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    Lily Grace Clothing

    Lily Grace Clothing is a proud Southern fashion brand based in Columbia, South Carolina. The brand aspires to create garments that are high-quality, stylish, and have an effortless style. Lily Grace works hard to infuse all of these characteristics in the creation of the clothing products they provide for their customers. Lily Grace brand inspires young ladies to craft or create a carefree, confident image through their clothing and accessories. The products they offer include unique hand-drawn tees, koozies, tumblers & more!

    Lily Grace apparel is inspired by the Honeybee and integrates the insect into many of their designs, so why did they choose the Honeybee to represent their brand? “In their natural habitat, Bees are social creatures. You find them working together to create something very pleasant and sweet and full of life!” Lily Grace wants the Southern ladies that wear their brand to feel like the Queens of their hives! These ladies are full of confidence; they work hard, are sweet just like honey, but they aren’t afraid to sting! 

    The Lily Grace Clothing brand goes all out when it comes to providing you with the best quality clothing. By designing and manufacturing their clothing here in the USA they are able to guarantee each garment is of premium quality. Lily Grace T-Shirts are designed to be durable, ravishing, stylish, and sweet. Some of the popular designs that we stock at Hometown Heritage include The Back Roads, Lantern, When In Doubt Chill Out, Sunshine Sunflower, and Standout Sunglasses. This Fashion brand has created a beautiful range of Southern women’s clothing that brings out the best in every woman. Just like the Bees, they want you to fly higher, feel sweeter, and more full of life. Lily Grace goes the extra mile to make all their clothing items comfy, stylish, and cute. 

    In line with our goal of connecting you with southern-inspired brands and designs, Hometown Heritage Collection offers a range of Lily Grace clothing, with an entire collection of Southern Women’s shirts that encourage femininity and pride. Subscribe to the latest updates on Hometown Heritage for a chance to get up to a 20% discount on your first purchase. Hometown Heritage is committed to connecting you with southern clothing brands of high quality and Lily Grace women's southern Clothing brand is synonymous with these values. Lily Grace’s mission is to inspire women all over the world to create amazing memories and feel confident rocking their hand-crafted designed clothing. Lily Grace also provides an extensive plus-size collection to suit all women’s body styles.

    Benefits of Buying Lily Grace Clothing?

    • Breathable, High-Quality shirts
    • Amazing designs
    • Colorful
    • Comfortable
    • Affordable

    One of the major benefits of buying Lily Grace clothing is the comfort and self-confidence it gives you. The brand focuses on helping women to express themselves without inhibition and factors this into its production methods. The designs are hand-drawn and unique, helping you to become a pleasant, sweet, and social creature that gets the most out of life. 

    Lily Grace t-shirts are made of 100% organic, combed, ringspun cotton, and are comfortable on the skin, even in warm weather. Lily Grace embodies everything that girls love about being comfortable, preppy, and stylish t-shirts. The brand has a deep understanding of feminity and this is reflected in wide-ranging clothing designs. Their shirts are adorned with highly detailed hand-drawn designs inspired by classic American style. Lily Grace shirts have the versatility to be worn casually or dressed up to match every style and occasion.

    Buying Lily Grace clothing means you get your favorite Southern Women’s tees at a discounted price. Their entire clothing range is priced for affordability, and on top of that, they will be delivered to you for free. Sign up for news on the latest arrivals to Hometown Heritage and receive an exclusive discount on your next order.

    When you wear Lily Grace clothes, you feel strength, comfort, pride, and confidence. We strive to ensure all our customers find comfort and a sense of belonging in whatever they wear. This is why we are proud to stock Lily Grace clothing on our online store.

    How to Order Our Old Guard Outfitters Clothes

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    Select which of our Lily Grace shirts suits you the most. Browse through our extensive selection of clothes to find a shirt that blends comfort, style, and practicality. Don’t miss out on getting this quality brand at a discounted price here at Hometown Heritage Clothing. Our clothing comes in a range of sizes to make sure you find the right fit. By clicking on the product you like, you will be taken to the product page which specifies the clothing features and size chart. Simply click ‘Add to Cart’ to head to the next step. 

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    All of our orders are traceable so you'll know when to expect your Lily Grace clothing. The speed of delivery and charges due will depend on your location. Our orders are not just limited to the Southern states of the US either. We can ship our products all around the US and offer FREE standard shipping on all items with no minimum charge! (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Depending on your shipping option, you can expect to receive your Lily Grace Clothing in 1-5 days. If you have any issues with receiving your Lily Grace clothing, don’t hesitate to contact us.