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    Trucker Hats for Men - The Best Trucker Hats & Fishing Hats Online

    At Hometown Heritage, we aim to dress southern men in the coolest designs possible. We do this by stocking up on southern-inspired outfits that are quality, and reliable. When it comes to stepping out in style, nothing competes with a southern man’s trucker cap. Originally a variant of baseball caps, trucker caps have evolved beyond sports games to become a staple fashion item in a southern man’s wardrobe. They have become an essential aspect of men’s fashion and can be spotted anywhere from parks, to beachsides, sports games, and anywhere the sun is shining. 

    A key feature of our trucker caps for men is their ability to protect you from sunburns. They are stylish and protective, keeping your eyes and head out of the sun’s way. The full mesh trucker caps available on our website are ideal for warm weather and outdoor activities. These headwears are suitable for southern lifestyles and outdoor activities. 

    Hometown Heritage’s hat collection is filled with trucker caps made from cotton, polyester, and nylon mesh to ensure durability and comfort. These full mesh trucker caps can be worn for long hours without discomfort. Our full mesh trucker caps come in adjustable fits that cater to several sizes. These iconic designs are also available in large sizes such as the trucker cap xl for those bigger heads.

    Some of the trucker caps for men brands available at Hometown Heritage include High Cotton Hats, Bulerbo Hats, and Eastcoast Waterfowl Hats. These hats are created for the southern lifestyle, and are ideal wear for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and hiking. Whatever the occasion, there is a southern pride hat to match. 

    We understand the place of outdoor memories and self-expression, as well as the importance of comfort. That’s why we’re passionate about providing you with quality southern pride hats that reflect your identity. At Hometown Heritage, our trucker caps reflect the southern heritage and outdoor lifestyle that you love, in stylish, comfy designs.

    Offering these trendy men’s trucker hats is a privilege for us here at Hometown Heritage. We stock a wide range of hats, created with either mesh or high-quality cotton fabrics. These hats are durable, yet lightweight, giving tremendous breathing room to your head and hair. The mesh trucker caps provides a premium level of comfort for your head, allowing you to wear it for hours on end without irritation. 

    Do you struggle with finding a hat that properly fits your head? Well, the struggle is over. Hometown Heritage will have you covered. Whether you are shopping for yourself, your son, dad, or boyfriend. Brands like East Coast Waterfowl, Tried and True, Phins, and many more offer trucker hats with adjustable snaps/straps - sure to fit almost any sized head. Nearly all of the Men’s Trucker hats we stock come in One Size fits most. 

    All of the cool men’s trucker hats that we stock are offered between the price of $20 to $30. An incredible deal considering the premium quality of each piece, and the intricate level of detail put into each hat. Whether you choose the 100% cotton options or the mesh fabric, you can feel assured that you will look and feel great in this stylish headwear. The Men’s Trucker hat section on Hometown Heritage is the perfect place to find some of your family’s Christmas gifts! Check out our Women’s section to complete your holiday shopping! 

    We know the importance of quality when it comes to dressing yourself in the best possible fits. We pride ourselves on providing quality assured products with iconic designs - especially when it comes to Men’s Trucker and Fishing hats. Thanks to Generations Z’s vast developments in style and fashion, the Trucker Hat has made what seems to be an impromptu comeback into the fashion scene. With the likes of sports stars, music icons, and even the newly found influencers joining the return of the trucker hat. 

    Our premium Southern Pride Hats will not only reflect your true self but will show you mean business. The Southern Pride hats on Hometown Heritage will fit any outing, from a night at the bar with friends, to camping or hiking in the great outdoors. We are confident that our hats will have the versatility and durability to withstand what mother nature throws at you when you tackle your next adventure.  

    We consistently improve and add to our selection of hats and clothing at our online store, so be sure to check back often! Sign up for our mailing to ensure you don’t miss any of our new product drops! 

    Which Brands Make The Best Trucker Hats for Men?

