can bet your bottom dollar they are holding the door for a lady in passing. A southern gentleman in all is a perfect mix of good manners, blossoming with charm and fashionable to all ends.

    GenTeal Apparel understands the essence of southern charm and the man that owns it. GenTeal created the pieces to embody the southern spirit. They saw their start in 2015, quickly becoming a favorite among country clubs. The Apparel offers a sophisticated fit and seamless style. Their garments can be found across Eastern Us among many fine retailers.

    GenTeal men's Apparel showcases the results when there is a focused effort on fine menswear. Their growing collections include versatile menswear with an emphasis on style, southern charm, and performance. 

    GenTeal Apparel meets at the intersection of fashion and practicality. Their designs include superior clothing intended for everyday life. The line consists of traditional polo shirts, performance polo shirts with patented Brrr technology, casual shorts, and swimwear for men. They also have a few savvy outerwear pieces guaranteed to cement the look when the season calls for it. Their collection even includes collegiate pride.

    Connect with GenTeal Apparel and Get in on the Experience

    GenTeal is the quintessence of the southern man, cloaked in sophistication. The evidence is in the 5-star rave reviews. Whether he is out enjoying the outdoors, managing business in the office, or entertaining friends for a night at a social gathering, it's being done in style. Visit the GenTeal social communities on Facebook and Instagram to experience the GenTeal effect. 

    Take the guesswork out of fine menswear. GenTeal Apparel is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Visit Hometown heritage to join a slew of sophisticated gentlemen who are making a statement, one piece of GenTeal Apparel at a time. Subscribe to the mailing list for the opportunity to take 20% off of your first order.

    Wear Genteal Apparel Anywhere You Go

    The mark of a fine southern gentleman is not only their manners but also how they dress. GenTeal covered the basics and added an emphasis. The GenTeal Apparel collection pieces are known for their versatile nature and the trendiness it brings to the scene.

    A day out on the water, music to set the vibe with close friends, and great laughs can be a day of Dockside Performance Shorts with a complimentary top or splashes in the water with the right swimwear. Either way, GenTeal can accommodate.