Elk Patch Hat by Burlebo
Elk Patch Hat by Burlebo

Elk Patch Hat by Burlebo

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The Fitted Elk Patch Hat by Burlebo

You’re planning on going hiking for the day. Food? Check. Water? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Hat? You look around at your selection and realize your current hats are looking a little ratty and aren’t that comfortable to boot. Luckily for you, the delivery man knocks on your door right as you’re forced to select between your old high school baseball cap or that one your grandma gave you about ten years ago. You get your package and sigh with relief. Your new Burlebo fitted hat has arrived. As you put it on you instantly recognize the quality and craftsmanship—and you know which hat you’re taking on your hike today.

Burlebo prides itself on being American made (they’re based in Austin, Texas!) and making the highest quality hats on the market that feel as comfortable as they look. The Elk Patch Hat by Burlebo features an elk silhouette against a bright background reminiscent of the sunset, contrasting nicely against the charcoal grey color of the hat. Made in the ever-popular trucker hat style in ripstop material, the hat will be just as stylish ten years from now as it is today (and will hold up too!). The breathable mesh back means this hat will always keep you comfortable while the fully structured front guarantees the hat will hold its shape. Finally, the 6-panel snapback ensures you’ll get the perfect fit.

Regardless of where you find yourself on your next outdoor adventure, whether spending the day hiking in the woods, camping for the weekend or spending a few days hunting and fishing in the mountains, the Burlebo Elk Patch Hat will be a welcome addition to your trip. Say goodbye to uncomfortable hats that look horrible after a few wears and say “hello” to Burlebo—the brand that will soon become your go-to for stylish, quality hats.

  • Low Profile 6 Panel Snapback Cap
  • Charcoal Ripstop Material
  • Elk Patch

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