Red Head Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

Red Head Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

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Red Head Duck Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

The striking redhead duck is renowned as an incredibly resourceful and adaptable waterfowl species; a diving duck, able to forage by diving below the water’s surface and finding sustenance. And their heads coated in burgundy red make them easily distinguishable — one of the reasons for their repute among waterfowl.

Considering these characteristics of the famous redhead duck, East Coast Waterfowl Clothing Company has worked hard to create a cap design that celebrates and recognizes the uniqueness of these species. Anyone who likes a combination of color minimalism and striking detail will appreciate the beauty of this piece of headwear; which is why it represents one of the most oft-bought East Coast Waterfowl hats.

This is a cap for people who enjoy a simplistic design with carefully placed details. That is why the base of the cap was imbued with a heather gray color; providing a muted, soft tone that’s created by binding together different gray fibers into a single yarn. Of course, that sort of color requires a detail to pop out — in this case, the incredibly realistic embroidery of the redhead duck and the color it’s named for.

The functionality of the hat matches the level of quality of its aesthetic; providing you with straps you can adjust for any head size in the back, ensuring that most people can don this cap with maximum comfort. Apart from that, the back half of the cap was created out of a high-quality mesh fabric; giving you plenty of ventilation in particularly moist conditions. If you want a product that’s as practical as it is fashionable — this is the East Coast Waterfowl hat for you!

  • Heather grey and black color
  • East Coast Waterfowl - Red Head embroidered hat
  • Mesh fabric in the back for ventilation
  • Custom fitting thanks to adjustable snaps
  • Made in the USA

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