Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo
Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo
Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo

Live Wildly Sun Performance Tee by Burlebo

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Live Wildly Sun Performance T-Shirt by Burlebo

You’ve been preparing for a fishing trip for weeks, and the day has finally come to go out. You’re preparing for to catch a large haul this trip and are looking forward to having fish dinners for several weeks. You go with your bros on your boat and spend the day just as you imagined: lots of fish and laughs. You have a genuinely good time and can’t wait to go out again soon. You want to commemorate your trip, and you can with this this long sleeve performance t-shirt from Burlebo that lets you show your love for fishing and living wildly.

Made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex to ensure you get the comfiest, best fit you’ve ever experienced in a performance t-shirt, this fishing performance shirt will surely be a wardrobe staple for years to come. The color allows you to prove the old adage that tough guys wear pink (well, in this case, Heather Coral) while the detailed graphic featuring a colorful fish allows you to show off your love for Gulf fishing. The long sleeves performance tshirt ensure you’ll be comfy whether you’re out boating or cuddling up with your date on a cool winter night. The best part? The shirt features 50 UPF (sun protection is always in) and is antimicrobial and moisture wicking for those extra active fishing days or when you need something with long sleeves in the summer.

Because it’s Burlebo Clothing, you’ll know this shirt is one of the highest-quality t-shirts on the market. Based in Austin, Texas, Burlebo is dedicated to celebrating America with an assortment of lifestyle products that are sure to make all of your friends envious. This performance fishing shirt will quickly become an old favorite, and you’ll discover your new favorite brand the moment you put it on. Looking stylish and comfy? What else can a guy ask for? And remember, you live wildly, and your clothes should reflect that.

  • Burlebo - Long Sleeve Sleeve Performance T-Shirt
  • Shown in Heather Coral
  • 50 UPF, Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking
  • 91% Polyester & 9% Spandex
  • Model is 6'1 Wearing a Size Large

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