What Is a Midi Dress? 10 Showstopping Ways to Style a Midi Dress

Are you searching for a versatile, flattering, and fun look that you can wear year-round? A midi dress will be the perfect addition to your timeless wardrobe. Whether you’re wondering what is a midi dress or simply want to find the best way to style it, we’re here to help. 

Let’s learn all about this stunning style and share 10 fun ways to wear it throughout the year!

Ruffles & Bows Woven Midi Easter Dress by She & Sky

What is a Midi Dress?

A midi dress falls anywhere between the knee and ankle. So it’s not a full-length maxi dress, and it’s also nothing too short. This means it’s the perfect in-between look for work, nights out, or casual days. 

Midi dresses come in a range of styles and silhouettes, so you can likely find something perfect for your aesthetic. 

Benefits of Wearing a Midi Dress

We’re big fans of midi dresses because they’re so versatile and tend to be really comfortable (while still looking great!). 

Here are just a few reasons we love this versatile piece of clothing:

Modest (without being frumpy)

If you feel uncomfortable in short skirts, a midi dress is a great option. This look isn’t about hiding anything – just allowing you to feel at ease while wearing a pretty silhouette. 

Year-Round Comfort

Since midi dresses aren’t full-length, they won’t feel as hot and heavy as a maxi dress. But they can also be worn in cooler temperatures, especially if you pair them with some boots and tights. 

Easy to Fit

Midi dresses are a worry-free style for those who don’t always fit into standard lengths. Shorter women won’t have to worry about their hem dragging the ground, and they tend to look great on taller women who struggle to find the right cut. 

10 Ways to Style a Midi Dress

Now that you know what is a midi dress, it’s time to wear one of your own! Ahead are 10 of our favorite ways to wear this great piece. 

#1 Tiered, Ruffled, and Flirty

Some of our favorite cute midi dresses feature a tiered design and subtle ruffles. These simple yet flirty details elevate a comfortable look into a wow-worthy style. 

Dress this look up with a fun necklace along with boots or sandals. It’s perfect for a Sunday best outfit, a dressy picnic, or a daytime wedding. 

#2 Chic Evening Wear

Do you have a special date night coming up? What about an evening wedding or a chic soiree? A midi dress is a great way to create an understated yet elegant look. 

Find a midi dress in a solid color that’s made of silk, lace, or chiffon. Then, add glistening earrings, a strappy heel, and an understated clutch. It’s a night-out look that is unforgettable and comfortable!

#3 Daytime Casual

Midi dresses are perfect for running the kids to school, picking up groceries, or getting some work around the house. A light material with comfy sandals will make this a casual outfit that feels cool and light in the summer heat. 

#4 Layered for Fall

We love a dynamic, layered look, and a midi dress is perfect for this kind of outfit. Pair your midi dress with your favorite fall boots, add a sweater and jacket, and then accessorize with chunky jewelry, a warm scarf, and a felt hat. 

What is a midi dress without fun accessories? Fall is the perfect season to layer on your favorite items!

#5 Light for Spring

Whether you’re having a springtime tea party or simply headed to church, you’ll love how comfortable and polished your midi dress is. In fact, a light, tiered midi dress is one of our favorite spring clothes for women.

Wear it with strappy heels, a woven handbag, and your newest pair of sunglasses. 

Lavender Haze Tiered Midi Easter Dress by She & Sky

#6 Summer Getaway

Do you like dressing up for dinner when you’re on a beach trip or other summer getaway? This is the perfect chance to don your favorite midi dress. Feel fresh as you cover up with a light, airy fabric. Get a bright color to show off your new tan, and bring along your beach hat for all-day seaside vibes. 

#7 Winter Warmth

Wearing dresses can become tricky in the winter. After all, you want to look polished, but layering can make you feel frumpy instead. That’s where the midi dress can save the day. Wear warm tights and a chunky sweater for a purposefully laid-back look. Or highlight your figure with a velvet or ribbed sweater midi dress. This is great if you work in a school or office!

#8 Office-Ready

If you like wearing boutique dresses to work, you may feel limited in lengths or cuts. The midi dress is a great option that always feels fresh and will work across seasons. Pair your midi dress with a cropped blazer or fitted cardigan to balance out the longer length. Or, choose one with buttons and a collar for a more business-ready look. 

Once you begin feeling comfortable and confident at work, you’ll be grateful you learned what is a midi dress and added this great item to your closet!

#9 Floral Dream

Floral prints look great on midi dresses – something about the length and cut makes this flirty look ready for some sweet florals. Go bold with colorful print, or choose something more simple, like a white eyelet or small motif. Pair your floral midi dress with a solid purse, dressy sandals, and simple jewelry. 

#10 Boho

Midi dresses are super popular for boho looks because they have such a relaxed vibe. For a truly boho look, choose an empire-wasted midi dress with frilly detailing in a muted color. Or use your existing midi dress to create a boho look by wearing strappy brown sandals, a relaxed hairdo, and a woven bag. Layered jewelry will help create an even more boho vibe.

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