How to Accessorize a White Dress – And Wear it for Any Occasion

It’s a common problem for lots of us: we don’t always know how to accessorize a white dress, even though it’s one of our favorite wardrobe items. 

If you’re anything like us, you fell in love with a white dress while shopping. But once you brought it home, it was tough to know exactly how to wear it. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! 

The key to wearing (and fully loving!) your white dress is choosing the right accessories. So read along to learn all about styling your favorite white item so that it becomes your new go-to look. 

Neutral or Bold? Choosing Your White Dress Aesthetic

These days, most white dresses are worn as part of an understated, neutral outfit. We love this because sometimes beige and muted colors can feel a little dreary. White dresses are perfect because they’re bright and fresh but still allow you to maintain a neutral aesthetic. 

But, there is another option for your white dress: using it as the backdrop for a colorful, showstopping look. If you have bright heels, a statement necklace, dramatic earrings, or a vibrant handbag, a white dress is perfect for showing them off while looking coordinated yet flashy. 

Once you know which style you’re aiming for with your white dress, you’re ready to add your accessories! 

How to Accessorize a White Dress: The Essentials

Let’s go into the depths of your closet to find the perfect accessories for your white dress! We can likely make a complete look with pieces you already own, but this may also be a good chance to assess your collection and see if it’s time to shop for anything new. 


We like to start with shoes because they can be tricky to match with your dress. Strappy sandals typically look great with white dresses, but you may like wearing boots in cooler temperatures. 

Closed-toe heels and flats are among the most difficult shoes to pull off with a white dress. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it – just be mindful that they may look a bit too formal for a relaxed white dress. 

Recommended Style: Strappy brown sandals

For Something Exciting: Cute, comfortable sneakers make a white dress casual and youthful. 


Your purse will be by your side as you wear your favorite white dress, so make sure it goes perfectly with your ensemble. We love a small shoulder bag for most occasions, as it's easy to carry and looks nice for an understated look. 

Recommended Style: A small shoulder bag in tan, blush, or muted blue

For Something Exciting: Choose a small, bold handbag in colors fit for the seasons


You can have a lot of fun choosing jewelry as you figure out how to accessorize a white dress. Layered necklaces, dangly earrings, and bangle bracelets lend the look a relaxed, boho vibe. Or, choose simple pieces for a polished, preppy look. 

Recommended Style: Gold layered necklaces, simple earrings, and layered bangle bracelets

For Something Exciting: Large, dramatic white earrings are a bold choice that won’t risk clashing with other colors. 


Go ahead and wear white after Labor Day! Just choose the right layers as you discover how to accessorize a white dress in the fall and spring. A denim jacket, a relaxed cardigan, or even a heavy coat are fun ways to stay warm as you wear your favorite white dress.

Recommended Style: A loose white or neutral cardigan will keep you looking relaxed and fresh.

For Something Exciting: Wear a faux-fur shawl for a luxurious look.

When to Wear Your Favorite White Dress

One of the reasons we don’t pull out our white dresses more often is because we don’t know when to wear them. After all, even though white is the ultimate neutral color, it can still feel like a bold choice. Not anymore! 

Here are some of our favorite times to accessorize a white dress and show it off:

  • Our favorite bridal shower dresses & outfits include a clean white color pallet (only if you’re the bride, though!).
  • A white dress with simple accessories is perfect for a Sunday best outfit.
  • Headed to a Broadway matinee? A white dress will look great for your daytime theater look.
  • Dressy springtime brunches call for your favorite white dress. 
  • Layer your white dress with scarves, boots, and leggings for an understated office look. 

How to Accessorize a White Dress: A Seasonal Yet Timeless Look

White dresses are most popular in late spring and summer, but really you can wear them year-round if you know how to accessorize them. Just remember to keep your overall aesthetic in mind, and (most importantly!) have fun. Your favorite white dress deserves to be worn confidently and often. And with the right accessories, you’ll be excited to pull it out of your closet over and over!

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