Solid Cable Knit C.C Gloves by C.C Beanie
Solid Cable Knit C.C Gloves by C.C Beanie

Solid Cable Knit C.C Gloves by C.C Beanie

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Solid Cable-Knit C.C Gloves by C.C Beanie

Stay warm and stylish this winter with these cozy Solid Cable Knit C.C Gloves by C.C Beanie. These C.C Gloves are the perfect fusion of style and comfort for every activity this winter. Whether you are heading into the mountains for skiing or snowboarding with the family, or you just need to go downtown but there is a storm blowing outside, you need these gloves. The C.C Beanie Gloves will keep you warm, and ensure you still look your best. You no longer have to sacrifice your stylish looks for warm clothes.

C.C. Beanie is famous for making garments that are comfortable and durable, designed to last, even in the toughest conditions. These C.C. gloves are no exception. The cable knit will keep your hands warm and cozy, blocking the cold wind from biting at your hands. The fingertip is designed with smart tip technology so that you can use touch screen equipment without removing gloves. Perfect for keeping your hands warm when a cold wind is howling and you need to use your smartphone to text or call someone. 

The simple colors of Mauve and Navy that we offer on Hometown Heritage Clothing make these C.C. Beanie Gloves the perfect winter accessory. The casual, yet trendy colors are just so easy to match with all your favorite winter outfits! The C.C. Beanie gloves are a fantastic winter gift for all women in your life. The style of these gloves is timeless and the colors are simple, which means that women of all ages will look fantastic in them, and we mean everyone from your daughter to your grandma!

The C.C. Beanie Gloves are one size fits most, and the acrylic knit even offers a little stretch. Order yours now and prepare for the cooler months! Hurry before they run out!

Available Colors: Mauve, Navy

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