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    We stock comfortable, 100% southern cotton shirts, men’s long sleeve sun protection golf shirts, and fan-favorite Nature Backs long sleeve t-shirts. At Hometown Heritage Clothing we live for those moments in nature where you want to stop and take everything in. Those times where we are humbled by the beauty and power of nature. Our preppy long t-shirt tees allow you to venture into the wilderness in all seasons and find those experiences. 

    These hand-drawn illustrations represent the blue-collar men and women of America and the lifestyle of those below the Mason Dixon Line such as:

    • Farm Life: from plowing the fields to raising livestock
    • Mudding (mud riding) 
    • Creek riding in your new side by side/4 wheeler
    • Riding dirt roads at night in your Z71
    • Floating or tubing the river or creek
    • Enjoying a bonfire with friends
    • Off-road riding
    • Hunting & Fishing
    • These preppy southern long sleeve preppy t-shirts will look great and keep you warm when you are celebrating college gameday or tailgating.

    Our expanding collection of Men’s Southern Long-Sleeve T-shirts includes sizes from X-Small, Small Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large and they're available in almost any comfort color you can imagine. We stock an array of premium men’s Southern shirt apparel brands at our store, these include:

    • East Coast Waterfowl
    • Tried & True
    • GenTeal Apparel
    • State Traditions
    • Fieldstone Clothing
    • Burlebo Clothing
    • Nature Backs
    • Southern Strut
    • Old Guard Outfitters
    • Phins Apparel
    • Live Oak Brand, and many more! 

    These Southern long sleeve preppy t shirts for men are designed to keep you comfortable and protected on every occasion. Crafted with custom performance fabric and quality materials, these long sleeve t-shirts are comfortable and stretchy, made for a variety of uses. The long sleeve southern shirts are ideal for the active huntsman or outdoorsman, helping to keep you warm and dry in all conditions.

    Our Long Sleeve southern shirts are designed especially for versatility and durability. Most of these men’s preppy long-sleeve t-shirts are constructed using 100% cotton and come in a range of comfort colors with double-needle stitched sleeves for extra durability. The shirts, like our Nature Backs long sleeves, feature small logos on the left chest and a large graphic outdoors image on the back. 

    We always strive to keep things fresh and exciting in our men’s clothing collection. Grab yourself or your man a stylish, preppy long-sleeve tee from Hometown Heritage and receive FREE shipping on all orders.

    Which Brands Make The Best Long Sleeve Preppy T Shirts?

    Nature Backs Long Sleeve Preppy T Shirts Tees 

    Here at Hometown Heritage, we provide nothing but the best quality, durability, and style when it comes to preppy long sleeve t shirt. We stock a wide variety of premium brands. One of the most exciting brands to hit the Hometown Heritage site is Nature Backs. The Nature Backs clothing brand offers you the opportunity to be dressed for any season while looking extremely fashionable. Their preppy long sleeve tees will have you looking and feeling good in any environment. Nature Backs long sleeves never fail to impress. Nature Backs shirts don’t have to break the bank either, their short and long sleeve shirts are priced extremely low. These shirts will stay as your favorites for years to come, and they are durable enough to last that long. 

    The bright and extravagant blend of colors set the tone for what makes an extremely unique style of long sleeve t-shirts. Being one of the most sought-after brands in the southern long sleeve t-shirts market, Nature Backs wants us to stride into the unknown, take unique opportunities, experience life, and its excitements but feel free and comfortable while doing so. Nature Backs clothing has based their brand and their southern long sleeve t shirts collection off each of these values, with the emphasis on their preppy long sleeve t shirt being different. The shirts are created from stupendous moments that some of us encounter daily. 

    Offering some of the most extravagant and exciting long sleeve t-shirts on the market. Nature Backs never fails to impress. Their preppy long sleeve shirts will always make a statement. By wearing Nature Backs’ southern long sleeve t shirts you let everyone around you know that you are living and waiting for the breathtaking moments in life. These shirts are suitable for everyday wear, no matter the month. Nature Backs shirts add an extra bit of style to every outfit. The Nature Backs brand is sure to never let you down or let you go unnoticed. 

    East Coast Waterfowl Southern Long Sleeve T Shirts

    Another quality brand to consider when searching for the best southern long sleeve t shirts is East Coast Waterfowl. The brand was formed in 2013 with a promise to make colorful, versatile garments for the whole family. Their clothing line is created using the highest-quality materials, bright colors, and features vivid graphic prints. Many of these prints display vintage artwork that captures the nostalgia of art in everyday living.

