How to Wear a Romper: Tips and Ideas for Feeling Confident and Stylish

Looking for a way to feel fresh and fun as the weather warms up? A romper is a great way to add a youthful edge to any look. And with so many options and styles, rompers can look great on anyone. Today, we’re highlighting great ideas for how to wear a romper so you can feel relaxed and confident in this fun item. 

Expert Tips for Choosing a Romper

If you own a romper already, then you’re ready to style it in a ton of fun ways. After all, the right accessories and attitude can elevate any wardrobe staple into a show-stopping look. But if you’re looking to add a new romper to your closet, we’ve got a few tips for choosing the right one!

Size Up – and Select a Longer Inseam

Many rompers run small, and if you’re new to wearing them, you may feel a bit squeezed in. Lots of rompers also have a loose, flowing fit – similar to a skirt. So, you may want to avoid short inseams to feel most comfortable. 

So try rompers that are a tad larger and longer than your typical shorts. Curvier women might like plus size rompers to make sure they feel well-fitted and comfortable.

Or, if you want to ease into this one-piece style, consider a jumpsuit, which is like a romper but has full-length or cropped pants. 

Consider Your Bathroom Breaks

Wondering how to wear a romper and take care of business? Many women avoid rompers because they think they’ll be challenging to take off each time they need to use the restroom. While many rompers have intricate ties and buttons, most are pretty simple to remove when it’s time to use the bathroom. 

Look for rompers made with soft, stretchy material, or ones with a front zipper or simple buttons. Layer a tank top or cami under your romper to feel more covered during bathroom breaks. 

Consider Sleeve Length

We love sleeveless rompers because they feel light and fresh. Plus, they’re the perfect item for layering. But if you want to wear your romper in cooler weather – or want to feel more covered – a short-sleeve or long-sleeve romper could be a great option. 

How to Wear a Romper: 7 Looks We Love

Are you ready to feel confident and carefree as you wear your romper? Here are our favorite ideas for styling this essential closet item:

1. Cool & Casual

Choose a laid-back, stretchy romper in a comfortable fit. Then add sneakers, a cross-body bag, and a cap for a casual look that’s perfect for daytime errands or a weekend soccer game. 

2. Office Ready

Did you know you can make your romper work in an office setting? Choose a cropped or full-length jumpsuit with a tailored cut. Layer a blazer or cardigan to meet any dress code requirements, and bring along your favorite handbag. 

3. Resort Wear

A romper is one of our favorite resort wear items. For a vacation-ready look, wear strappy wedge heels, a floppy hat, an oversized bag, and your favorite sunglasses. 

4. Layered for Fall

A tank top romper is perfect for transitional weather, as you can layer on sweaters, trench coats, or oversized blazers. Overall-style rompers are ideal for wearing over long-sleeved shirts and can look great with neutral booties. 

5. Bold Looks

Rompers are a fun way to rock bright colors and bold prints. Choose a summer-ready romper in your favorite vibrant hue. Wear it to brighten any day or to make a statement at your next gathering. 

6. Stylish Dinner

Rompers are a fun way to go from day to night during the summer. Wear your favorite heels and carry a clutch to turn your favorite romper into a dinner-ready look. Wear bold jewelry to really elevate your look. 

7. Perfectly Accessorized

The right accessories can make or break a romper look. Since many rompers come in understated styles, they offer a great chance to show off your jewelry and accessories. Layered necklaces, boutique earrings, and chic handbags are some of our favorite items to add to a romper look. 

The #1 Rule for Wearing a Romper

Have we convinced you that you need a romper in your regular wardrobe rotation? This stylish item is excellent for sunny days and relaxed styles, but they can also be dressed up or layered for cooler temps. 

Just remember the #1 rule as you figure out how to wear a romper: believe you look great! We see women of all backgrounds, shapes, and styles rock rompers all the time. The secret for looking amazing? Wear it with confidence!

Find a romper that feels comfortable and matches your style – the rest is all about confidence. We can’t wait to see how you style our cute rompers & jumpsuits – and how you shine in your fantastic look!

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