Burlebo is a Southern, outdoor lifestyle brand from Austin, Texas. The brand was established in 2015 and is based on a passion for the great outdoors, a love of hunting, fishing, and camping - all things we are extremely passionate about here at Hometown Heritage.

    This young family business was started by Texas locals, Trey-Bo and his wife Lexi. They credit pleasant, blissful days camping out in nature as the main inspiration for the creation of this line of outdoor wear. Burlebo extensive southern preppy clothing collection includes high-performance shirts, sports shorts, caps, long-sleeve tees, moisture-wicking shorts, fly fishing shirts, and accessories like logo patches and stickers. Through its clothing products, Burlebo aims to represent nature-loving men, women, and children.

    Burlebo is not only made for you, it is also made for yours. That's why their clothing line offers garments to kit out the entire family. In 2015 Burlebo promised to be a brand made as a family for the family, and 6 years later, their strong family values are more valid than ever. They are now working at full speed to become one of the best Southern clothing brands. They have expanded their operations from needing their grandmother’s sewing assistance to fully manufacturing and designing their own products.

    Burlebo - The Adventure Clothing Brand Helping You Create Outdoor Memories in Style 

    The characteristics of a quality outdoor brand are sturdy, functional, and comfortable. The best way to understand these characteristics is to understand the verbiage so that you can recognize the quality. Outdoor activities can be rugged, dirty, wet, but fun. Great outdoor gear should be accommodating to your performance. Whether you are hiking a rugged mountain to see the breathtaking views from the top or trekking a rough trail identifying one insect after another, performance wear is instrumental in your activity. Even if it's fishing in your favorite lake for the fifth year in a row with your little one or just kicking back for a nice laugh with friends around a bonfire, your outdoor gear should be outdoor-friendly, especially to the weather. Humid days with high-performance activity can really be a bummer if your outdoor wear isn't measuring up. Body sweat and high temperatures just don't mix. Consequently, wicking characteristics are a must.

    Whether it's a vigorous adventure or a sunny day on the beach, Burlebo gets it. Performance wear should allow mobility to perform, have wicking capabilities to keep you dry and be comfortable to accommodate your movements. Burlebo is an Austin, Texas-based outdoor clothing company that is getting it right. Trey-Bo and his wife Lexi took their love for the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping translated into trendy wear. The name, derived from his father's name and his, illustrates the depths on which the couple found the company - family. The Burlebo collection includes high-performance shirts, sports shorts, caps, long-sleeve tees, and accessories like logo patches and stickers. Unlike many other outdoor lines, Burlebo understands that enjoying the outdoors is a family sport, so they created a clothing line for the entire family.

    The inclusion of youth sizes ensures that Father and son day on the lake can be memorable in more ways than one. The Bear essentials Youth long sleeve top is available on Hometown Heritage clothing ranging up to a Youth large. 

    Types of Burlebo Clothing That We Sell

    Burlebo not only means quality and good prices, but it also represents a passion for the great outdoors. They have a range of southern pride clothing ideal for those days in the forest, next to the river, or in the mountains. More than a company, Burlebo is a family. Its strong southern values combined with a spirit of improvement are helping the brand revolutionize the outdoor clothing market. At Hometown Heritage, we are pleased to offer the products of this growing and robust brand that has strong southern values. Here are some of the most popular Burlebo items we stock:

    • Burlebo Hats
    • Burlebo Shirts
    • Performance Wear

    Burlebo Hats

    Accessories are the perfect fit for completing your style. What accessories are complementary to the outdoors? For starters, a quality hat to show your southern outdoor pride while covering your head. Burlebo signature hat collection includes the retro, dad, and snapback caps. The themes range from hunting, fishing, and patriotism. They are the perfect headpieces to show your appreciation for different outdoor activities as well as your patriotic support.

    Burlebo Hats look good and feel comfortable. We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect hat for your outdoor adventures. The decision goes far beyond appearance, it involves quality, comfort, and versatility. These southern lifestyle hats offer not only high quality but comfort and style! The Six-Panel Burlebo Hat with an Elk Patch is the traditional trucker style with a snapback for size adjustment. It has a breathable mesh back making it perfect for hot weather, and outdoor activities. These hats are made with anti-tear carbon material, ensuring durability for years to come. Don’t forget this hat next time you head out camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting!

    Another Burlebo Hat we stock at Hometown Heritage is the Bear Essentials, this low-profile embroidered hat has 5 panels with snap closure. If you like this style and want to complete the whole look, combine it with theBurlebo Shirts Bear Essentials. This long-sleeved tee is made of 50% ringspun cotton and 50% polyester, available in Heather Wine color. You can even get a piece of the Bear Essentials Collection for your whole team with the Youth Bear Essentials available in Legion Blue color. It’s the perfect excuse to take your family on an outdoor excursion while kitted out as a team.

