Brown Dog Trucker Hat by Tried and True Clothing

Brown Dog Trucker Hat by Tried and True Clothing

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Brown Dog Trucker Hat by Tried and True Clothing

Our one-size-fits-all dog trucker hat is one of the most versatile clothing items anyone can own where the high quality that is expected with the Tried and True brand is a must. Tried and True a southern clothing brand have combined their name along with the badge stitched into the front of the hat with the quality of a Richardson trucker hat to create a product that is perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, and even around town for casual use.

The badge stitched into the front of this hat features a strong brown dog standing amongst some reeds and rushes, signifying an environment in which man and dog work together on a hunt for a prize. This emblem shows the relationship that man has with nature, making it perfect for anyone who can handle themselves in the great outdoors, or who loves dogs.

While the front of this southern preppy hat is made of a brown cotton/polyester combination, the back section consists of a grey nylon mesh that is breathable and allows for ventilation when doing any physical work or when under the sun. And along with the mesh backing, they have also included a great adjustable snap on the back so the hat can be adjusted to fit most sizes.

When you buy clothing and accessories from the Tried and True southern apparel label, you not only know that you are buying quality, but that you are buying American. With their base located in Charleston, South Carolina, Tried and True bring American values to their apparel brand and ensure that their business supports American workers and their families.

The Brown Dog Trucker Patch Hat by Tried and True is the perfect hat for the outdoors, at work, and for casual use with a clean and high-quality design that will match well with most settings that it is worn in.

  • Tried & True Clothing - Woven Dog Patch
  • Chocolate Chip & Grey 
  • Mesh fabric has ventilation holes for comfort
  • Adjustable snaps in back customize fit
  • One Size fits most