The 5 Ingredients to Southern Style

Welcome to the South, where all men and women dress up for every occasion, even for casual everyday outings. In the South people enjoy looking their best, women dolled up with a bright lipstick and men dressed in something monogrammed. The way people dress in the South is much more than what meets the eye, it is a lifestyle. Ever heard what they call the fabric of the South? Well, it is no surprise that a wardrobe in the South can’t shine without its Southern silk. Fabrics such as linen and Gingham are just some of the staple fabrics that people can’t make a statement without. Whichever element you choose from on this list, make sure that you wear it with a bright smile and a sweet Southern charm.

A Southern Scent or Perfume

Have you ever wondered what a real Southern Belle smells like? A Southern Belle might be a bit of an outdated concept now, but during the American Civil War era the perfume that was most popular was known as Florida Water Lanman and Kemp. Other scents reminiscent of the south would be from its flowers such as jasmine, gardenia and magnolia or fruits such as watermelon, peaches and blackberry or day-to-day smells like black tea, sugar and molasses. Another more recent scent that might be a reminder of that era is Diamond and Emeralds perfume by Elizabeth Taylor.

Monograms Everywhere

Ever heard how a name has been handed down from generation to generation? Well, that’s because in the South your name means everything! A monogram is a way to highlight the importance of a name and transforms something simple into something that everyone wants to have. An easy example of this is Genteal Sage Duck Logo Hat with a little duck embroidered on the front of the cap. Reese Witherspoon once said, “My rule is if it’s not moving - monogram it!”.

Color is a Girl’s Best Friend!

Southern women are popular for wearing bright colors that make big statements. They adore bright colors, feminine trimmings and floral patterns. Usually, women from the South love a great string of pearls and beautiful, big hair! This Entro Floral Crochet Tunic Top with Tassel Ties and this Crochet Trim Cold Shoulder Top are perfect examples of Southern outfits. Men’s fashion in the South is not far behind since they also love to dress up, but in today’s world their style could also be low-key, chilled and relaxed. A great example of a Southern casual tee shirt that resembles just that is the Fieldstone Outdoors Relaxation – Short Sleeve T-shirt.

Bow Ties

Tennessean, Justin Timberlake, is almost never seen without a fabulous bow tie. Have any idea why? Well, as he explains it – a gentlemen can never have too many bow ties. For men from the South who don’t feel the same way about a bow tie, there is a laid-back alternative, this Southern Lifestyle Raised Short Sleeve Tee, that has a printed Golden Retriever dressed in a blue bow tie on it.

A Pair of Good Boots

A good pair of boots is welcome at any event in the South. Even President George W. Bush wore boots to his inaugural gala. If you want to love your pair of boots even more, monogram it! You are bound to find something you like from the vast collection at the Texas Boot Company.

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