Tried and True Clothes


    Tried and True Clothes

    Tried and True is an Americana-inspired clothing manufacturer that wants to share the Southern, Outdoors experience with all. Started in Charleston, South Carolina, Tried and True clothing produces casual wear that is full of color, life, and culture. Their clothing line is made up of a majority of graphic men’s and women’s tees, long sleeves, and trucker hats. Their apparel is perfect for heading out on the water, hanging out in your backyard with friends, or going out on the town. 

    Tried and True clothes are inspired by a true southern feel and the desire to cater to your outdoor needs with comfortable wear. They’re a vintage-focused brand that appeals to classic designs while inspiring current trends in fashion.

    We understand the importance of history and culture in fashion and identity. This is why we promote nostalgic feels with our retro designs. Their products range from T-shirts to jackets and clothing accessories such as hats and caps. Their designs are stylish and incredibly graphic, breathing the elements of southern life into your outfit.

    Types of Tried and True Clothing That We Sell

    Hometown Heritage recognizes the important role that southern brands and designers play in influencing the fashion world. Our online retail store replicates this by showcasing the best of southern clothing available. Tried and True Clothing designs and sells high-quality, stylish apparel for Southerners that live an outdoor lifestyle. At Hometown Heritage Clothing, we are proud to stock a range of different tees and hats from Tried and True. Popular options from our collection of Tried and True Clothing includes:

    Crawfish Boil - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    Tried and True brand's short-sleeved comfort colors T-shirt is printed in the color of Chambray. When southern crayfish are boiled, the vibrant yellow, red, and brown mixture makes the delicious and fresh crayfish boiled vividly with lemon, potatoes, and corn. This shirt is a true representation of Southern lifestyle and cuisine. 

    Duck & Calls - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    The Tried and True ‘Duck & Calls’ shirt is a Hunter Green colored, short-sleeved, Comfort colors T-shirt. A beautiful display of typical North American waterfowl: Mallard, high back, red hair, long tail, Woody, and the wooden duck below. "Follow your phone" is written on the back of the shirt.

    Chocolate Chip & Grey Brown Dog Woven Patch Hat

    Quality is an integral part of choosing the right hat. Our Southern Lifestyle clothing options offer not only high-quality products but ones that look and feel great too. This traditional trucker hat has a complete front structure and a breathable mesh on the back, making it ideal for all occasions. When you head out on your next outdoor adventure, such as camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, you will not want to leave this hat behind!

    Double Haul Perfect Cast - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    The Tried and True Brand logo is printed on this orange, short-sleeved T-shirt. The double-layer trolling fishing shirt has three cork-treated flying rods with navy, red, and light blue reels from left to right. There is a light blue fly at the bottom left of the frame, "Double Haul" at the bottom of the image, and "Tried & True'' at the top. The signature of Tried & True in the background fluctuates in light blue.

    American Tractors - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    This popular T-Shirt pays homage to the Southern agricultural lifestyle. This Navy Blue, short sleeve shirt called the ‘American Tractors’ design, features two old tractors, the top blue, and the bottom red. They are separated by a white ‘Tried & True’ banner designed with an American theme.

    Why Buy Tried and True Clothing?

    What are the advantages that come with purchasing shirts and outdoor wear from Tried and True? You will find high-quality for all occasions when buying Tried and True Clothes. The brand strives to make durable, yet stylish gear that represents a southern, outdoors lifestyle. Below you will find some of the benefits of shopping Tried and True on Hometown Heritage Collection:

    Committed to Providing High-Quality, Comfortable Clothes

    Tried and True production standards ensure you get only the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques. The goal of Tried and True casual wear is to ensure you’re comfortable during your outdoor runs or activities. Their tees are made of lightweight and comfortable material that ensures you stay cool all day. Tried and True shirts are available for both men and women. They are also versatile and can be worn on several occasions including beach hangouts, park strolls, and boat rides.

    Timeless Design and Style

    Fashion for all is what you get when you shop at Tried and True. Regardless of your age, personality, style, or gender, you can always find a design that defines you and is relevant for years to come.

    Pre-Shrunk Soft Wash Garment Fabric

    With our pre-shrunk fabrics, you no longer have to worry about shirt elasticity and expansion. Our materials are durable, stay true to size, and do not lose shape. 

    Free Delivery 

    When you shop Tried and True clothing on the Hometown Heritage website, your orders are shipped to you free of charge anywhere in the U.S. You also qualify for a 10% discount on your first order when you sign up on the Heritage Hometown website.

    Tried and True Clothing Size Chart

    Tried and True believes that everyone deserves comfortable and affordable trendy wear. That’s why they produce our tees and hats in an extensive range of sizes so that everyone can find a fit. Some of the available sizes of Tried and True clothing on the Hometown Heritage website include: 

    For youth, sizes ranging from extra extra small (XXS), extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL) are available. For an adult, sizes ranging from small (S) to extra extra extra large (XXXL) are available. For performance shirts for the great outdoors, sizes ranging from small(S) to extra extra extra large (XXXL) are available. 

    All these sizes are available for men, women, and children. If you’re unsure about your size or that of a loved one, our size charts are available on the product pages to help you determine the right fit.