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    Bison Leather Belts - Bison Design Company 

    Bison Designs was established by Brian Kelleghan in 1987 to produce belts manufactured from climbing, webbing, and leather. The innovative process that they use to create these stunning belts allows them to produce more unique styles and comprehensive designs. Bison Belts proudly manufactures all of its products in Longmont, Colorado in the USA. 

    Bison Design’s main aim is to provide premium quality Bison Leather Belts to the people of America. The American Bison is one of the symbols of the USA, a representation of the freedom and strength of the country, and what it has been through to reach the point they are at today. The Bison is a strong, powerful animal that has a rugged beauty, these virtues are emulated in Bison’s leather belts. The toughness of these belts ensures that with proper care, they can last you a lifetime. While Bison Belts may be durable and tough, that does not mean they are without style, these handcrafted belts are carefully designed with intricate patterns and finished with impressive buckles. 

    Over the years, their product line has continued to expand, to include a large variety of men's, women's, and youth belts, pet accessories, paracord survival accessories, unique & custom aluminum accessories (including carabiners, bottle openers, and more). Bison Leather belts distribute its products in thousands of specialty stores throughout the United States and other online retailers like us, here at Hometown Heritage Clothing!

    After decades of perfecting their craft, Bison Design knows how to manufacture the perfect belt, built for strength, durability, style, and of course comfort. They continue to innovate the fashion accessory market with their stylish, functional, and practical Bison Leather Belts. In everything that Bison Design does, they are dedicated to product excellence, relentless innovation, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This is why we are proud to offer Bison Leather Belts on Hometown Heritage. We have a range of Men’s Bison Belts, the style of belts in our Bison Belt collection include:

    • Bison Leather Belts 

    • Subtle Cinch Bison Belts

    • Millennium Bison Belts

    Bison Leather Belts 

    Bison leather belts are one of the best full-grain leather belts on the market. These sturdy belts sit perfectly on your waist, no matter your size. Matching it with jeans and your favorite boots is a classic look that won’t ever go out of style in the South. 

    We have the Bison Leather Belts available at Hometown Heritage in 30mm to 38mm width styles. Choose the narrow option (30mm) for a slightly more subtle look. If you want to wear your belt with pride, go for the 38mm. We have a huge range of sizes available, including plus-size bison belts, sizes are best suited to 34-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch, 40-inch, and 42-inch waists. The durable leather belts are finished with rustic, heavy-duty buckles of antique silver or bronze color. 

    The Durango Corded Bison Leather Belt is handcrafted in Longmont, Colorado, USA. Combining 100% genuine North American cowhide and heavy-duty cord sew lines give this belt added strength and durability. The solid brass buckle with an antique silver finish on the front is secured with Chicago screws to guarantee this belt will last. It is available in our online boutique in 38mm leather width and in two color options - Black and Brown. The sizes we have available range from 34” to 42".

    The High Roller Leather Belt has the classic brass roller buckle, and a unique, stylish contoured buckle frame. The sturdy brass and the antique finish of this buckle really give off the high roller vibe. This bison belt is made of thick, tough leather which will last for years, even when you wear it daily. It is made of 100% North American Cowhide which gives it flawless texture and added durability. The High Roller Bison Belt is available in 38mm leather styles in our store. Sizes available range from 34”, to 42”, and you can find it in a deep black or rich brown color. 

    The Rawhide 38MM Leather belt is made from genuine cowhide, 100% of it grown here on the North American pastures. The sturdiness of the Rawhide Bison Belt guarantees a lifetime of wear, you won’t ever have to buy another belt! The classy antique silver finish allows you to adapt the confidence and poise of a boss. The rawhide 38MM leather belt is unisex; therefore it can look stylish on both men and women and is available at our boutique in waist sizes 34 to 42.

    The Castaway Leather Belt is the perfect belt for anglers, fishermen, or any rugged outdoorsman. This USA-made cast-away belt is ideal for anglers looking for peak-quality leather belts with a buckle that sparks memories of their last catch. The soft, yet tough bison leather is fitted with solid brass Chicago screws for easy and quick buckle changes. It is the perfect gift idea for your favorite fisherman.

    The Box Canyon 38MM Bison Leather Belt features a buckle with a dark antique silver finish. The intricate detailing on the leather of the belt shows faint square lines which allows you to easily blend it in with any outfit. This bison belt is 100% genuine leather, so while it is tough and durable, it is also soft and flexible, offering comfort around the waist. Our box canyon belts are more durable, and they do not shrink or stretch like any other synthetic leather-made belts. The dark antique silver buckle paired with distressed leather with a two-tone pull-up gives your bottoms a confident and classic feel, fit and look. This Bison Design’s Belt is available in 38mm Black leather and in sizes 34" to 42".

    Subtle Cinch Bison Belts

    The Subtle Cinch Belt is a USA-made belt of 38mm width. The stylish, low-profile aluminum buckle is comfortable on the waist and has a secure non-slip design. You can wear this fashionable Bison Belt in the office, at church, at a party, on family occasions, out on a hike, and even out fishing. The Bison Subtle Cinch Belt comes in a range of different colors; we have the Navy, Cool Graphite, Dark Olive, and Coyote Brown available at Hometown Heritage.