Crab Crates Southern Blues - Short Sleeve T-Shirt by Tried and True Clothing

Crab Crates Southern Blues - Short Sleeve T-Shirt by Tried and True Clothing

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Crab Crates Southern Blues Shirt by Tried and True Brand

If you are looking to capture an idyllic Southern scene then look no further than the Tried and True Clothing Crab Crates and Southern Blues.

Printed on a banana-colored Comfort Color short sleeve t-shirt, this extremely detailed image portrays a giant Atlantic blue crab with red claws above an image of a crab crate on a dock with the light of the setting sun painting everything pink and red. In the center of the picture is the Tried and True logo, with the phrase “Southern Blues” printed at the bottom.

The Atlantic blue crab is also called the Chesapeake blue crab in some regions, and there is a reason why it is known so well in the southern states. Found along the Atlantic coast of the US as well as in the Gulf of Mexico and transported around the entire country and world, these crabs have some of the sweetest and most delicate meat. Thanks to their skill as swimmers, their back legs which they use for swimming are the best part for eating. The entire west coast of the US, from Texas to Virginia and above, have been able to enjoy this flavorful crab for centuries, and it’s a tried and true recipe for the southern blues.

As eye catching as the vibrant colors of this shirt are, they are not its first selling point since the fabric is made from 100% ringspun cotton which is woven much more finely than regular cotton and other fabrics. Being ringspun ensures that the shirt has a greater texture, a greater appearance, is more durable, and can whether colder temperatures better than the average cotton shirt.

Whether you are out on the water pulling up crab crates yourself or are lucky enough to enjoy the taste of these beautiful creatures of the west coast, this shirt will last through any journey and keep you warm for a long time to come.

  • Tried & True Clothing Brand
  • Short Sleeve T-Shirt Printed on Comfort Colors
  • Color-Banana
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Preshrunk, Soft-Washed, Garment-Dyed Fabric
  • Double-Needle Stitched Sleeves and Bottom Hem
  • Twill Taped Shoulder-to-Shoulder
  • Non-Pocket
  • **Clearance- All Sales Final

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