Winter Brunch Outfits

There’s something cozy about heading to brunch during the wintertime. Whether it’s the hot coffee or the heartwarming conversations with friends, it’s sure to be a good time! If you’re preparing for a winter brunch outing, you may be looking for the perfect winter brunch outfit!

Of course, there are many options out there. What you wear will greatly depend on your reason for brunch. Are you heading to eat with a group of girlfriends? Is it a first date? Is it a brunch to celebrate someone special? No matter your reason for heading to brunch during winter, there are some easy rules to follow that can help! We’re here to share some brunch outfit ideas for winter that will make you feel comfortable and adorable!

While sundresses are a perfect go-to outfit for brunch in the summer, they are less than ideal for those harsh and cold winter months. If you want the perfect winter outfit, thinking practically about the weather while staying true to your style and the reason for the outing is important.

Keeping it simple with basics can help you dress up, dress down, and keep you warm.


When picking your perfect winter brunch outfit, it’s best to start with a pair of comfortable and stylish pants! Selecting pants will set the tone for the rest of your look.

For example, finding a pair of boutique leggings offers the best of both worlds. With various options, you can elevate your look with faux leather leggings or dress down with a more comfortable look with traditional black leggings.

Whether you want to dress up or down for a brunch outing, starting with a cute pair of boutique leggings will set the tone for your whole look. 

Basic Top 

Once you’ve selected your ideal pair of leggings, you can choose your top accordingly. Layering is essential for warmth and style in the cold winter months, so start with a cute basic top

Cute basic tops for women come in various colors, lengths, and sleeve types. You could select a modern knit crop top for a more chic look or a basic V-neck in the color of your liking.

Some may choose a long-sleeved basic top, add some jewelry, and call it a day. Others, however, may select a cute top that allows room for layering. If that’s the case for you, you could continue on your dressing journey by selecting one of the options below to complete your look!

Layer with a Sweater

Winter brunch outfits are so much more fun than summer brunch outfits! All of the layering and endless selection of cute sweaters for women make getting dressed such a treat! Now that your pants and basic top are picked out, you can select to layer them with a sweater!

With a basic pair of leggings, you can add a pop of color to a sweater like a magenta Alpaca sweater, bringing that cozy fuzziness. Or, if you want to stick with neutrals, you could pick a traditional cable knit sweater in tan, brown, or white.

Oversized sweaters are warm and in style! They’re perfect for the winter months and can easily be taken off once you’re in the restaurant if they keep the temperature too warm!

Layer with a Cardigan

The final tip for the perfect winter brunch outfit idea is to find a cardigan to layer with. If a sweater isn’t exactly your style or what you’re going for, a cardigan is a great way to add warmth! 

The main difference between a cardigan and a sweater is that the sweater must be pulled over your head. So, maybe you’re not feeling a sweater because you don’t want to affect your hair style when getting ready or maybe you get overheated when you’re indoors. No matter your reason, cardigans are a solid, fashionable choice for a winter brunch outfit.

Like sweaters, countless cute cardigans are available for women that would be perfect for brunch! If your friend group wants to dress up, throw on an oversized blazer. It will immediately elevate your look, giving you a touch of class and sophistication.

 If your friend group dresses more casually, you can always wear a long, flowy cardigan. This is that signature comfort and style look you simply can’t go wrong with. 


As one can see, winter outfit ideas are less about particular items and more about finding the perfect items to really bring out your personality and personal style. Every person is different. Every person has a different reason to head out for brunch on a cold winter morning. And everyone can easily find a stylish outfit that fits their personality.

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