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    The holidays are coming, which means you’ll have a busy schedule in the coming weeks and months. Friends and family will be getting together more often during the holiday season - plus you’ll likely have a few work parties to attend as well. As such, you’re looking for the perfect holiday dresses to suit these different occasions - and we’ve got you covered. 

    At Hometown Heritage, we stock an array of outstanding holiday party dresses to help you soak up the festivities. There are some beautiful designs to scroll through and look at, all of which are available in a multitude of inclusive sizes. We’re confident there’s something here to suit your style preferences and to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. The full collection can be seen above - and we update it regularly with new products from amazing brands! 

    Holiday Dresses In Every Style Imaginable

    What sets a holiday dress apart from other types of dresses? For us, it comes down to the style and colors. You want to pick something that looks festive and matches the theme of the holiday party.  We have a wonderful variety of dresses in festive colors - such as dark greens, deep purples, warm reds, and many more. You’ll walk into any room and exude the holiday cheer thanks to the color of your dress alone. 

    At the same time, dress fabrics and designs are super important. Many of our stunning holiday dresses are made from velvet or satin. Both give luxurious vibes and create an almost cozy look that fits perfectly with the holiday season. These dresses are ideal for Christmas parties with friends, family, or work colleagues. 

    Then, we have textured or ruffled dresses that make you look like a beautiful festive decoration. Adding frills or ruffles is perfect at this time of year and can help make your dress look more holiday-orientated. Sometimes, a few ruffles on the sleeves are all it takes to turn a dress from a cute going-out dress into one that’s meant for Christmas parties. 

    Of course, Christmas isn’t the only holiday that you’ll be dressing up for. There are plenty of other religious holidays at this time of year, and we have dresses that suit them too. Our collection is full of wonderful modest dresses that are ideal for family celebrations, or to wear to your chosen place of worship. 

    And who can forget about the other two big holidays at the end of every year: Thanksgiving and New Year's? Hometown Heritage stocks loads of sublime holiday dresses that will look brilliant at any Thanksgiving party or dinner. Green is another great color for this holiday, but we also find that burgundy and purple work perfectly as they almost represent the colors of the leaves changing during the Thanksgiving season. For New Year’s Eve, get yourself one of our cheeky little black dresses. You can never go wrong with one of these as they’re perfectly suited to any event or occasion. Wear one to a New Year’s party and you’ll have the confidence to party the night away. Alternatively, we have some sumptuous satin babydoll dresses that are also excellent choices for New Year’s parties - particularly if you pick the ones in either white or gold! 

    The Best Accessories For Your Holiday Dresses

    No holiday party dress is complete without suitable accessories. This is how you take a simple dress and add some holiday cheer to it. We have some wonderful jewelry items that work exceptionally well with all of our holiday dresses. They add a touch of sparkle that elevates these dresses to new levels and brings even more of a festive edge to them. 

    The great thing is, these accessories can be really subtle, yet tremendously effective. Some Christmas tree earrings paired with a holiday dress will immediately turn you into the most festive person in the room. Simple necklaces can bring out other subtle colors in your dress while making you sparkle like your Christmas tree. 

    There are so many ways you can use accessories to your advantage, creating a look that’s perfect for any party or gathering this holiday season. If you’re heading out for New Year’s or you have Christmas parties to attend with friends, then we have some beautiful bags that pair well with all of our holiday dresses too. Again, you can choose these bags in fabulously festive colors to either match your dress or make it pop even more.

    Holiday Dresses Designed To Flatter

    The secret to a great dress is ensuring it flatters. After all, nobody wants to put on a dress and feel like it makes them look bad. You want the confidence of knowing you look fabulous, so you can strut around with your head held high. It’s especially important during the holiday season as this is a time of joy and cheer. You don’t want to spend every party or get-together feeling self-conscious or hating the way you look in photos. 

    The Hometown Heritage collection of holiday dresses is designed to flatter. We take body confidence very seriously and want you all to feel your best. That’s why we offer the following: 

    • A range of lengths/fits
    • Inclusive sizing

    Both are designed to help you find something that fits your body shape and brings out all of your best features. As a result, you can walk around feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, allowing you to enjoy the festivities! 

    Holiday Dresses In Different Lengths/Fits

    We know that some women feel more comfortable in different dress lengths/fits than others. For some of you, you’re at your best when wearing beautiful mini dresses. Our holiday dress collection is full of various mini dresses that can be worn with or without tights to suit your style, helping you feel sexy and more self-confident. 

    Others may prefer more coverage with midi or maxi dresses - both of which are also available at Hometown Heritage. In fact, we have some really beautiful long maxi dresses that flow fantastically and are a dream match for family gatherings, work parties, etc. 

    In addition to the different dress lengths, we have various fits. Some cinch in at the waist to highlight your curves and hips, while others offer a more straight fit that doesn’t hug the body. We’ve also got short-sleeve holiday dresses, square neck ones, deep v-neck ones that show off more chest, and so on. There’s a fit here that will help you highlight your favorite features so you can thoroughly enjoy yourself this holiday season! 

    Holiday Dresses With Inclusive Sizing

    Inclusivity is a core part of the Hometown Heritage brand and it’s something we are passionate about. As previously mentioned, every woman deserves to look and feel fabulous over the holidays. Unfortunately, many fast fashion brands make this very difficult. You’ve probably bought dozens of holiday dresses from different brands in various sizes, none of which actually fit your body. They’re either excessively large or way too tight. 

    Our size range is inclusive, offering the smallest sizes all the way up to double XL. If you’re looking for plus-size dresses, we cater to this fit with a plethora of brilliant products for you to try. We know how frustrating it is when you purchase large sizes and they’re still incredibly small. It makes you feel self-conscious, but it shouldn’t. Lots of brands are just lazy and can’t be bothered to cater to curvier women. Our plus-size options are specifically designed to fit larger body types, so you get the fit you’re looking for. 

    Beautiful Dresses From Brilliant Brands

    As well as offering a range of colors, styles, and sizes, we stock products from the best names in boutique fashion. Our team is very careful when selecting brands as we only want to sell high-quality products. It’s important that you get holiday dresses you can wear for many years to come - so the fabrics need to stand the test of time. 

    By working with top brands, we select and test their products to ensure we supply you with the highest-quality holiday dresses. You’ll feel the difference the moment you open your delivery and touch the dress for the first time. It’ll feel like it can withstand lots of use - which it can - and you’ll notice how well it sits on your body. Quality dresses don’t just feel better, they look better too. 

    Find Your Perfect Holiday Dress Today

    Scroll to the top of this page to see our full collection of stunning holiday dresses. We’re confident you’ll find something that makes you smile and get tons of positive comments this holiday season. No matter what festivities you’re celebrating, we’re here to help you celebrate in style. Order your dresses from us today and you will get free standard shipping on all orders. Or, join our mailing list to get 15% off your first Hometown Heritage order!