Women’s Fashion Trends for Outdoor Family Photos (Fall 2023)

The crisp air, the warm hues, and the cozy ambiance of fall make it a picture-perfect season for outdoor family photo shoots. As the leaves turn and the landscape transforms into a tapestry of colors, choosing the right outfits can significantly enhance the beauty and sentiment of your family portraits. Here are some women's clothing options that will ensure you shine.

Trending Fashion Colors for Fall 2023

In an Instyle interview, four stylists and fashion experts predicted a gorgeous range of earthy and vibrant colors will be popular this fall. Among them are:

  • Ramy Brook favored clay and other earthy tones because they flatter a wide range of skin tones, eye colors, and hair shades. These will be safe and lovely colors to look for in a fall family photo.
  • If you want a bright splash of color, Naina Singla predicted that magenta would be the statement color of choice in fashion collections. She also recommended bold reds for an elegant touch to layered looks.
  • Angelique Joseph, SVP of design & development at Naturalizer, anticipates that creams and whites will be a huge trend this year that feeds into the Quiet Luxury trend.
  • If you like to keep up with celebrity trends, celebrity stylist Jay Hines stated that a rich, deep burgundy is already prominent in fashion collections and social media.


Whatever colors you choose, try to have the family match in theme and color palette to make your outdoor family photo shine this fall.

Elegant and Timeless Layers

Embrace the autumn chill with stylish layering. A cute sweater paired with comfortable and stylish boutique jeans creates a cozy and timeless look, especially if you pair it with a matching cozy infinity scarf or other accessories.

Flawless Flannels for a Rustic Look

Capture the rustic charm of the season with a well-fitted flannel shirt and checkered plaid patterns. The checkered pattern adds visual interest to the photos while conveying a warm and inviting vibe. You can find a range of picture-perfect cute blouses for your family’s outdoor photoshoot in our online shop.

Comfortable and Classy Midi Dresses and Boots

For a touch of elegance amidst the natural backdrop, opt for a flowing midi boutique dress. Ankle or knee-high boots will add a touch of sophistication while keeping you comfortable on uneven outdoor terrains.

Effortlessly Chic Corduroy Jackets and Neutral Tones

A well-fitted corduroy jacket is a versatile piece that can elevate any fall outfit. Combine it with neutral-toned tops and bottoms to create a clean and cohesive aesthetic.    

Simple and Stylish Black Pants and Cardigans

Black pants bring a touch of timeless charm to your outdoor photoshoot. Pair them with a light cute sweater or a cardigan for a relaxed yet stylish appearance. This combination exudes warmth and comfort, making it ideal for capturing candid family moments.

Accessorize with Wide-Brim Hats and Natural Jewelry

Enhance your outdoor photoshoot outfits with accessories that echo the beauty of the season. Consider donning a straw hat that not only protects you from the sun but also adds a charming and fashionably rustic charm to your look. Incorporate wooden or leaf-inspired pieces for a harmonious connection with your surroundings.

Step Up Your Ensemble With Boots and Booties

Complete your fall photoshoot outfit with a pair of stylish boots or ankle booties. Whether you opt for heeled or flat styles, these footwear choices tie the look together and ensure you're ready for any terrain.

Don’t Forget Backups and Props!

Don’t let messy fingers or a spilled drink get in the way of your fall family photo masterpiece. Here are a few things to remember to pack for the event:

  • An extra set of clothing for each person in case of spills and mishaps
  • Makeup and a brush or comb to touch up
  • Oil blotting sheets for sweat and oily skin
  • Sedimental props, if desired
  • Each child’s favorite way to reduce stress when they get tired, bored, or cranky

Whether you opt for cozy layers, chic dresses, or casual ensembles, let the colors and textures of the season guide your choices. Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident, allowing your genuine smiles and interactions to shine through. This will make for a truly memorable and beautiful collection of family portraits.

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