Green Winged Teal Duck Patch Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

Green Winged Teal Duck Patch Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

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Green Winged Teal Duck Patch Trucker Hat by East Coast Waterfowl

Combining style and functionality is key when designing a high-quality hat, which is exactly what East Coast Waterfowl Clothing Company have done with the Green Winged Teal Duck Patch Trucker Hat. The duck’s vibrant green and orange colors on the patch at the front of the hat draw the eye and perfectly compliment the brown front of the hat and the khaki-colored back.

The color scheme of this hat is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, and hopefully by wearing a badge with the famous green winged teal duck, you will increase your luck and chances of spotting one in the wild to take aim at.

These birds are famous for their taste and are one of the most delicious duck varieties in existence with tender fat and a delicate flavor. And luckily, they are also one of the more common varieties who have a tendency for remaining further norther during winter than other ducks.

East Coast Waterfowl have done a great job in designing this hat, and the fact that it is produced by famous hat manufacturers Richardson ensures buyers that they are receiving quality goods that are comfortable, durable, and guaranteed to last through thick and thin. Richardson have been producing hats for over 50 years for a wide range of famous brands, and the team at East Coast Waterfowl knew quality when they saw it.

The front of the hat is made from a combination of cotton and polyester, while the back is made from a nylon mesh that gives wearers much better ventilation for additional comfort. The back of the hat is designed with a snap, so the size can be adjusted for a custom fit that suits almost any hat size.

As duck hunting is a long standing American tradition, it is important that your equipment is made to last which is why it is important that it is made by Americans, for Americans, with the quality that you can depend on. East Coast Waterfowl is an American owned and operated company operating out of North Carolina focused on providing hunters with the best equipment possible.

  • East Coast Waterfowl - Brown/Khaki Mesh Teal Duck Patch Hat
  • Green-Winged Teal Duck patch 
  • Mesh fabric has ventilation holes for comfort
  • Adjustable snaps in back customize fit
  • One Size fits most
  • These customs hats are made in the USA