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    Easel Clothing | Ruffle Dresses, Sweaters, & Ruffle Tunic Tops

    After an in-depth market study, the creators of Easel Clothing noticed that, despite a very ambitious fashion industry, few brands were up to the task of manufacturing timeless clothing. In 2004, they entered the market to compete with large fashion houses that seemed to belittle the work of the small companies that focused on creating more durable clothing alternatives. Easel Clothing represents a contemporary style, full of quality and professionalism. Today, this clothing brand has a high level of prestige in the industry and continues to make timeless clothing that is not limited to seasons or trends.

    Easel Clothing prides itself on its use of soft fabrics and ability to create relaxed, loose-fitted clothing suitable for any occasion. Whether you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls, hanging out at home, or day-tripping to the beach, there is an Easel garment for you. Let grace and beauty flow out of you with their gorgeous pink ruffle dresses, ruffle tunic tops and ruffle tank tops. 

    Easel brand Clothing creates pieces for the confident woman who wants to look pretty while feeling comfortable. Starting back in 2004, Easel has worked to pioneer fashion in an ambitious fashion market. Their goal was to provide stylish clothing for everyday women and they are exceeding expectations. Excelling in supplying versatile and trendy pieces to girls next door everywhere. Easel is known for its quality and comfortable pieces that defy the idea that modern fashion is confined to one season at a time.

    The fashion market for women can be a little overwhelming. Imagine a clothing line for women that doesn’t quite embody the woman. That’s not the way to go! Easel creates styles for the women of today, influenced by the women who wear them. Their collection includes garments for every woman’s body and style.

    How Does Easel Clothing Connect To Women’s Styles?

    Easel creates contemporary styles for the contemporary woman. Understanding the modern woman is key to providing timeless pieces of clothing. The contemporary woman is a woman of the now. She understands that her time here is her own, and it is her mission to be present and seen. She is acting in the present and of the present. Whether she is making waves with her words, her art, or her style- she is here and heard. 

    There are many clothing lines within the fashion market. Consequently, choose with care. The clothes you wear are visual statements. Your style speaks to your confidence, artistic creativity, and worldview. What statement are you making? Be clear with your message, and shop Easel clothing. 

    Easel has a comprehensive selection of clothing. They understand that the body shape and figure of each woman are unique, and no two women are the same. Their collection of women’s clothing includes sweaters, tops, shorts, ruffle tunic tops, pink ruffle dresses, and ruffle tank tops. 

    Types of Easel Women's Clothing That We Sell On Hometown Heritage Collection

    Due to our love for all timeless women’s outfits at Hometown Heritage, we offer our customers the opportunity to shop for Easel Brand Clothing at our store. Easel clothing is a brand that is completely aligned with the values we admire and we are excited to offer some of their collection at Hometown Heritage. 

    A large selection of clothing is great for sprucing up your wardrobe and Easel has a near unlimited selection of clothing. Their wholesale inventory is ideal for retailers who are looking to add beautiful pieces to their inventory, or the individual shopper who wants to re-do her whole wardrobe! Some of the available Easel Clothing products on our website include the following:

    • Easel Dresses
    • Easel Sweaters
    • Easel Tops
    • Easel Shorts
    • Easel Plus Size

    Easel Dresses

    There is an Easel Dress for all occasions on Hometown Heritage. The dresses found on our site are loosely fitting yet flattering, elegant, casual, and comfortable. Easel dresses come in a range of different designs including the Distressed Light Denim Off The Shoulder Shift Dress which is a classic, easy-to-wear garment. The cold shoulder detail is telling of the times along with the very popular distressed look. Take an evening stroll in the town with friends, and feel as free and stunning as you look. The added raw hem detail gives it just the right amount of edge. The Tencel fabric is breathable, lightweight and a perfect option for warm weather! Another popular Easel dress is the Rayon Gauze Oil Washed Ruffle Dress that is available in Vintage Rose colors. The fit of the Easel ruffle dresses is reflective of the clothing itself. Known for premium fabric, a flattering fit, and inclusive sizes in S, M, L, 1XL, 2XL, and 3XL. Clothes fit true to size.