    Hometown Heritage Collection

    The Hometown Heritage Collection produces an extensive range of modern and stylish Men’s Leather Patch Trucker hats. These premium trucker hats were manufactured with a lightweight mesh to provide ventilation for your head. They can be worn for hours on end without irritating you or causing your head to sweat - even on those sweltering summer days in the south! Each hat is finished with a genuine leather patch, intricately detailed with a symbol that is universally recognized in the South - the Cotton Plant. This is an ode to the hard-working, blue-collar farmers that are the backbone of the USA. Order yourself a trucker hat from Hometown Heritage Collection in Grey/Black, Black/White, or White/Grey! One Size fits most. 

    GenTeal Apparel

    GenTeal Apparel knows what it means to make quality headwear. Whether you are heading out fishing and hunting or even heading to the bar with friends, GenTeals men’s fitted and fishing hats have you covered. Their 6-panel hats are fitted with a stylish adjustable strap and metal buckle on the back and feature a detailed patch on the front. Created with 100% cotton twill, these fishing hats give your head and hair the comfort it deserves. Order the Stone Patch Hat, Sage Logo Hat, or the Poppy Duck Hat from our store today! 


    We stock two Phins Apparel Trucker hats at Hometown Heritage - the Alligator and Sailfish fitted hat. These hats have exceptional versatility and durability, its pre-curved brim ensures the hats will hold their original shape for years to come. Specializing in coastal menswear, the team at Phins has manufactured some incredible headwear for your outdoor needs! 

    Live Oak Brand

    The Live Oak Brand is here for your fashion needs, especially with their Camo Mesh Back Hat. The crew at Live Oak know that quality and comfort truly make a good hat and they have exceeded expectations with this one. This vibrant camo colorway will suit any hunting or fishing attire, and help you blend in with the scenery around you. Having an adjustable snap, this hat has the ability to fit almost any and all head shapes. The Live Oak Brand produces a wide range of quality clothing and garments but their men’s trucker hats take the cake. Grab yourself one before stocks run out!

    Southern Strut

    Upholding true country style, Southern Strut has produced a vast range of exceptional clothing for all genders and ages. The Marsh Duck Woven Patch Trucker Hat and also White Duck Trucker hat are two of our absolute favorites. These hats keep your face protected from the sun and add style to your outfit at the same time. These hats are available in dark colors, so your sweat marks won’t show in the summer months. Also, the mesh fabric allows for good airflow between your head and hat. It’s frustrating ordering trucker caps online that just don’t fit right, thankfully, Southern Struts caps are fitted with adjustable snaps and fit almost any shaped head. 

    Tried and True

    Never failing to impress, Tried and True know what it takes to produce quality clothing. Offering a large number of high-quality garments, Tried and True have set the standard for men’s trucker hats. The well-designed hats are here to make a statement, the vibrant colorways are certain to turn a few heads. On top of the colorway, each hat has a creatively designed patch like the American Flag or the Duck Leather. 

    Fieldstone Outdoors

    Fieldstone Outdoors provides premium quality garments to consumers time and time again. This season they have added a wide range of Trucker hats to their already stacked collection - the crew at Fieldstone clearly know how to produce a high-quality cap. The highly detailed patches on each trucker’s hat are a true work of art. The Patriotic Trucker Hat is one of the most popular products on our site, order one yourself or give it as a gift to a loved one this holiday season!

    A Southern Lifestyle

    Southern Lifestyle has added some fire to its clothing collection. Their On-Point Retro Trucker hat is available in a vibrant red or blue and will be sure to spice up your style. This hat is offered in a simple, yet sleek navy and white colorway. Order it today for just $29.99!

    High Cotton Hat Co

    The High Cotton Hat team clearly knows what the buyer wants when it comes to headwear. They have designed some aesthetically renowned trucker hats that are full of eye-catching detail and color. Modernizing the Trucker hat game with their own take. Offering headwear with adjustable snaps means their caps are suitable for any head size. High Cotton Hat Co is a great option if you are looking to invest in a quality trucker hat. 

    Old Guard Outfitters 

    Vibrant colors, exceptional detail, and the use of Mesh Fabric to perfection. Old Guard Outfitters have hit the nail on the head with their high-quality trucker hats. Offering hats in a number of varying colors, Old Guard Outfitters sure knows how to attract attention with their Trucker hats. Having the added bonus of all of their products being manufactured in the USA, you know you are supporting locals when you buy from Old Guard Outfitters. 

