Wood Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

Wood Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

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Wood Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

The wood duck represents one of the most well-known perching ducks across the entirety of North America — it would only make sense for it to finds its way onto one of the East Coast Waterfowl hats. A quick glance reveals similarities between the duck species and the trucker hats that bear its name and image.

These ducks are famously one of the most colorful species of waterfowl in North America; something reflected in the level of detail in the duck’s image on the hat’s embroidery. The ducks have a multicolored plumage along with piercing eyes; something that the East Coast Waterfowl designers have managed to reflect in the image on top of this cap.

But along with being colorful, these ducks are also incredibly strong and brawny; with some of the sharpest claws among their duck peers. And this hat reflects that durability and sturdiness — being made only from the highest-quality materials.

If you’re someone who enjoys a classic look that never goes out of style — you’ll be more than happy with this East Coast Waterfowl hat! The starkly contrasting black and white color scheme reminds of vintage baseball caps — with a breathable mesh that provides plenty of ventilation and prevents any excessive sweating. As a result, this cap is a great addition to your wardrobe for any kind of outdoors adventure!

On top of all that, you don’t have to worry about whether this cap is the right size for you! Its back is equipped with adjustable straps, allowing you to loosen or tighten it according to your hat size. With this cap, you get a piece of headwear that’s both fetching to look at and utterly practical — everything you need while camping, hunting, or hiking!

  • Custom-hats made in the United States (USA)
  • Fits almost everyone with adjustable snaps
  • Ventilation holes in mesh fabric
  • East Coast Waterfowl - Wood duck hat