    The southern long sleeve t shirts that East Coast Waterfowl create combine style and practicality in a unique way. The excellent materials they use have the strength to withstand all of life's obstacles. They make the perfect outdoor shirts as they do not wear or tear easily. This massive selection of fire long sleeve tops is sure to add some heat to your wardrobe. 

    Phins Long Sleeve Tees

    If you don't want to stray too far from home, Phins Apparel is an Americana-inspired clothing manufacturer that prides itself on the making of high-end long sleeve t-shirts. Their long-sleeve tee options host detailed prints and vibrant colorways. Phins Apparel offers practical and versatile t-shirts that are perfect for heading out on the water to fish, into the woods for a hike, or any social occasion. 

    The bold artwork incorporated in Phins preppy long-sleeve tees is sure to catch a few compliments when you are next at the bar or supporting your local sports team. Phins long sleeve t-shirts are designs inspired by a true coastal lifestyle that comprises color and images which show a love for being outdoors. 

    Tried and True

    For quality assured southern long sleeve t shirts products, Tried and True will never fail you. Tried and True want to satisfy each and every one of their customers outdoor needs with their comfortable mens preppy long sleeve t shirts. Tried and True continues to add amazing shirts to their collection, these garments could be the added spice your wardrobe needs. These Long Sleeve Cotton Tees are available in sizes Medium, Large, XL, and XXL on our website. 

    The Pointer Badge from Tried and True is an essential shirt for your daily outdoor tasks. The eccentric green image of the dog is perfect for those who love the outdoors. The team at Tried and True continues to innovate on their designs and the materials they use. This keeps them at the forefront of the men’s long sleeve shirt game. Get yourself ahead of the latest trends and rock one of these fantastic men’s shirts.  There are no limits with the Tried and True long sleeve t-shirt. 


    Similar to many of the other southern long sleeve t shirts brands here on Hometown Heritage, Reel has incorporated some wicked colorways and always takes pride in their American roots. Reel is the real deal and offers premium-quality long sleeve preppy t-shirts for men. Whether you are out on the boat or socializing with friends at a bar, Reel will dress you to impress. Making a statement with their USA Splash Performance Shirt, Reel have on offer here a very exciting preppy southern long sleeve t-shirt. Available in M, L, XL and XXL the shirt is made to fit all body shapes and sizes and could be just what your wardrobe needs. 

    Burlebo Long Sleeve Preppy T Shirts

    Burlebo Clothing takes us back to the roots of America. Founded in Austin, Texas, Burlebo offers its customers a real southern feel to all of their cool long sleeve shirts. The company has been around since 2015, having a fair indication of what looks and feels good on their outdoor-loving customer base. Burlebo offers long-sleeve tees made of lightweight materials that have a soft feel on the skin. The team at Burlebo have created a collection of outdoor garments perfect for working on the ranch/farm, out hunting, or fishing. The options are limitless with Burlebo’s wide variety of men’s, women’s, and youth long sleeve t-shirts.   

    Southern Strut Mens Preppy Long Sleeve TShirts

    Another popular Southern brand in our preppy long sleeve t-shirt collection is Southern Strut. As a brand, they place importance on creating durable and versatile outdoor garments - including these mens preppy long sleeve t shirts with exceptionally detailed graphics. These shirts come in sizes S, M, L, XL, & XXL so choose the print you like best, check your size on the sizing chart, and order a Southern Strut shirt today! 

    Live Oak Brand

    Finding shirts that match your unique taste and style isn't usually easy, but Live Oak Brand makes the impossible possible. Their collection of exciting preppy long-sleeve tees has something to inspire everyone. They have a range of colors and designs to suit every man’s taste. 

    As a company, Live Oak Brand strives to uphold its core values like being a patriotic American and working hard at whatever it is you do. These values are consistent with the products the brand produces - long-lasting shirts that are covered in American colors and insignia. They offer long sleeve shirts in a range of comfort colors like dark blue, red, white, light green, and pink. The vibrant colors will turn heads every time you step into a room, and really help you make a statement. 

    Live Oak Brands southern long sleeve t shirts are available in Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XXL, and each shirt comes with a handy chest pocket to give you added carry power.

    When to Wear Southern Long Sleeve T Shirts?

