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    Itsa Girl Thing

    When it comes to creating clothing that encourages women's empowerment and freedom in the South, no one comes close to Itsa Girl Thing. As the brand name personifies, they’re all about creating designs that allow girls and women of all ages to feel secure, confident, and strong in the beliefs they hold. Itsa Girl Thing is a clothing brand located in Columbia, South Carolina with a mission to create affordable tees for females regardless of age, social leanings, and size. Their main purpose is to provide a fashion line for women to express themselves without any hindrance.

    It’s a Girl Thing’s brand symbol is the magnolia flower which embodies femininity, beauty, and dignity. As a brand, their vision is to encourage females of all ages to take after the magnolia flower in expressing and exploring their strengths, uniqueness, and personalities. This is why their designs are intentionally crafted to spur positive vibes, complement your beauty, and boost your confidence. The company believes in comfortability and expression for everyone, which is why their shirts come in different variants. Being an Itsa girl goes is a powerful fashion statement that shows fearlessness, joy, and being a beacon of light.

    Itsa Girl Thing shirt designs are available in seasonal wear, southern style, Christian wear, animal lovers, sassy sayings, and lots more. Whatever personality or vibe you’re looking to give off can be expressed through their designs with inspirational, as well as funny and sweet inscriptions available. Itsa Girl Thing shirts come in both long sleeve and short sleeves options. They are also available in youth hoodies and dresses for the younger generation. All their designs are hand-drawn and manufactured with consideration for all age groups and sizes. In addition to making shirts, they also produce koozies, dresses, and tumblers, as well as other accessories to go with your outfit.

    Types Of Itsa Girl Thing Clothing That We Sell

    In line with our goal of connecting you with southern-inspired brands and designs, Hometown Heritage Collection offers a range of Itsa Girl Thing clothing, with an entire collection dedicated to shopping shirts and tees that encourage femininity. Subscribe to the latest updates on Hometown Heritage for a chance to get up to a 20% discount on your first purchase. Hometown Heritage is committed to connecting you with southern clothing brands of high quality. Itsa Girl Thing is synonymous with these values. Some of the available Itsa Girl Clothing on our website include:

    All About That Grace T-shirt

    Trying to replicate your Christian ideals and beliefs on a t-shirt? This short sleeve ‘All About That Grace’ shirt is what you need. A catchy phrase combined with crucifix imagery gives a nod to your Christian background without saying much. Also available on the Christian design section is the ‘Faith Can Move Mountains’ short sleeve pink tee. Coming in a feminine color, the front design features the phrase on signposts, signaling the arrival of a confident woman with unlimited potential.

    Sweet Southern Sassy

    This short sleeve t-shirt is specially crafted to help girls of different ages confidently identify with their values. The shirt comes in a unique violet design and is completely made of cotton. This makes it ideal for warm weather. The sweet southern sassy tees are also preshrunk so you don’t have to worry about them losing shape. They are taped at the shoulders and neck, so you can forget about them coming loose at the hems. Also available in our Itsa Girl Thing clothing collection is the ‘Cactus In A Cup’ t-shirt for youthful girls. Like the Sweet Southern Sassy wear, it’s also preshrunk and made of cotton. These tees are specially made for girls who hail from the country and southern sides of the States to confidently identify with their cultural values.

    Reasons To Buy Itsa Girl Thing Clothing?

    One of the major things you should consider when it comes to buying Itsa Girl Thing clothing is the comfort and self-confidence it gives you. The brand focuses on helping women to express themselves without inhibition and factors this into its production methods. The designs are hand-drawn and unique, helping you to reflect your values and ideals even in crowded spaces.

    Itsa Girl Thing Clothing tees are made of pure cotton and are comfortable on the skin, even in warm weather. The brand’s understanding of feminity is unrivaled and this is reflected in its styling and variety of designs. Their shirts are made of quality materials that help you to stay cool even in warm weather.

    At It’s A Girl Thing, there’s a place for everyone regardless of their age, size, or identity. This is because they believe in your unique strengths and personalities. As a result, they continuously create clothing that reflects the power, courage, and beauty of the southern female. Whether you’re a youth, in your teens, or a mom, there’s a matching design for you at this all-inclusive brand.

    Buying Itsa Girl clothing means you get your favorite tees at a discounted price. Their entire clothing range is priced for affordability, and on top of that, they will be delivered to your doorstep without extra costs. Signing up for the latest arrivals and deals also qualifies you for a discount on your next order. 

    When you wear It’s A Girl Thing products, you think and breathe strength, comfort, pride, and confidence. We strive to ensure all our customers find comfort and a sense of belonging in our designs. This reflects our daily attempt to be the best at what we do, and we encourage our customers to do the same. 

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