    Dresses are like instant power boosters for your wardrobe. From the moment you slide it over your head, pop your arms through and smooth it out while admiring the fit in the mirror, dresses are fantastic. Easel’s selection of dresses is beautiful.

    Easel Sweaters

    Easel sweaters are as cozy as can be, perfect for when the weather drops in the winter and fall. You can dress up warm while retaining your style and elegance. There is a collection of different colors and styles to select from. Check out our Easel Long Sleeve Ruffled Thermal Top that is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizing. Our It’s A Breeze Sweater Knit Top also available in Plus Size has been in hot demand ever since it arrived in our store. The Long Sleeve Ruffled Thermal Top in Plus is another loose-fitting relaxed knit from Easel, available in Black.

    Hold me close and never let go! That’s the quality of a sweater well made. Enter the Easel sweater created for the modern woman. Easel’s It’s a breeze tunic truly makes things a breeze. The slightly oversized fit is versatile. Pair this lightweight, flirty top with a pair of denim jeans, rider boots, and a sexy fedora for a confident look. If you prefer to go for the girl next door, look with sweet, sensual flair, coupled with the Soft Suede high waist moto legging, also by Easel and casual sandals. The It’s A Breeze Tunic Knit Top is available in Oatmeal, Black, and Faded Olive colors. The lightweight fabric is 75% acrylic and 25% nylon. 

    Easel Tops

    Easel Women’s apparel also offers you affordable top designs that add life and style to your wardrobe. Some of the available top designs include ruffle sleeve tops, tunic tops, and thermal tops. These designs come in a variety of styles like short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, and ruffle-sleeve tops. Whatever the occasion, our comfortable Easel tops will have you looking stylish and feeling confident.

    Easel Tops - Lou Lou Ruffle Crop Top

    There is something about a simplistic top that gets the job done and done right. Easel gets it. Their Lou Lou Button Down Ruffle Peplum Crop Top pointedly makes a statement worth getting behind. The ruffle detail and high low hem are beautiful, perfect for an evening out or a midday brunch. The squared neckline heads the button-down trail, which leads to the detailed cinch waist. This top was made for an evening walk on the boardwalk.

    If simplistic is not your style and you want to take things up a notch, consider it handled. Easel is excellent with adding stylish flair without taking away from the elements of style. The Hacci Knit Lace Up Back Tunic Top is the perfect top- elegant with a detailed twist. Its swingy silhouette shape and soft long sleeves are perfect for chilly nights. However, the lightweight fabric is breathable and adaptable to warmer weather.

    Easel Shorts

    Easel Clothing is also into the creation of female shorts that are ideal for summertime outings. With a relaxed fit and elastic waistbands, Easel shorts can be paired with crop or tank tops for beach visits or a day outing. When you shop for Easel Clothing apparel, you can expect the highest level of quality and comfort every time. The High Waist Paper Bag Shorts add a cute feminine touch to your wardrobe and have been specially created to give you that relaxed, yet classy look on all occasions. These shorts feature front pockets, a front tie with a drawstring, and a delicate single button for added detail. It is made up of high-quality materials, a perfect blend of 70% rayon and 30% linen.

    ​​The sun is no match to the shine that comes with Easel’s Lined Crochet Shorts. They are modern bottoms with an age-old style that your closet demands. Designed with delicate detail, the crochet lining is the epitome of elegance. These crochet shorts are 100% Cotton, with an inner lining to ensure coverage. They are also made with a waistband drawstring for a comfy and adjustable fit.

    Easel Knows How To Ruffle - Women’s Ruffle Dresses & Ruffle Tops

    The essence of a woman is embodied in how she walks, talks, feels, and the measure of her confidence. Even how she dresses plays a part in the matter. The defining point is not WHAT she wears but HOW she chooses to wear it and breathe life into the fabrics. Easel creates clothes to accommodate the confident woman and allow her essence to flow out of her. The Easel selection within the Hometown Heritage store includes pink ruffle dresses, ruffle tunic tops, ruffle tank tops, sweaters, and shorts. The loose fit of these ruffles complements all body types and ranges up to plus size. Ideal wear for women of body shapes and sizes.