    A long sleeve shirt is ideal for the colder months of the year when the sun sets early, and the winter breeze picks up. Long Sleeve cotton tees make a great addition to any winter wardrobe as they provide that extra layer of warmth on the skin. Pro tip: If it's too cold for just a long sleeve t shirts then try a short sleeve overtop, this will give you the warmth you are after but keep that cool and extravagant look you were going for with the long sleeve shirt.

    The versatility of these garments means they come in super handy in the summer months too - protecting you from the sun while mustering cattle, doing tractor work, drinking beers with a group of friends, or out on the lake. It’s simple, a long sleeve tee can be worn anytime, anywhere.  

    The way we dress can be the way we are portrayed as people. People dress to impress and the way to impress in this day and age is by dressing smartly. A long sleeve tee could be your sure-fire way to look the part - whether you are heading to a concert, a football game, or out on a hike. A long-sleeve cotton tee has the durability and breathing room you are looking for on the warm summer evenings, and the extra warmth you need on a cold winter evening. A large number of long sleeve tees here at Hometown Heritage include 50-100% ringspun cotton, this will allow the free flow of heat or cool air (depending on the season) between shirt and skin. 

    You could be heading out to your favorite fishing spot with your buddies and rocking the USA Splash Performance Shirt by Reel. It's exciting, patriotic design features a Marlin and an American flag - perfect for any fishermen ready to reel in a big catch. Made with 100% Polyester Spandex, the USA Splash Performance Shirt offers the perfect summer fit for versatility and comfort while you are out on the water. Its flexy fit ensures you can cast your rod without restricting your movement. 

    Nature Backs has a wide variety of Men's preppy long-sleeve tees, perfect for any and all situations. Created with soft comfort colors, the Sublime Sol and Nova Long Sleeve Tee by Nature Backs are perfect for you to hit any social scene and you may even attract some attention while doing so. This stylish U-neck long sleeve allows breathing room on those long summer nights without having to worry about sweat marks or having to change your shirt. Nature Backs have added some serious heat to their collection with the Prism Fog shirt, coming in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Perfect for any body shape. This shirt has an exciting new look with its mind-bending print, be sure to get yours today! 

    Burlebo offers a popular selection of long sleeve t-shirts that are perfect for hunters. The Suns Up Birds Down, Bear Essentials, or even the Arrowhead Deer long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for those outdoor thrill-seekers. Suitable for any situation, the Burlego long sleeves are exactly what a hunter who is quick to move and can't afford to overheat needs. The 50/50 ring-spun cotton and polyester blend is light on the skin and non-restricting. 

    Hometown Heritage has a wide range of Long sleeves for all genders and sizes. They have many trusted brands that will be sure to have a southern long sleeve t shirts to fit your needs, no matter the weather or occasion. To answer the question simply, it doesn't matter what time of year or where you are. A long-sleeve tee can be just what you need to suit that scene, they are perfect for almost every and all occasion.  

    Best Items to Match with Men’s Preppy Long Sleeve Tees?

    We have an enormous collection of cheap, high-quality clothes to go with your new men’s long sleeve preppy t-shirts!

    Spice up that wardrobe with The Marlin Fish Patch Trucker Hat in Blue by East Coast Waterfowl. This trucker hat complements the USA Splash Performance shirt by Reel extremely well. You can be sure to look like a pro fisherman in this outfit. 

    Heading out hunting? Grab yourself the Tools of the Trade Hunting Shirt by Live Oak Brand and a pair of Khaki Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts by Burlebo. This light colorway is perfect for hiding out in the bush while waiting for deer or ducks! These shorts are versatile and durable, with the assurance of quick-drying materials to prevent you from sitting around in wet shorts. Get yours at hometown heritage today. 

    The Khaki Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts by Burlebo could look fashionable alongside the Suns Up Birds Down southern long sleeve t-shirts by Burelebo, the light colors blend well and will be perfect for any social outing. 

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    Order yourself a Preppy Long Sleeve T-Shirt today and we will ship it to your doorstep for FREE! All orders in the USA shipped within 1-5 days with no charge. So, if you are heading into the great outdoors, or having a party coming up, order a Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt at Hometown Heritage and you will have it by the weekend!

    Whether you're looking for a preppy long-sleeve T-shirt to lounge around home in, to work the backyard in, to wear around the campfire, or out on the lake, you'll find it all at Hometown Heritage! 

    We consistently update the long sleeve tees on our online store. So you can stay dressed in the newest threads of the season while incorporating classic long sleeve styles into your wardrobe. 

    Browse through our collection of men’s southern long sleeve t shirts and add your favorite garments to your cart now!