    Burlebo Shirts

    Burlebo Southern Tees are made with 91% polyester and 9% elastane for the ultimate comfort. These tops have some of the best fabric technology and provide crucial sun protection (50 UPF) when outdoors. In addition to protecting you against microbial agents, these shirts aid in moisture absorption to keep you feeling fresh. Burlebo tops in short-sleeves available on Hometown Heritage include the See You Out There (in Island Reef color), Mr. America Dog and Flag (in Blue Jean color), and Catch a Great Story (in Heather Navy color).

    ​​With Burlebo, there is no such thing as a simple tee. T-Shirts by Burlebo are made with pride and quality. They are a well-blended combination of Ringspun cotton, balanced with a soft polyester blend. The Mr. American Dog and Flag short sleeve shirt feature a vintage image of a man's best friend showcasing homeland pride. This tee comes in a heather blue, but the colors could vary over different soft shades depending on your t-shirt selections.

    While Burlebo understands the nature of excellent performance wear, they also understand the need for trendy daily wear. The versatile selections of their collections are perfect for roughing through the adventurous outdoors and great for wearing on a relaxed day.


    Burlebo Shorts

    If you are heading out fishing on the lake, hunting for birds or other wildlife, or just enjoying a summer’s day, Burlebo Shorts are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors! These high-performance shorts are built-to-last and feature a quick-drying design. Burlebo has a range of patterned-pocket performance shorts. Each pair has a comfortable elastic waistband with zipper and double rubber buttons for extra security. There are several style options depending on what design you want printed in your pockets. We stock Rainbow Trout Pocket Shorts (in Earth Red color), Fly Pocket Shorts (in River Rock Grey color), Patriotic Pocket Burlebo Shorts (in Heather Navy color), and Duck Pocket Shorts (in Cobblestone Khaki color). These shorts are sweatproof and lifeproof, made for those who live for exploration and adventure. 

    Performance Wear - Shirts and Bottoms

    Burlebo is leading the pack with efficient performance wear. The focus of lightweight and wicking characteristics is primary. The Moisture Wicking Performance Shorts with Rainbow Trout Pockets by Burlebo gets performance right. They are popular among the collection, reviewed as "great shorts and very lightweight" Also, the rainbow trout has lots of character.

    What is time outside if your gear isn't up for the challenge. Burlebo's performance wear is available in tops and bottoms. The Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee is available with long sleeves. It features a beautiful graphic of a colorful fish swimming in the gulf. It is perfect for a weekend fishing trip with friends. The polyester and spandex blend with absorbency characteristics will be a winner when on the water. A big splash does not have to mean sticky clothing. The wicking properties will keep your clothing dry and breathable for the duration of your time on the water.

    What are Moisture Wicking Shorts? How Does it Help Your Performance?

    As an avid outdoor guy, TreyBo understands the importance of wicking or managing the absorbency of your clothing. "Tromping through the woods and water" would one day give birth to a solution of possibly the most uncomfortable of the fun times. 

    Wicking is the absorption of liquid. In short, it's the act of keeping your performance wear dry. Burlebo adapted this concept into their performance wear and solidified the best wear for the outdoors. Another piece of performance wear clothing available from the collection and within the Hometown Heritage Clothing selection is the Let it Fly Sun Performance Tee. It has all of the antimicrobial and wicking characteristics along with the trendy graphics and style.

    Outdoor Enthusiasts Choose Burbelo for Their Outdoor Adventures

    When professionals and outdoor enthusiasts search for performance wear, they are thorough. The conditions experienced include high winds, smoldering heat, and periods where you may encounter wet and dry conditions. Your body will thank you for getting it right the first time and every time after.

    It would be easy to understand with the ever-changing outdoor conditions that proper performance wear is essential to an enjoyable experience. Burlebo understands. They set out with the vision to be the clothing source for all outdoor enthusiasts. Their operation started as a true family business, with their grandmother contributing her sewing skills. What started as sewing the company's branding into the tag space of comfort shirts sprouted into a full-on manufactured clothing line. Five years later, the family clothing line has grown into a much more extended family, stretching beyond Texas.

    The Burlebo Collection is Huge

    Burlebo, a family collection, is known for its outdoor wear inspired by the great outdoors. Their gear features vintage graphics of ducks, bears, deer fish, and the American flag. It has a little something for everyone that is bound together by the shared love of the outdoors. Their collections are their notable shirts, including cotton t-shirts, both long and short-sleeved, performance tops, patches, and hats. They are all available within the Hometown Heritage Clothing Collection.

    A great fit and quality selection of clothing makes Burlebo a great fit within the Hometown Heritage Clothing collection. When choosing the most suitable outdoor wear, search for the qualities that provide the best accommodations for all of your outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, and climbing. Burlebo checks off those boxes. Their available selection in Hometown Heritage Collection includes short and long sleeve shirts, performance tops and bottoms, signature hats, and stickers to boot. The sizes range up to XXL, and the prices are affordable. Expand your closet with idyllic imagery and durable clothing. Don't forget to add in pieces for your kids with the available youth styles.