    Easel Clothing Size Chart

    Easel Clothing provides stylish apparel that your closet and you both deserve. Their fit is true to size, so before loading garments to your cart and placing your order, please check out the Easel Clothing Size Guides below. Please note that these measurements were calculated as an average across all of Easel’s clothing styles.


    • Easel Tops: 28"~30"
    • Easel Dresses: 34"~36"
    • Easel Maxi Dresses: 52"~54"
    • Easel Pants and Bottoms: No Specific Sizing, Easel bottoms "Fit True to Size"

    Model Information

    • Model Height: 5' ft 10" inches
    • Model Bust: 32”
    • Easel Models are always fitted with size smalls

    Wear Easel Clothing With Confidence Anywhere, Anytime

    Grace the scene in confidence and unbeatable style with Easel’s ready-to-wear contemporary fashions. The line that is ready for any time of the day and the changes from season-to-season, creates clothing with you in mind. Breakfast has a new meaning. Rise and shine with orange juice by the water draped in the vividly colored- hot coral-colored Ruffled Babydoll Tunic Top. The lightweight knit top provides a nice swingy, silhouetted look.

    If your day starts on a later note, brunch or even lunch, arrive and spellbind the crowd with the Eyelet Fabric Cold Shoulder Top with Ruffle Hem. The unique breathable design, available in faded olive, matches denim bottoms with a casual sandal.

    Dinner, for me? Of course, I am available. Available and trendy with Easel’s Clothing Vintage Rose Rayon Dress with Ruffle Trim. This dress exudes elegance and feminine expression. The soft pink ruffle dress has a rose color that is consistent with its fabric makeup. The adjustable neckline provides a made-for-you fit along with the lace trim detailing and ruffled sleeves. You can’t go wrong with this selection.

    Easel’s clothing is synchronous with the day and seasons alike. Leggy shorts and flowy tops are there for you during the warmest months. Sweaters and beautifully printed cardigans will care for you during the cold. A well-rounded closest is a closet that has the best picks from Easel.

    Reasons The Easel Clothing Brand Belongs in Your Closet

    Easel Clothing is consistently one of the best-selling brands here at Hometown Heritage. Our website stocks a selection of assorted apparel from the leading fashion designer, including all of their latest styles. Our customers love Easel’s relaxed, loose-fitting garments that allow for comfortable, yet stylish fashion expressions. Hometown Heritage features a wide range of Easel products including Easel dresses, sweaters, tops, shorts, and bottoms. Some of our top reasons for shopping for Easel clothing are:

    1. Ultimate Feminine Expression

    The Easel Clothing line is focused on making clothing that speaks of feminine expression and empowerment like no other. The designs are timeless and allow women to become more confident, comfortable, and expressive, no matter the occasion.

    Run in harmony with the girly girl in you. Easel’s different prints and fabric aesthetics exist in perfect balance with womanhood. The feminine flow of the dresses, teasing hemlines of the shirts, and the ideal shorts to put your gorgeous legs on display are the things that feminine expression is all about. Easel accommodates your confidence and your style.

    1. Customer Satisfaction

    When a brand values customer satisfaction and confidence over everything else, you can expect products of the highest quality. Easel aims to create lasting pieces that meet your clothing needs and don’t ever go out of style.

    1. Variety of Styles

    With an extensive range of options available under the Easel brand on Hometown Heritage, there’s something to match everyone’s style. This also means a variety of wonderful products to choose from. Regardless of your age or personality, there’s an Easel garment that is perfect for you. 

    1. Versatility of Use

    Lastly, Easel’s are affordable and can be worn on almost any occasion or time of year. The extensive clothing collection that Easel has created showcases a high level of adaptability to various events, ranging from beach visits to nights out and movie dates.

    Easel doesn’t require you to compromise comfort for trendy wear. Their selection is extensive. It is filled with loose-fitting flowing styles that are both beautiful and comfortable. Be fashionable and expressive with relaxed fits.

    Shopping for Easel’s products on the Heritage Hometown website will increase your chance of receiving discounts and exclusive giveaways on our site. And guess what? We promise to deliver your purchases to your doorstep, so long as you live in the continental US.

    Afterpay and Sezzle (Buy Now and Pay Later) options are available on the checkout page at Hometown Heritage Clothing.

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