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    POL Clothing | Babydoll Tops, Sequin Tops, Corduroy Jackets, Sweaters, & Cardigans

    POL Clothing is one of the most renowned boutique clothing brands in the world. Its collection of fashionable products draws inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. This creates unique pieces that have a sense of flair and intrigue about them. The founders of POL want to emphasize the coming together of fashion and business. In turn, this leads to gorgeous items that can be worn in all kinds of situations and scenarios!

    The brand was founded in 2008 by designer Sam Jones, who released a highly stylish knitwear collection. It started off as a small boutique fashion brand in Australia, but quickly grew and expanded across the world. During the initial stages of setting up the company, it was clear there was a huge gap in the women’s boutique clothing market. There simply were not enough brands offering everyday clothing that looked modern, elegant, and original. Too much stuff looked the same, which is where POL stepped up to the plate. 

    A whole range of different styles and products are available for you to purchase, and we are eager to showcase the POL Clothing collection at Hometown Heritage Boutique. You can see the full catalog of products above, and they are all available in many different inclusive styles. There’s something for just about everyone in this collection - whether you want a dress to wear out, or something to wear around the house every day; you’re bound to see a handful of options that suit your needs. 

    So, if you want to expand your wardrobe and improve your fashion game, POL Clothing is perfect for you. Don’t worry, we make the buying process as easy as possible. Simply browse through the online collection, choose your size, and add products to your cart. From here, you can go through the fast checkout process, completing the order in a matter of seconds. If you do all of this before 3 pm CST, your order will be processed and shipped on the same day. We also include FREE standard shipping on all items in this collection - and throughout our site - with absolutely no minimum spend required!

    Types Of POL Clothing We Sell On Hometown Heritage

    As one of the leading suppliers of boutique women’s fashion, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best collections to our customers. Consequently, when we stock a new brand, we try our best to get as many products out there as possible. Our team spent a long time reviewing the POL Clothing offerings and has decided that these are the best products to stock: 

    • Babydoll tops
    • Sequin tops
    • Corduroy jackets
    • Sweaters
    • Cardigans

    Why have we chosen these? We believe the products give you the best selection of items for all events and seasons. We also think that POL Clothing provides some super stylish products under each of these categories - the sequin tops are a particular favorite of ours! Whether you want something casual, cozy, or a little bit more ‘out there’, you can find beautiful clothing in this collection at Hometown Heritage. 

    Babydoll Tops

    Babydoll tops are extremely popular these days, becoming a staple in most women’s wardrobes. The easy design and flowy arms mean you can add a real sense of style to your daily outfits. We’ve got a fantastic selection of POL Clothing babydoll tops for you to enjoy. As you can see, all of the styles vary and can suit different tastes. 

    One of the best things about these babydoll tops is how easy they are to fit into various outfits. You can pair them with jeans to go out for coffee, but bring a bit more elegance to your local Starbucks! Paired with shorts and they are a brilliant summer component, but worn with short bike shorts and you have something that can double up as a nightie. Some of the styles are even fancy enough to be worn with smarter pants, giving you a simple outfit to wear on a first date or when going out for a meal. 

    Sequin Tops

    POL Clothing sequin tops are simply too beautiful to behold. If you are looking for something different from what you usually wear, this should be at the top of your list. Look at all of the stunning options in the collection, and you will be blown away by how fashionable they are. The sequins create a glittery effect that makes you stand out and sparkle. As such, these sequin tops are absolutely ideal if you want to dress up a bit when going out. They can so easily be worn on a night out with the girls, paired with some nice jeans and sparkly shoes. 

    Corduroy Jackets

    Are you searching for something to go over your outfits and keep you warm, while also maintaining a unique sense of style? The corduroy jackets in the POL Clothing collection will do precisely this. Available in different colors, you can choose one that suits your style and makes you stand out. 

    There’s a simple beauty to these jackets that simply cannot be described. They’re the perfect encapsulation of everything the brand stands for. You’ve got a simple piece of clothing that can be worn every day with any outfit. But, it maintains such a high level of style that it can upgrade whatever it is you’re wearing. 


    POL Clothing is known for its array of really beautiful and cozy sweaters. They are made from soft materials that don’t itch, meaning you can wear the sweaters with nothing else underneath. Different styles are available, including lovely loose-fitting ones that can go over your outfit and create a very relaxed look. 

    If you want a sweater to chill in all day long when it’s grey and rainy, these are wonderful choices. However, you can also find products that are a bit less casual, letting you wear them out if you want a winter outfit that still has substance. 


    Finally, we have the cute boutique cardigans in this collection. Like sweaters, they come in many styles that can be very fashionable and relaxed. They’re perfect to wear around the house or when you’re popping out to the shops. You’ve got such a variety of colors to pick from as well, meaning you could buy a cardigan to match all of your outfits - if you really wanted to!

    Our team always goes through a long process before we add new collections to our store, but once we do we continue to update them. So, keep checking back to see if any new products have been added to expand the POL selection on our site. 

    Why Choose The POL Clothing Collection?

    Hometown Heritage is always keen to give you new brands to try and enjoy. We’re super excited to have this collection on our site, and we think you should definitely give it a try. Why? Because you get to enjoy the following: 

    Exceptional Variety

    As you can see from all of the products above, there are loads of different items and styles for you to choose from. POL Clothing is such a brilliant brand in terms of the variety it offers. Whether you want casual clothing or a cute going-out outfit, you can find the answers here in this sumptuous selection of items. 

    A Unique Style

    The products on display in this collection are unlike any others we have on our site. There’s a uniqueness to POL that makes it one of the highest-rated boutique fashion brands around. If you want to improve your wardrobe and wear more contemporary and unique things, then you should definitely give this brand a try. They can open your eyes to new styles that you never even knew existed. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how these cool fashion pieces look on you!

    Inclusive Sizing

    We’ve got a very broad range of size options for you to pick from when you shop for this collection. They’re a very inclusive brand, so you should be able to find a size that fits you perfectly. POL has always tried to give women of all shapes and sizes access to beautiful clothing, and we respect that. 

    Can Be Worn Anytime, Anywhere

    As well as showcasing lots of variety, this collection can be worn pretty much anytime, anywhere. There are products that are perfect for cozy winter days or dark fall evenings. At the same time, you’ll scroll past some really gorgeous tops that are ideal for hot sunny weather. Many of the tops and sweaters are also more than suitable for workplace settings. 

    Explore The POL Clothing Collection Today!

    Browse through all of the glorious products and add some to your cart today. Don’t forget, if you order before 3 pm CST, you will enjoy same-day shipping - as well as free standard delivery! Feel free to check our site for any of the latest discounts to save money on your order, and we’d love to see your purchases on Instagram, so follow and tag us there.