New Years Eve Outfits

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    New Year's Eve can be a whole lot of fun, but there’s a lot of work to be done before you get to enjoy those celebrations! And while figuring out where — and with whom — you’ll be ringing in the new year will be your top priority, the next thing on your mind will be what you’ll wear to your chosen event. After all, New Year's Eve is very much an opportunity to go all-out and wear an outfit that’ll help elevate the occasion (and look great in those classic party pictures). 

    If you’re struggling to decide what you’ll wear, then fear not: Hometown Heritage is here to help nudge you in the right direction. We’ll run through everything you need to know about New Year's Eve outfits, including what to consider before making your decision, some style ideas, and much more.

    Planning the Perfect Outfit

    New Year's Eve may be some time off, but we all know how fast time can zip by — it’ll be here before you know it! So it’s best to start planning your outfit now so you’ll be ready for when the big night arrives; there’s nothing worse than trying to put together a last-minute outfit, especially when you’re trying to make an impression.

    Remember that there’s no such thing as the perfect outfit for New Year's Eve. There’s only the perfect outfit for what you’re looking for. You can begin narrowing down your options by thinking about the following:

    Think of the Environment 

    An outfit could be perfect for one type of environment, and inappropriate for another. So to begin, think about the event that you’ll be attending. If you’re going to a glamorous ball, then a stunning New Year's Eve dress will be the right way to go. If you’re having an intimate gathering at a friend’s place, then something more casual would be fine, though we also think that this night is one that’s worthwhile pushing the boat out for. Keep in mind that you can’t really overdress on New Year's Eve, but you can underdress, so make sure you add a touch of glamor if you’re going to a more formal event.

    Glamor or Comfort?

    If you’re not planning to go to a ticketed event, then you’ll have a host of outfit options available to you. Your main decision will be whether you opt for glamor or comfort. Both can be stylish, so it really comes down to preference! If it’s a more casual gathering with friends and family, then an outfit that consists of boots, boutique jeans, and a cute sweater could be a winning combination. 

    Looking for an outfit that’s comfortable and glamorous at the same time? Then consider a romper or jumpsuit, which are always perfect to wear.. Just be sure to pair it with shoes that you can wear on the dancefloor pain-free. 

    Is Temperature a Factor?

    Depending on where you live, you might have to contend with some pretty chilly temperatures as you make your way to and from your New Year's Eve party. In many cases, you can remove “the weather factor” by taking a taxi to and from an indoor party. 

    But if you anticipate spending time outside (either during transit or at the event itself) then think about how you’ll keep yourself warm. A layered outfit including a sweater can keep the chill at bay. Alternatively, if you’re planning to wear a small and stylish dress, then you may need to pair it with a coat, but this too offers a style opportunity; arriving in a big, glamorous coat can provide the bold statement you’re looking for. 

    Talk to Your Friends

    Not sure what would be appropriate to wear on New Year's Eve? Then speak to your friends! There’s safety in numbers. If all the party-goers are planning to wear casual clothing, then you can have confidence in following suit. 

    Though keep in mind there is something to be said for bringing a touch of glamor when everyone else is dressed casually. A good rule of thumb is: at the bare minimum keep up with your friends, but don’t be afraid to overdress if you’re feeling inspired to do so. 

    Dazzle in a Romper or Jumpsuit

    Rompers and jumpsuits feel like they were designed with New Year's Eve in mind — after all, they’re comfortable, chic, fun, and affordable, which is just about the best combination of qualities when you’re looking for an outfit that will make an impression without going overboard.

    Rompers and jumpsuits are highly versatile, making them appropriate for both hitting a ticketed event and having an elegant dinner party with friends. All you’ll need to do is make sure your hair and makeup are looking great, add a lovely pair of shoes, and throw on your romper or jumpsuit, and you’ll be all set for a great night. 

    Mix Comfort and Style with a Cute Sweater

    There’s more than one way to celebrate New Year's Eve. Some people like to hit the club; others prefer a cozy environment, such as their own home, a local restaurant, or a neighborhood bar. If your focus is on having a great time with friends and family rather than doing anything overly glamorous, then consider wearing a cute sweater with boutique jeans and boots.

    This outfit can provide the perfect mix of style and comfort, and also comes with another pretty big advantage: it’s warm and cozy! At Hometown Heritage, we offer a wide range of warm and stylish sweaters that are perfect for all occasions; you might buy one with New Year's Eve in mind, but you’ll find that you wear it again and again. 

    Go Classic with a Little Black Dress

    Another option is to wear a classic little black dress. Elegant, sophisticated, and stylish, the little black dress should form part of everyone’s wardrobe. While it’s very much an item of clothing that’s appropriate for ringing in the new year, you’ll find that it becomes your go-to outfit whenever you’re looking to make an impression. 

    At Hometown Heritage, we’re proud to offer a wide range of dresses, ensuring that you can find the one that belongs in your wardrobe. 

    Don’t Forget The Accessories

    Looking to add some additional sparkle to your outfit? Then consider adding some accessories, which can help to take your outfit to a whole other level. An elegant pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet can help to give your New Year's Eve outfit an extra dose of glamor, which is always welcome on a party night! 

    Dress to Impress

    Your New Year's Eve outfit doesn’t just give you something to wear to your event. It also helps to set the tone for the evening. If you and your friends are dressed in clothes that make you feel fabulous, then you’ll be much more likely to have a fabulous night! Plus, by dressing to impress, you’ll ensure that those all-important photos look fantastic. 

    It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing: by putting some effort into your outfit, you’ll be helping to make the night special. 

    An Outfit For All Occasions

    As we said earlier, there’s no such thing as the perfect New Year's Eve outfit, only the one that’s appropriate for your plans. If you’re not sure what to wear for your event, keep the following in mind:

    The Club

    Planning to go all-out for New Year's Eve by spending the night at a club or party? Then you can’t go wrong with a chic and stylish romper or jumper. They offer plenty of style and glamor while still being comfortable. Just be sure to pair it with a warm and stylish coat so you stay warm during transit.  

    A Dinner Party

    Planning an intimate dinner party with friends? It’s still a chance to dress to the nines! This would be the perfect scenario to pull out a little black dress, though something more casual would also be appropriate if it’s a more relaxed atmosphere.

    A Nice Night At Home

    New Year's Eve doesn’t always equal socializing. Sometimes it’s just nice to have an enjoyable evening at home with your family. If that’s your plan, then consider wearing a cozy and warm sweater with jeans and boots; you’ll have made enough of an effort to make the night special, but you’ll also be comfortable and homey.