    When to Wear Trucker Hats for Men?

    It appears that the Trucker hat is making a prompt comeback in the fashion world. Many well-known actors, musicians, and sports stars have been rocking trucker hats for years, and people are catching on. Men and boys everywhere are now donning trucker hats of all styles. But, a lot of people still aren’t sure when to wear trucker hats or what outfits to match them with. The team at Hometown Heritage will help you resolve that issue. 

    Whether you are out working, hunting and fishing, or even out at a bar with friends, a trucker hat is perfect for you. It’s hard to think of a time where trucker hats aren’t appropriate. The exciting and modernized trucker hat designs that we are seeing more frequently are perfect for almost any occasion. No matter the weather, these hats will add a bit of style to your typical outfits. If it is raining, the wide brim cap protects your face, keeping you dry. In the summer heat, a trucker hat is perfect to keep your face protected from the harmful UV rays that the sun releases. 

    To put it simply, a Trucker hat is becoming more and more of a staple clothing piece. We see different takes on it daily and there is no right or wrong time to wear one. 

    Our trucker hats with adjustable snaps are perfect for high-speed activities like motorbiking or driving a boat. You can tighten the snaps so that it doesn’t fly off your head when you reach top speed. These hats are so versatile you can also wear them to work, outdoors on your next expedition, or to a local sports game. There is no wrong time to wear a trucker hat and that is why they are becoming one of the most stylish men’s accessories on the market today.

    Best Items to Match with Men’s Trucker Hats?

    Here at Hometown Heritage, we take pride in helping our customers dress with maximum style and comfort. Trucker hats are such versatile garments, it really is a breeze to add them to your favorite outfits. Why not order yourself a few shirts or fleeces to match your new trucker caps?

    If you are going for a more casual look then be sure to add the See You Out There Tee by Burlebo to your cart, its bright colorway is offered in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. The shirts' cool colors and relaxed print make it perfect for any social or casual scene. It would go perfectly with a wide range of our trucker hats, especially the On Point Retro Trucker Hat by A Southern Lifestyle. 

    Dressing to impress is made easy thanks to Hometown Heritage’s wide selection of trendy clothing. Look the part no matter what the occasion may be, from casual to formal, indoor, or outdoor, we will have the outfit to suit those needs. Match a cool trucker hat with the vast selection of quality garments from our store. One of our favorite pieces for a more formal event is the Royal Blue Classic Stripe Performance Polo Shirt by GenTeal Apparel. This groovy shirt may not look like it would suit a trucker hat at first but thanks to its vibrant and cool colorway it gives the wearer the chance to look extremely smart. Pro Tip: Order yourself a lighter-colored trucker hat to ensure your outfit is color coordinated and does not clash. 

    During the cooler months, some people may switch a trucker hat out for a beanie. But, if you are a year-round trucker hat wearer, you’ll want something warm to match. The Quarter-Zip Fleece Sherpa in Oatmeal/Navy on Hometown Heritage is perfect to add to your wardrobe and will go with not just one but all of the Trucker hats available on our site. The colors offered by the Live Oak Brand are stylish, simple, and will compliment your overall look. 

    One of our favorite pieces in our online store is the Boykin Spaniel Waylon - Long Sleeve T-Shirt by East Coast Waterfowl. A long sleeve can be ideal for those colder months of the year when the temperature really drops in the evenings. The Boykin Spaniel Long Sleeve is a perfect way to prevent you from feeling the cold and is a great match to many of the Trucker Hats on our site. The high-end detail of the shirt will complement and blend well with whatever hat you choose to buy! 

    Shop Trucker Hats for Men at Hometown Heritage!

    Here at Hometown Heritage, we know how crucial it is to have a collection of trucker hats in your wardrobe. They come in handy on nearly every occasion, especially outdoors. The Trucker hat section on our site is a great way to add some style and practicality to your wardrobe. Our wide variety of hats makes it easy to instantly improve your look. These trucker hats are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit! Order your own Trucker or Fishing hat now and it will be at your doorstep in the next few days!